Ghana’s Jordan Ayew has his junk totally zoomed in on (GIF)

GIF: Ghana junk, they showed something like 11 replays #NSFW on Twitpic

Ghana Jordan AyewESPN gave us this generous replay multiple times late in the Ghana-Portugal Group G game Thursday and it shows Jordan Ayew’s junk front and center after having his shorts pulled by Portugal’s William.

Too bad Ayew wasn’t wearing his superhero underwear during the game. That would have been sweet.

And I guess this is just sort of what happens when you wear Daisy Dukes in a sporting event. Just one thin layer of material between you and the world.

GIF via @cjzero

Cristiano Ronaldo has another new haircut


Cristiano Ronaldo debuted a new haircut before Portugal’s match against the United States last Sunday, which may or may not have been a tribute to a young boy’s scar that resulted from brain surgery. Before Thursday’s match against Ghana, Ronaldo was sporting a new look.

The zig-zag line was no longer visible as Ronaldo went with a more close-cropped look. Remember, kids — how you look is just as important as how you play.

Photo via @bubbaprog

Tim Lincecum leads Daniel Bryan ‘YES’ chant after no-hitter (Video)

Tim Lincecum is full of charisma, and all of his unique personality shined through following his no-hitter against the Padres Wednesday.

Lincecum was handed a “Gladiator” mask by one of his teammates inside the San Francisco Giants’ clubhouse and put it on. The mask coupled with his US men’s soccer team jersey gave him a funny look, but all of that was quickly forgotten once he led his team in the Daniel Bryan “YES” chant.

Tim Lincecum YES

From Michigan State football to the Giants, it seems like everyone is doing the chant of the popular WWE wrestler these days. Then again, let’s not forget that Hunter Pence showed us last month that the “YES” chant is nothing new the Giants.

It was also cool seeing manager Bruce Bochy lead the team in a toast to Lincecum and thank Big Time Timmy Jim for sparing him when it came to the pitch count. That sure as heck made life easy on him when it came to letting Timmy finish the game.

Lionel Messi scores nasty free kick goal (Video)

Lionel-Messi-free-kick-goalLionel Messi scored two goals in the first half against Nigeria on Wednesday, and the second was a thing of beauty. Argentina were awarded a free kick in stoppage time just before the first-half whistle sounded and Messi did what he does best.

Messi, who was celebrating his 27th birthday, struck a perfectly-placed ball with his left foot that gave Nigerian goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama no chance. There’s simply no way to line up in a position that allows you to stop that shot.

With that, Messi brought his 2014 World Cup goal total to four in less than three games. There’s a reason many people consider him to be the best player on the planet.

Joe West hit by foul ball, shakes it off, flexes (Video)

Joe West has a reputation for being one of the toughest umpires in Major League Baseball. When we say toughest, we mean he is extremely stubborn and unafraid of infuriating managers with questionable calls. On Tuesday night, West showed us a different type of toughness.

Oakland A’s catcher Stephen Vogt ripped a line drive down the first base line off Bartolo Colon in the sixth inning, and it drilled West right in the midsection. Since West was standing in foul territory, there would be no arguing this particular call. But was he OK?

Old man Joe was more than OK. After making the “foul” signal, West stared toward home plate and flexed his muscles.


We have teed off on West on numerous occasions in the past, and he has deserved it every time. That said, any 61-year-old who takes a line drive to the gut and shakes it off like it’s nothing deserves a pat on the back. Nicely done, Cowboy Joe.

Little kid kills it on fan cam with crazy moves (Video)

I haven’t been able to take my eyes off this Vine video since the moment I first saw it.

That kid is amazing. He’s got the tongue wag working, the chest pound going, and he already knows how to gyrate his hips like a pro.

Someone enter that kid in a talent show. Now. He will win.

Look at this face of determination:

Marlins kid fan cam

Kid’s a star. And was this at Marlins Park Monday? Sure looks like it.

Video via @RayvenTirado
H/T Jimmy Traina

Giorgio Chiellini shows bite marks from Luis Suarez


Uruguay advanced to the knockout stage of the World Cup on Tuesday with an upset victory over Italy, but there is a dark cloud hanging over their victory. They can thank Luis Suarez and his biting problem for that.

Suarez appeared to bite Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini on the shoulder in the 80th minute. Unfortunately for Chiellini and the Italians, no official saw the incident. Chiellini immediately fell to the ground and showed a referee the bite marks Suarez left on his shoulder shortly after the exchange.

[WATCH: Luis Suarez bites Giorgio Chiellini]

This is the third biting incident involving Suarez in the last four years, and he has been suspended each of the previous times. He was given a seven-game ban for biting an opponent and 2010 and was suspended 10 games last year after biting Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic.

You hate to make excuses for a team, but there are plenty of people — including ESPN World Cup analyst and Everton manager Roberto Martinez — who feel that Suarez’s bite had to have distracted Chiellini and the other Italian players. Uruguay scored just a minute later, clinching a spot in the knockout stage and sending Italy, who needed a draw or win, home.

Photo: Twitter/Baxter Holmes