Kevin Love hangs with Rajon Rondo; David Ortiz tries to recruit him to Boston


If nothing else, Kevin Love is seriously toying with the emotions of Boston Celtics fans. After galavanting around town and hitting up some popular spots in Beantown on Friday night, Love went to the Red Sox game on Sunday. Guess who else was at Fenway Park? Rajon Rondo.

Love and Rondo were spotted greeting each other inside the ballpark. As if that wasn’t enough to make Celtics fans giddy, David Ortiz later got in on the fun by tweeting at Love.

Plenty of teams are going to be interested in Love. Boston is one of them, but that hardly means Love is going to be playing for Brad Stevens next year. Neither does his trip to Fenway and the surrounding area.

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Florida pulls off hidden ball trick on College of Charleston (Video)

College of Charleston infielder Nick Pappas was on the receiving end of a cruel joke on Friday night. Well, maybe it wasn’t a joke, but it was certainly embarrassing when Florida nailed Pappas with a classic hidden ball trick.

Pappas was on second base when Florida pitcher Logan Shore stepped off the mound to “tie his shoe.” Pappas stayed on the base while the “shoe tying” was going on, but he took about a half step off as Shore was standing up to put his glove back on. At that point, Gators shortstop Richie Martin tagged Pappas with his glove. Yup, Martin had the ball the entire time.


The turn of events was every Little League coach’s nightmare. Fortunately for Pappas, College of Charleston went on to win win the game and would later advance in the NCAA Tournament. Florida has been sent home early, but at least they’ll always have the hidden ball trick highlight.

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Russell Westbrook was juuuust a bit off on this desperation 3-pointer (Video)

Russell Westbrook played a pretty darn good game for the Oklahoma City Thunder in their Game 6 series-ending loss to the San Antonio Spurs on Saturday, but many will focus on one of his worst moments from the game.

With the Thunder down 111-107 in the final 10 seconds of overtime, Westbrook decided to heave a 3-pointer that missed the rim, iron, backboard and sailed clear out of bounds for an ugly turnover. The terrible shot made him the subject of derision from fans, but let’s think about what he was doing there.

First off, the Spurs were playing great defense and OKC had no good option on the play. They had everyone covered:

Spurs defense

Whoever took the shot for OKC on that possession was going to have at least one hand in his face and was likely to miss. The only difference is Westbrook has the sack to take a shot in a pressure situation and doesn’t mind if it brings down his stats.

Then, it’s pretty obvious that Russ was hoping to get a foul call so he’d be sent to the line for three free throws the way he was against the Clippers in Game 5 of their series. That didn’t happen, which meant he got nothing out of the play.

Westbrook’s shooting stats on the night look bad; he was 8-of-23 and 1-for-6 on 3-pointers. But the guy was 17-for-18 on free throws, grabbed 7 rebounds, had 8 assists, and got 6 steals. He made some plans in the final minutes of regulation to send the game to overtime. Despite the ugly shot, he was doing things that had his ex-UCLA teammate singing his praise with tweets like this:

That may be an overstatement, but it’s not by much. Russ is one of the best players in the league. He can do things few other players can. You just have to accept his bad plays as part of his total package.

This is what Gregg Popovich’s teeth look like

Gregg Popovich teeth

Look, it’s not often that Gregg Popovich smiles. It’s more often that we see Halley’s Comets than one of this guy’s grins. That’s why we have to cherish this moment.

After the Spurs beat the Thunder in six games to win the Western Conference, TNT’s Ernie Johnson interviewed Manu Ginobili and asked the veteran guard about his coach. Manu gave a brief Pop-like answer to a question, which led Pop to give the smile.

And here he is laughing:

GIF: Gregg Popovich LAUGHING on Twitpic

Save this post. Bookmark it. Don’t let it out of your sight. You never know when you’re going to be able to have a cherished moment like this again.

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Udonis Haslem to Lance Stephenson: I’m going to f— you up (Video)

Udonis Haslem Lance StephensonLance Stephenson was busy being an irritant during Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers as he had been all series, and Udonis Haslem decided he’d had enough.

During the second quarter when Stephenson was messing with LeBron James and gave Norris Cole a clothesline, Haslem issued a serious threat to Lance. U-Don could be seen saying to Lance, “I’m going to f— you up.”

You know he said it too, because you could tell how crazy the fans in the front row reacted.

You never want to mess with U-Don, Ghostface Killah or the Method Man. But mostly you don’t want to mess with U-Don. He will end you, chief.

Video via @WorldofIsaac

Lance Stephenson nails Norris Cole; Shane Battier retaliates (Video)

GIF: Lance Stephenson whacks Norris Cole in the face going fo... on Twitpic

Lance Stephenson Norris ColeLance Stephenson’s pest activities were out in full force in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals on Friday night in Miami. Lance Romance was messing with LeBron James from the start of the game, and LeBron played back. But things got extra heated in the second quarter when Stephenson nailed Norris Cole in the face, as seen in the video above.

A minute later, Shane Battier retaliated:

At least Stephenson was rightfully called for a flagrant foul on the play.

Here were some other Lance vs. LeBron moments from the game:

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Samantha Stosur is still as jacked as ever


Australian tennis player Samantha Stosur advanced to the fourth round of the French Open on Friday with a win over Dominika Cibulkova. She also reminded all those in attendance and watching the match at home that she can still bench press more than you.

As LB pointed out a long, long time ago, Stosur is incredibly muscular. The 2011 US Open champion’s guns were on full display during her 6-4, 6-4 win. Cork Gaines also noted that Stosur is by no means all upper body.

I’d just let her win.

Photo: Twitter/Cork Gaines
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