Kevin Durant pulls off funny flop against Clippers (Video)

Kevin Durant flopIn addition to NBA MVP, we can now add “world-class flopper” to Kevin Durant’s basketball resume.

During the second quarter of Game 2 of the Western Conference semifinals between the Clippers and Thunder on Wednesday, Durant was trying to chase his man around a pick but ran into a wall named DeAndre Jordan. After losing JJ Redick, Durant decided to flop and act as if he had been zapped by a cattle prod.

Redick missed the shot anyhow, but something tells us KD may be hearing from the league for reasons other than them finding out where they should mail him his MVP trophy.

Best flop since Jerome Simpson against the Cleveland Browns? I think so.

Yasiel Puig does a bat flip on routine fly ball to center (Video)

Does anyone misjudge his own batted balls worse than Yasiel Puig? I’d have to say no.

The guy has been playing in the majors for like a grand total of one season, and he already has a full blunder reel of times he’s given great home run bat flips on what turned out to be routine outs. And the great part is no matter how many times he does it, it’s never not funny.

Yasiel Puig bat tossOn Wednesday, Puig went bat flip on a routine fly ball to center with two on and two outs in the top of the eighth inning against the Nationals. After taking a few steps following the bat flip, Puig probably realized the ball was staying in the park, so he began to jog. Denard Span caught it like it was no big deal.

Even though we have plenty of laughs at Puig’s expense here, this repetitive issue with him is probably a reflection on the Cuban baseball culture. Players are showmen in Cuba, so celebrating and posing after big hits is part of the game. This is probably habitual for Puig. The only problem is that he’s so terrible at differentiating between his flyouts and his dingers.

And if it’s any consolation, he’s not the first person to do this sort of thing. There was this from Alfonso Soriano last year. There was this bat flip by a player in the Korean league on a foul ball. And then my personal favorite, this spectacular gem from the Korean league. At least he has plenty of company.

Here’s another look at the bat flip:

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Warriors screwed up email announcing Mark Jackson firing

The Golden State Warriors sent out an email to season ticket holders on Tuesday to inform them of the Mark Jackson firing. Only there was one pretty big oversight.

In the subject line for the email, the Warriors screwed up by saying they had beaten the Clippers and were now offering tickets for the second round of the postseason:

Warriors email

They obviously realized the mistake, because they sent out another email 10 minutes later to correct the error. Notice the subject line in this one:

Wishful thinking for the Warriors. They probably just had that email in their cue in case the team won and forgot to make the adjustment after the loss. It happens.

Tip via David B.

Pablo Sandoval takes latest swing ever on attempted hit and run (Video)

Pablo Sandoval swingWhen you are batting and a hit-and-run play is called, you have one job and one job only: swing the darn bat.

It doesn’t matter if the pitch is coming at your dome, going behind you, in the dirt, or over your head. If you’re not swinging, you’re getting chewed out by your coach. Pablo Sandoval knows this, which is why he swung to try protecting Brandon Belt in the second inning of his team’s 2-1 loss to the Pirates on Tuesday. The only problem is he had a slight bit of a delayed reaction on his swing.

Sandoval took a comically late swing with an 0-1 count because he was initially worried that a pitch from Charlie Morton was going to hit him. So after moving out of the way to avoid the pitch, Panda realized he still needed to do his job of protecting the runner, so he gave a courtesy wave of the bat. His effort may have even helped, because catcher Tony Sanchez burped the ball into center, allowing Belt to grab an extra base.

Good job, good effort, Panda.

Bartolo Colon swings and his helmet comes flying off, again (Video)

I am choking. Seriously choking right now. Can’t breathe. Can’t even write this post.

All I have to say is god bless Sandy Alderson for signing Bartolo Colon and bringing him to the National League. Without that, none of this awesomeness would be possible.

And if those couple of terrible swings look familiar, it’s because this was Bartolo back on April 19 against the Braves:

Bless you, Bartolo. Don’t you ever change. And don’t you ever work with a hitting coach. Ever. We cannot afford for you to improve. We need terrible efforts at all times.

Bartolo Colon swing

Also see: Bartolo Colon attempting to bat and bunt yields fantastic meme

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Brian Wilson look-alike fan goes a little overboard reacting to calls (Video)

Brian Wilson look-alike fan

Brian Wilson is one of the most unique-looking players in MLB, so it makes sense that he would have some fans trying to copy his look. In fact, one showed up to Nationals Park on Monday to cheer him on during the Dodgers’ 4-0 loss to the Nationals. The guy had the big black beard and was every bit as fiery as the reliever.

When Wilson didn’t get the close calls, nobody was more ticked off than this guy:

But when he did get a call, it was game on!

Below you can watch the full video of the fan reacting:

[Previously: Brian Wilson fan wears funny ESPYs outfit]

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Joe Girardi goes nuts on Laz Diaz during ejection (Video)

Yankees manager Joe Girardi was ejected during the eighth inning of a 4-1 loss to the Angels on Monday night after arguing balls and strikes with umpire Laz Diaz, and he definitely got his money’s worth before being run.

Joe Girardi Laz DiazGirardi was upset over a low pitch called a strike on Brett Gardner with the bases loaded, nobody out and a 1-0 count in a 1-1 game. The pitch was definitely low, so Girardi had a very good reason to be upset. He came out and started to argue with Diaz about the pitch, and he was tossed after going all Tasmanian Devil.

Gardner ended up striking out, and Derek Jeter grounded into a double play to end the inning, so that strike call really did change things a ton.

Girardi said after the game that he was already upset with Diaz for giving him the Mutombo finger wag earlier in the game over a complaint about balls and strikes.

“I’m not a little kid and I don’t need to be scolded,” Girardi said of the finger wag after the game. “No one’s coming to see Laz, I can tell you that.”

We definitely side with Girardi on this argument. But we also appreciate Diaz getting Girardi all fired up, because seeing him furiously bob his head back-and-forth like a woodpecker on crystal meth was pretty enjoyable.