Terry Bradshaw: Peyton Manning is your guy if you like losing Super Bowls

Terry-Bradshaw-NFL-does-not-care-about-playersTerry Bradshaw, winner of four championships with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1970s, can always flash his Super Bowl rings if someone asks if he is a better quarterback than Peyton Manning. We all know Manning is a better passer and is far more talented, but hardware talks. Bradshaw recently felt the need to remind everyone of that.

During one of his stops for his “America’s Favorite Dumb Blonde” tour, Bradshaw touched on the topic of whether Manning is the best quarterback to play the game today.

“No one would argue with that,” he told the audience. “If you like winning during the (regular) season and losing the Super Bowl, that’s your guy.”

Quarterbacks are judged by rings first. That’s just the way it is. Dan Marino is a better quarterback than Bradshaw, but because he never won a championship most people would argue that Bradshaw is the better player. Manning’s 1-2 record in Super Bowls and 11-12 playoff record is a nasty blemish on his overall legacy — there’s no question about it.

But as Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk noted, much of Bradshaw’s success is owed to the phenomenal Steelers defenses of the 1970s. If not for several dud performances by Bradshaw in the playoffs (which are listed here), his team might have won five or six championships.

Again, that’s just the nature of the beast. Manning has had his chances and blown them, particularly when he threw a pick-six to lose a Super Bowl against the New Orleans Saints several years back. Bradshaw’s jewelry gives him the right to yap.

Richard Sherman at center of Seahawks practice fight (Video)

Richard-Sherman-practice-fightThe Seattle Seahawks had their first official offseason scuffle on Wednesday afternoon, and Richard Sherman was at the center of it. Given his competitive nature and the speed at which his jaw moves, no one should really be surprised.

According to Bob Condotta of The Seattle Times, tensions began to flare when wide receiver Bryan Walters injured his shoulder while making a diving catch on the sideline. Safety Earl Thomas was defending, and some of the offensive players felt that he made too much contact in what are supposed to be non-contact workouts.

Doug Baldwin reportedly had words with Thomas and Percy Harvin also appeared angry. On the next play, Sherman and wide receiver Phillip Bates got into it and before long everyone was involved. Pete Carroll called the team together after practice to chat about what had happened.

“It was just to keep focused,” linebacker Bobby Wagner said. “We let little things get out of hand a little bit, but it was just to remain focused and understand why we’re out here. We’re out here to get better. We did that. I feel like we got better.”

Stuff like this happens during training camp all the time. The Seahawks’ defense led the team to a championship last year with its physical play, so the idea of no contact at all must be difficult for the Legion of Boom to grasp. I’m sure everyone has already moved on.

Video via Q13 Fox

Jayson Werth uses trick slide to grab sweet stolen base (Video)

Jayson Werth dug into his bag of trucks to snag a stolen base that left everybody impressed during Wednesday’s Washington Nationals-Houston Astros game.

The Nats were up 1-0 with one out in the third when Werth tried to steal second. It’s unclear whether he popped up after realizing he undershot his slide, or whether he thought he was dead meat and needed to improvise, but his quick moves helped him snag the bag.

Jayson Werth slide

Not only was that stolen base awesome to watch, but it led to a run. Werth scored a batter later on an Ian Desmond RBI single.

Luckily for us, Werth gave us a name for his slide/nifty move:

GIF: Jayson Werth's matrix-esque stop slide, slow motion... on Twitpic

Metta World Peace pranked by Jimmy Kimmel Show, ends up calling 911 (Video)

This is so sooo soooo soooooo good.

The Jimmy Kimmel Show teamed up with Amar’e Stoudemire to prank Metta World Peace, and the results were fantastic.

Metta World Peace KimmelAmar’e, who played with Metta on the New York Knicks, got his ex-teammate to speak at a charity event that did not exist. Amar’e and Kimmel sent a limo to pick up Metta and his assistant, and the driver just so happened to be Cousin Sal from Kimmel’s show.

Cousin Sal proceeds to just mess with Metta in every way possible, leading to a nightmare situation for Metta, who is stuck in a car with a super-annoying driver.

Before the prank was revealed, Metta was so irritated he ended up calling 911!

Watch from start to finish, and you won’t be let down.

H/T David

Ryan Howard responds to fans who said he listens to Nickelback

Ryan-HowardA group of Atlanta Braves fans held a sign at Turner Field on Tuesday night during their team’s game against the Philadelphia Phillies that read,” Ryan Howard listens to Nickelback.” For some, that is the ultimate insult. For Ryan Howard, it simply creates confusion over how a group of girls knew what he has on his iPod.

When asked about the sign after the game, Howard seemed puzzled.

“Damn, that’s outrageous,” he said, per Todd Zolecki of The Zo Zone. “I didn’t know that. Is it bad to listen to Nickelback?”

Howard had to have been playing along, right? Maybe not.

“I mean, I’m not afraid to say that I diversify my musical portfolio,” he added. “I didn’t know they could see or hear what … how do they know I listen to Nickelback? I listen to everything. I don’t know if there’s a specific song by Nickelback (I listen to).”

First of all, the sign is trolling at it’s finest. Anyone can chant “Howard sucks” or hold up a sign that displays his .231 batting average, but the Nickelback angle is unique if nothing else. If Howard was fighting fire with fire by playing dumb, more power to him.

For those of you who don’t understand the joke or why it would be an insult to call someone out for listening to Nickelback, here you go:

H/T Hardball Talk

Jonathan Lucroy’s All-Star ad has an anti-Cardinals appeal (Video)

Jonathan Lucroy BrewersThe people who put together this Jonathan Lucroy MLB All-Star Game ad took a pretty funny approach.

Funny if you’re not a St. Louis Cardinals fan.

The ad, which is definitely an attack ad, encourages those to vote for Lucroy as an alternative to putting another Cardinals player in the Mid-Summer Classic. And Lucroy certainly has the numbers to defend his selection.

Lucroy blasted two more home runs on Tuesday to give him eight for the season. He’s now hitting .340 with a .938 OPS and 37 RBIs. He’s definitely outslugging most NL catchers, though Devin Mesoraco and Evan Gattis are putting up some pretty excellent offensive stats. Plus, prior to Tuesday’s big game, Lucroy led all MLB catchers in WAR, according to Fangraphs.

Forget going anti-Cardinals — Lucroy should make it on merit.

H/T Deadspin

Kirk Gibson gives ejected Evan Marshall fist bump for hitting Ryan Braun

Kirk Gibson Evan Marshall

Evan Marshall was ejected in the 7th inning of Tuesday’s Diamondbacks-Brewers game for hitting Ryan Braun with a pitch, and Arizona manager Kirk Gibson couldn’t have been prouder.

Marshall needed two pitches to intentionally hit Braun because he threw behind the slugger the first pitch of the at-bat before finally nailing him on the hip with the next pitch. He got a warning after the first pitch and then was tossed after the HBP.

Marshall exited the field to cheers from the crowd and an applause from his teammates in the dugout. And who was there to give him the warmest greeting when he got into the dugout? Gibson, who was on the top step with a fist bump waiting.

Marshall hitting Braun seemed to be retaliation for what Brewers pitcher Kyle Lohse did earlier in the game.

Lohse hit Arizona shortstop Chris Owings with nobody on and nobody out in the sixth inning. He then went/missed high at Mike Bolsinger on a bunt attempt two batters later.

Marshall came in to relieve Bolsinger in the 7th and nailed Braun with men on second and third to load up the bases. Almost as poetic justice, Brad Ziegler immediately gave up a grand slam to Jonathan Lucroy to give the Brewers the lead and game.

Maybe Gibby was just proud of his player for retaliating just the way he wanted. You know Kirk has an edge and loves that sort of thing. Also, don’t forget that Gibson simply dislikes Braun. After the Brewers MVP was punished last season by MLB for the PEDs, Gibson ripped him up and down for being a cheater. That’s probably another reason why this was so satisfying for Gibby.

GIF via Chad Moriyama