Johnny Manziel and Nick Saban share awkward handshake (Video)

Johnny Manziel Nick SabanNick Saban was at Radio City Music Hall for the NFL Draft on Thursday, and the Sabanator ran into Johnny Football while he was there. The result was a weird handshake and embrace that was quite befitting of Saban’s awkwardness.

The Alabama coach gave a handshake to Manziel and then the quarterback’s mom. Then Manziel went in for a hug type thing and ended up giving Saban a pat on the shoulder. The Sabanator did his best to reciprocate, but you could tell he really didn’t know what to do. Interpersonal interactions are not Saban’s specialty, to say the least.

So good.

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Soccer player so impressed with his goal he ran to the stands to applaud it (Video)

Dzimtry Koub goalDoes this guy have some balls on him or what? The man behind the brazen celebration seen above is Dzimtry Koub, who scored in a Lithuanian A Lyga match Wednesday between FK Trakai and Zalgiris Vilnius (can I buy a vowel?). He obviously had this one planned for a while, because nobody up and runs over to the stands in the spur of the moment.

Whatever the soccer equivalent of 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct is, I’m sure he was happy to take it. That was memorable. And ballsy.

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How it’s been as a Cleveland Browns fan summed up in one depressing photo

Browns fans Charlie Frye Tim Couch Brady Quinn

Man, is that not one of the most depressing football fan photos you’ve seen? Too bad their buddy in the Kelly Holcomb jersey couldn’t make it out to turn it into an incredible foursome.

But this is examples 1 2 and 3 of exactly why you never waste your money on NFL jerseys.

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Photo via Twitter/Matt Hart

Charles Barkley double-fisting churros is the best Charles Barkley GIF ever

GIF: Charles Barkley - two fisting churros on Twitpic

Charles Barkley has no shame. No shame whatsoever. On “Inside the NBA” on TNT Wednesday night, Chuck either decided to show us what he looks like when he’s double-fisting those delicious churros down in San Antonio, or he was giving the viewing public lessons on how to give a proper BJ.

At the top is a GIF of Chuck showing us what it’s like when he double-fists churros. Below is a GIF of Chuck drinking Shaq’s soda while eating churros:

GIF: Charles Barkley drinking Shaq soda and eating a churro on Twitpic

Look at Chuck’s technique:

Charles Barkley churros

Why does it seem like he has a lot of experience with the subject? See, he even remembers to cradle the …

Charles Barkley churros


GIFs via @cjzero 1, 2

Kevin Durant pulls off funny flop against Clippers (Video)

Kevin Durant flopIn addition to NBA MVP, we can now add “world-class flopper” to Kevin Durant’s basketball resume.

During the second quarter of Game 2 of the Western Conference semifinals between the Clippers and Thunder on Wednesday, Durant was trying to chase his man around a pick but ran into a wall named DeAndre Jordan. After losing JJ Redick, Durant decided to flop and act as if he had been zapped by a cattle prod.

Redick missed the shot anyhow, but something tells us KD may be hearing from the league for reasons other than them finding out where they should mail him his MVP trophy.

Best flop since Jerome Simpson against the Cleveland Browns? I think so.

Yasiel Puig does a bat flip on routine fly ball to center (Video)

Does anyone misjudge his own batted balls worse than Yasiel Puig? I’d have to say no.

The guy has been playing in the majors for like a grand total of one season, and he already has a full blunder reel of times he’s given great home run bat flips on what turned out to be routine outs. And the great part is no matter how many times he does it, it’s never not funny.

Yasiel Puig bat tossOn Wednesday, Puig went bat flip on a routine fly ball to center with two on and two outs in the top of the eighth inning against the Nationals. After taking a few steps following the bat flip, Puig probably realized the ball was staying in the park, so he began to jog. Denard Span caught it like it was no big deal.

Even though we have plenty of laughs at Puig’s expense here, this repetitive issue with him is probably a reflection on the Cuban baseball culture. Players are showmen in Cuba, so celebrating and posing after big hits is part of the game. This is probably habitual for Puig. The only problem is that he’s so terrible at differentiating between his flyouts and his dingers.

And if it’s any consolation, he’s not the first person to do this sort of thing. There was this from Alfonso Soriano last year. There was this bat flip by a player in the Korean league on a foul ball. And then my personal favorite, this spectacular gem from the Korean league. At least he has plenty of company.

Here’s another look at the bat flip:

H/T Lana

Warriors screwed up email announcing Mark Jackson firing

The Golden State Warriors sent out an email to season ticket holders on Tuesday to inform them of the Mark Jackson firing. Only there was one pretty big oversight.

In the subject line for the email, the Warriors screwed up by saying they had beaten the Clippers and were now offering tickets for the second round of the postseason:

Warriors email

They obviously realized the mistake, because they sent out another email 10 minutes later to correct the error. Notice the subject line in this one:

Wishful thinking for the Warriors. They probably just had that email in their cue in case the team won and forgot to make the adjustment after the loss. It happens.

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