Fan wrestles bat away from guy with neck brace (GIF)

What’s worse than two grown men wrestling over a souvenir at a baseball game? One grown man wrestling a souvenir away from another grown man who is wearing a neck brace. The latter happened during Saturday night’s game between the Los Angeles Angels and Chicago White Sox.

With the Angels trailing 5-0 in the eighth inning of a game they would later come back to win, Adam Dunn lost the grip on his bat and it went flying into the stands. Two men got their hands on it, one of who was wearing a neck brace. Guess who won the ensuing battle?


No, it wasn’t the guy who could only turn his head about 25 degrees or so.

Last month, we saw a fan practically choke another fan out while wrestling for a bat that had gone flying into the stands. Situations like this get more pathetic every time we see them.

GIF via The Score

Chris Sale smashes a bat after giving up tying grand slam to Mike Trout (GIF)

Chris Sale was dominating the Angels for seven innings on Saturday, and then the wheels completely came off in the eighth. Needless to say, Sale was not happy about how things quickly changed and he decided to grab a bat and smash things up after surrendering a tying grand slam to Mike Trout.

Sale didn’t allow his first hit until the fifth and only allowed one walk and one hit through six innings as the White Sox were cruising up 5-0. Sale allowed two more hits in the 7th, but still had a shutout and 5-0 lead through 7 innings. He gave up a single, double, got a fielder’s choice but there was an error, and then he gave up another single to load up the bases for Trout.

Trout got down 0-2, worked it to a full count, and then took a 3-2 changeup at the shins and bashed it out for a game-tying grand slam. That might have been the at-bat of the season.

Sale was finally pulled after the grand slam, and the first thing he did was grab a bat and bash it in the tunnel leading to the clubhouse.

Chris Sale bat

Apparently he has a fairly well known temper:

Of course, we post all this without sharing Hawk Harrelson’s depressing call of the grand slam:

GIF via @nick_pants, video via @cjzero

Jonathan Broxton gave teammates Sam LeCure and Mike Leake goofy haircuts

sam-lecure-goofy-haircutWhen you need to change things up a bit, a different haircut is sometimes the way to go. That was the case for Cincinnati Reds pitchers Sam LeCure and Mike Leake.

Fortunately for both of them, Jonathan Broxton was there to help. The Reds reliever grabbed some clippers and went to work on his teammates and the results were definitely interesting.

If LeCure was expecting something goofy when he looked in the mirror, he got what he was looking for.

If I had to sport one, I’d go with the Mohawk like Mike Leake. Thankfully, I don’t have to choose.


The bad news for the Reds is they lost again on Friday night. The good news is at least they can cut their goofy hair. It certainly didn’t help LeCure, who gave up three hits and a walk in 0.1 innings in relief Friday.

Eagles have $18,000 rookie dinner at Del Frisco’s


NFL rookie hazing is risky business these days in the wake of the Jonathan Martin scandal, but there is no way it is ever going to stop completely. Rookie dinners are still part of the initiation process into the league. Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Lane Johnson reminded us of that on Friday night when he shared a photo of a $17,747.68 dinner bill from Del Frisco’s.

Johnson captioned the photo “rookie dinner,” though it’s unclear if the rookies actually had to pick up the tab. Most of the money was spent on over $10,000 worth of wine and more than $6,000 in Remy Martin Louis XIII. The veterans, who are obviously high-class citizens (or so they think), also ordered $187 worth of Voss water.

Earlier this week, Dez Bryant spoke about the infamous $55,000 dinner tab he had to pick up as a rookie, though Jerry Jones once implied he didn’t actually have to pay it. Bryant said it angered him at the time but has led to him being able to “call the shots” with his teammates. Hopefully the Eagles’ rookies earn the same privilege someday.

H/T Darren Rovell

Dodgers draft pick Grant Holmes has greatest hair of all time

Grant Holmes hair curls Dodgers

The Los Angeles Dodgers made pitcher Grant Holmes the 22nd overall pick in the 2014 MLB Draft Thursday, and we took immediate notice of the kid.

No, it’s not because he’s a fireballer who can touch 100 mph with his fastball. No, it’s not because he averaged more than two strikeouts per inning as a senior at Conway High School in South Carolina this spring.

As of now, the kid is getting attention for all the wrong reasons.

The real reason why Holmes is an instant superstar is his hair. This kid is absolutely killing it with his curly mop. Seriously, best hair ever on a ballplayer.

He’s got that sweet Carney Lansford color and just lets it all hang out. You have to admire that boldness. It’s no surprise that he pitches with that mentality too — here’s my 95-mph fastball — see if you can hit it. Guarantee you he’s killing it with the South Carolina girls with that hair. Guaranteed.

I know they try to force a lot of changes on players when they enter pro ball. They tweak your mechanics, mess with your arm slot, try to make you mature, and who knows what else? But one thing they better not do is touch that golden hair. It is too perfect. I mean he has a Pert Plus endorsement deal all lined up for whenever he wants it. It’s his. As soon as CJ Wilson’s deal with Head & Shoulders is over in a few years, Holmes will be right there to pick it up.

Below are more pictures of the great mop along with some videos of Holmes:

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Tim Duncan, Chris Bosh ‘Jurassic Park’ memes are absolute gold


What do you get when you combine Tim Duncan’s “did I do that?” face with the fact that Chris Bosh looks like a reptile? The greatest “Jurassic Park” memes you will ever see.

Our friend Nick Pants was at it again before Game 1 of the NBA Finals on Thursday night. In addition to the hilarious photo you see above, he may have outdone himself with this gem.

We have no words to add. Absolute solid gold.

Gatorade Twitter makes fun of LeBron James over cramping


Game 1 of the NBA Finals is in the books, and all everyone can talk about is broken air conditioning and cramps. LeBron James was so bothered by the hot temperatures in the AT&T Center that he had to leave the game with four minutes remaining. Would that have happened if he drank Gatorade?

After LeBron left the game, which the San Antonio Spurs held on to win, Gatorade started receiving tweets from people who were wondering why the most popular sports drink in the world couldn’t prevent King James from going down. The answer was simple.

As Eye on Basketball noted, Gatorade stopped trying to sign LeBron to a sponsorship deal back in 2003, citing differences in opinions on what role he should have in endorsing the product. LeBron went on to sign with Powerade, so the folks at Gatorade must have been loving all the tweets on Thursday night.

Between the Gatorade stuff and all the “LeBroning” cramp memes we have seen, the world has had quite a few laughs at LeBron’s expense over the past 10 hours or so.

Photo via @Jose3030