Chris Bosh’s wife Adrienne has the best Miami Heat shirts

Big Shot Bosh shirt

Chris Bosh’s fashion choices are questionable at times, but we have to give it up to his wife for being on point with her style at all times.

Mrs. Adrienne Bosh just kills it on game day with some unique Miami Heat style. The shirt at the top is a killer. Even though it’s a ripoff of Robert Horry’s “Big Shot Bob” nickname, we still like the “Big Shot Bosh” shirt anyway. Especially after Bosh makes big 3-pointers the way he did in Game 2.

And if that shirt doesn’t do it for you, then maybe you’ll prefer this cool “Heatles” shirt Adrienne wears.

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Paul George may have taken a shot at LeBron James with Gatorade picture


We hope Paul George was simply executing an advertisement for Gatorade when he posted a photo of himself chugging the world’s most popular sports drink on Instagram Monday night. He couldn’t have been taking a shot at LeBron James, right?

“Stay hydrated!!!” George wrote. “#Gatorade.”

As you know, plenty of Gatorade jokes have floating around since LeBron left the court in Game 1 with severe cramping. However, George is the last person who should be getting in on the fun. His Indiana Pacers were eliminated in six games by the Heat.

We have to admit it was pretty funny that LeBron actually was drinking Gatorade before he cramped up. Still, that wouldn’t be a good look for George. We’ll just assume it was a coincidence.

Pinch-hitter hits walk-off home run to win state title on first varsity hit (Video)

Talk about a moment you dream about …

Sophomore Zach Gwillim of Monroe High School in Oregon hit a walk-off pinch-hit home run in the bottom of the seventh inning last Friday to give his team its first state title since 1991 … and it all came on his first varsity hit.

Zach GwillimAccording to The Oregonian, Gwillim was on varsity to start the season but was dropped to JV after one game. He was brought back up later in the season to add some depth, but he didn’t get an at-bat until the bottom of the seventh in the championship game. With the game tied at 1, Gwillim took a 1-1 pitch deep to left and out of the park for the walk-off victory. Monroe won 2-1 over Weston-McEwen/Griswold for the state 2A/1A championship.

“I wasn’t expecting to hit a walk-off. I had no idea. I thought it was just popped up. My first base coach was like, ‘you hit it out.’ I didn’t believe him,” Gwillim told The Oregonian after the game.

Gwillim’s coach was asked about the decision to place the sophomore as a pinch-hitter, and at least he didn’t try to make himself sound smarter than he is.

“It wasn’t anything fancy other than Zach swings it well in practice, he works hard, so let’s give him a shot,” coach Bill Crowson said.

The move paid off, and Gwillim now has an unforgettable memory. What an awesome story.

Below is video of Gwillim’s interview with The Oregonian after the game:

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John Harbaugh stumbles upon marriage proposal (Video)

John-Harbaugh-proposalDavid Rudich and his girlfriend Amy Segall are huge Baltimore Ravens fans. Because of that, Rudich decided the Ravens’ practice facility — also known as The Castle — would be a great place to ask Segall to be his wife. He had no idea how perfect of a place it would turn out to be.

After she was so taken aback that she spit out a bad four-letter word, Segall accepted the proposal. She then looked up like she had seen a ghost, which probably made Rudich a bit nervous. Not to worry, Dave — your proposal had just become one of the greatest proposals of all-time courtesy of Ravens coach John Harbaugh.

By pure coincidence, Harbaugh happened to be walking out of the building as the proposal was being recorded on camera. He asked the couple if they had just gotten engaged and came over to congratulate them. Harbaugh was a class act about the whole thing and even threw in a group hug.

If the type of luck Rudich and Segall had during their proposal is any indication of what their marriage will be like, I think these kids are going to make it.

Video via Extra Mustard

Yankees draft Kenny Powers look-alike Sean Carley


The New York Yankees selected the closest thing to Kenny Powers you will ever see over the weekend when they took West Virginia pitcher Sean Carley with the 422nd pick in the MLB draft. There’s just no possible way this guy doesn’t yell, “You’re f—in’ out!” after striking hitters out.

Carley has to have embraced the comparisons, otherwise he has no excuse for his mullet. And no, living in West Virginia doesn’t count. Check out how spot-on this is:

If not for the HBO series “Eastbound and Down,” we would probably say Carley looks a lot like Joba Chamberlain. I’d rather look like Kenny Powers than Joba.

H/T Eye on Baseball
Photo: Twitter/The Cubs World

Dwyane Wade gets call on blatant flop on Manu Ginobili (Video)

Dwyane Wade flopSome may call Dwyane Wade a wily veteran for some of sly tricks he employs on the court. Whether it’s a subtle kick to an opponent or a blatant flop that gets a call, Wade does what he can to get the edge. And on Sunday, he got a call by putting on a great acting job.

Wade got the ball in the second quarter and was being guarded by Manu Ginobili, who swatted at the ball in an attempt to get a steal. Wade jolted his head like he had been struck by Ginobili, and he got the call.

Ginobili couldn’t believe it, and neither could Gregg Popovich. Replays later showed that Ginobili was nowhere near Wade’s face! About the only thing that could have knocked Wade out was his own elbow on that reaction!

He got the call in the game, but Wade will probably be penalized by the league for that display.

Manny Machado tosses bat towards third base after being thrown at (Video)

The benches cleared in Baltimore Sunday during the eighth inning of the Oakland A’s 11-1 blowout win over the Orioles after an bat-throwing incident involving Manny Machado.

Manny Machado OaklandMachado got into it with A’s third baseman Josh Donaldson on Friday night after being tagged out. Machado didn’t like the tag applied by Donaldson when he was trying to advance from second to third, and he got in Donaldson’s face after being being pushed to the ground. Orioles pitcher Wei-Yin Chen seemingly retaliated by hitging Donaldson.

Fast forward to Sunday when Oakland was up 10-0 in the eighth. The A’s decided to get even with Machado for Friday and more perceived disrespect on Sunday. Lefty Fernando Abad threw at Machado on the first two pitches of his at-bat in the eighth. Machado and Abad exchanged words after the first pitch, and Manny swung at the second and let his bat fly towards third base where it didn’t land far from Alberto Callaspo.

“It slipped out of my hands,” said Machado after the game. “Umpire thought it was intentional, so at that point I guess you have to toss the pitcher and the hitter at the same time.”

Not only were the A’s upset over Friday’s incident, but Machado angered them by hitting catcher Derek Norris in the head on two occasions with his backswing and showing little remorse. The second occasion led Norris to leave the game in the sixth.

I really like Machado’s talent as a player, but his behavior has been pretty stupid lately. He had no reason to get upset with Donaldson for what was an ordinary tag on Friday. Then he hits Norris and shows no remorse, and then he throws his bat at Oakland? What the heck is wrong with him? That’s some bush league stuff right there.