Giorgio Chiellini shows bite marks from Luis Suarez


Uruguay advanced to the knockout stage of the World Cup on Tuesday with an upset victory over Italy, but there is a dark cloud hanging over their victory. They can thank Luis Suarez and his biting problem for that.

Suarez appeared to bite Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini on the shoulder in the 80th minute. Unfortunately for Chiellini and the Italians, no official saw the incident. Chiellini immediately fell to the ground and showed a referee the bite marks Suarez left on his shoulder shortly after the exchange.

[WATCH: Luis Suarez bites Giorgio Chiellini]

This is the third biting incident involving Suarez in the last four years, and he has been suspended each of the previous times. He was given a seven-game ban for biting an opponent and 2010 and was suspended 10 games last year after biting Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic.

You hate to make excuses for a team, but there are plenty of people — including ESPN World Cup analyst and Everton manager Roberto Martinez — who feel that Suarez’s bite had to have distracted Chiellini and the other Italian players. Uruguay scored just a minute later, clinching a spot in the knockout stage and sending Italy, who needed a draw or win, home.

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Mario Balotelli picks up second yellow card with flying kick to head (GIF)

Mario Balotelli received his second yellow card of the World Cup on Tuesday.Balotelli, who was subbed out after the first half in fear that he would pick up a third yellow, was booked after he jumped through the air in the 22nd minute and kicked Uruguay’s Alvaro Pereira in the head.


It was a pretty senseless play from the Italian striker, with his team needing a draw to advance beyond the group stage. Italy went on to lose 1-0 and will not advance beyond the group stage. You have to wonder if Balotelli would have made a difference in the second half.

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Evan Turner runs out of gas in his Ferrari (Video)

Evan Turner ran out of gas in his cherry Ferrari Monday, and it looks like his buddy and former Ohio State teammate P.J. Hill came to the rescue.

Hill posted the above video of Turner to his Instagram account Monday.

Just look at Turner. He’s in a beautiful, expensive Ferrari, stopped in between lanes on the freeway and with the hazard lights on.

Rolling in a Ferrari is supposed to make you look cool, but nothing loses you all those cool points quite like running out of gas on the road. You know his girl was on the phone calling all her friends to tell them what an embarrassment Evan is:

Evan Turner Ferrari

Yo, Evan, “E” is for empty.

Michelle Wie got her twerk on and raged after winning US Open (Video)

Michelle Wie won the first major of her career on Sunday when she captured the 2014 US Open title. How did she celebrate? Like most 24-year-olds would.

Wie, a former Stanford student, raged her face off with her friends. As you can see from the video above, she even decided to get her twerk on at one point and drink beer from the US Open trophy. Here’s a better photo of that, which Wie herself posted on Instagram.


Wie and her friends posted a lot more stuff on Instagram late Sunday night and early Monday morning, but much of it has been deleted. I’m guessing her publicist warned her about her Happy Gilmore-like behavior going viral. Personally, I don’t see the big deal. Well, it’s probably best to get rid of photos like this:

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Johnny Manziel hung out with Chantel Jeffries


Johnny Manziel continued his offseason streak of partying over the weekend when he spent some time in Houston. We’ve kind of grown tired of writing about Manziel doing stuff like talking on a money phone while wasted, but we couldn’t help but notice who he posed for a couple photos with on Saturday night. It was Chantel Jeffries.

If you recognize Jeffries, it might be because she used to date DeSean Jackson. Or, Jeffries could sound familiar because she was the one who was with Justin Bieber when he was popped for DUI earlier this year. A young lady who spotted Manziel and Jeffries together at Limelight nightclub in Houston shared a photo on Twitter.

We don’t know if Manziel and Jeffries arrived together, but they hung out long enough to pose for at least two separate photos. I wonder how DeSean feels about that.

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s perfect cross broke Team USA’s hearts (GIF)

The United States were 25 seconds away from advancing to the knockout rounds with an improbable win over Portugal on Sunday. Then Cristiano Ronaldo happened.

The US battled back to take a 2-1 lead over Portugal after falling behind 1-0 early. All Michael Bradley had to do was possess the ball at midfield to burn off the time remaining in the five stoppage minutes, but he gave the ball up and allowed Portugal to counter. Here’s what Bradley was dealing with:


After Bradley gave it up, Ronaldo was able to make a perfect cross that was headed in by Varela. The US still have plenty of scenarios where they can advance (you can see them all here), but the way the game ended was as heartbreaking as it gets.

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Tim Howard makes amazing save after losing ball (GIF)

The US entered the second half trailing Portugal 1-0 on Sunday, but the deficit would have been larger if not for an outstanding save by Tim Howard in the first.

Howard somehow lost track of a shot that was taken from outside the box. Fortunately, the ball bounced off the post and directly to a Portugal player, who tried to float one over the American goalkeeper’s head. Howard was able to get back to his feet just in time to tip the ball over the net with his left hand. It was this close to going in:


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