Samsung Arabia wishes Landon Donovan, Team USA good luck


Considering Samsung mobile devices are designed to bring you stuff like emails, text messages and news as quickly as possible, I can’t really think of a worse promotion than the one Samsung Mobile Arabia ran on Sunday morning.

The official Samsung Mobile Arabia Twitter page has been tweeting photos of some of the world’s best players and wishing them luck before their games at the World Cup in Brazil. Some of the bigger names have included Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Landon Donovan. Wait, what?

As of the time I’m writing this post, the tweet has been live for four hours. Apparently word of Donovan’s World Cup snub has yet to make its way to Dubai. You mean they didn’t see the infamous tweet from Jurgen Klinsmann’s son? It’s probably time to get with the program.

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Kenley Jansen throws one nasty cutter (Video)

Kenley Jansen cutterFor the past couple of years, Kenley Jansen has had one of the best cutters in the game. It’s been mentioned in conversations with the same pitch that helped Mariano Rivera enjoy a Hall of Fame career.

It’s easy to see why.

Jansen struck out Chris Denorfia to end Saturday’s Padres-Dodgers game with that absolutely filthy pitch seen in the video above.

Pitches that are thrown that hard are not supposed to move that much. How is that even possible? That almost looks like Randy Johnson’s slider, except it’s hard and has sharper movement.

Seriously, how can he possibly throw that pitch? It just defies physics.

Man oh man, I could just watch that video on loop all day. That is baseball p*rn for you. If that pitch were a girl, I’d want to sleep with it. That is just such a sexy, sexy pitch.

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Alex Torres wears giant protective hat while pitching

Alex Torres protective hat

San Diego Padres pitcher Alex Torres became on Saturday what we believe is the first pitcher to wear one of the oversized protective hats while pitching in a Major League Baseball game.

Torres relieved Tyson Ross and allowed a run while pitching the eighth inning. The 26-year-old is in his third season in the bigs, but this is the first time he’s worn the cap.

Why might Torres want the extra protection? He was with the Tampa Bay Rays last year when Alex Cobb was hit in the head by a line drive and pitched 1.2 scoreless innings in relief to get the win. Maybe that incident has stuck out in his mind.

“It could save our lives, if someone hits a ball to your head,” Torres said after the game via MLB.com. “I get it for free, so I’m just gonna use it to see how it feels.”

As expected, Torres was ridiculed by many for the hat. It is huge, it does look silly, and he does like like a train conductor while wearing it, but at least he has it on for the right reasons — safety. So what if he looks like Super Mario with it on? At least he’ll be covered in case of a comebacker.

“The difference between how this hat and the regular hat feels isn’t much,” Torres said. “I tried it before using it in the game, playing catch. It doesn’t feel really bad. It doesn’t feel like how it looks on my head.”

Here are a few more looks at it:

Roger Clemens shared awkward high-five after son Kacy’s hit (GIF)

GIF: Kacy Clemens had a big 2-run single and dad had the awkw... on Twitpic

Roger Clemens high fiveKacy Clemens got Texas on the board Saturday against Vanderbilt with a 2-run single in the fourth at the College World Series, and his family in attendance knew that was cause for celebration. The only problem is the celebration didn’t go quite that well.

Kacy’s dad, Roger, was shown on TV exchanging some awkward high-fives. Hey, he always was more about speed and power than timing and accuracy.

GIF via @CorkGaines

Thomas Muller bloodied on final play against Ghana


If you want to know what type of match Germany and Ghana played on Saturday afternoon, just look at Thomas Muller’s face. The German forward was bloodied on the final play of the 2-2 draw after taking a shoulder to the head on a free kick.

Germany had one final chance to win the game in stoppage time, and Muller paid the price as Ghana was desperately trying to clear the ball out to preserve the tie. Ghana defender John Boye headed the ball out out of harm’s way while Muller was trying to make a play on it. Boye’s shoulder nailed Muller above the right eye, leaving him with a nasty cut.

Muller received medical attention on the field for a few minutes after the match, and Germany later announced that he was “uninjured.” We’re guessing that means Muller avoided a concussion, because he was clearly injured on some level.

Photo via @cjzero
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Brandon Phillips responds to heckling fan with autographed ball, selfie


Brandon Phillips may have successfully turned a drunk Pittsburgh Pirates fan into a Cincinnati Reds fan earlier this week. A recent story that was posted on Reddit describes a scene in which a Pirates fan started giving Phillips the business after a rain delay in the seventh inning. The Reddit user, who was the brother of the guy doing the heckling, said Phillips found it pretty funny.

“(My brother was) yelling, ‘Hey everybody, look how slow Phillips is!,'” he wrote. “My brother said the stadium was almost empty at this point, so his heckles rang loud and clear. According to him, Phillips even looked over and chuckled at one point.”

After that, Phillips walked over to the fan, put on a big smile and posed for a selfie. He even gave the guy an autographed ball with a hilarious message on it.

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Matt Joyce hits ball into pitching machine, machine spits it back (Video)

Matt-Joyce-pitching-machineTampa Bay Rays outfielder Matt Joyce had himself a once-in-a-lifetime experience on Thursday. The rare moment actually came before the game while Joyce was taking batting practice.

Joyce was taking pitches from a pitching machine and fouled one off the top of the cage. It somehow deflected off the cage and back into the pitching machine, causing the machine to spit it back before Joyce even had time to realize what had happened.

What are the odds of that? Joyce can’t be happy about it. It’s kind of one of baseball’s unwritten rules to not quick-pitch a hitter before he’s ready, yet the machine went and blew a strike right past him. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some retaliation before Friday night’s game.