LeBron James gets his WWE championship belt from The Rock

LeBron-James-WWE-beltA few weeks ago, LeBron James celebrated his 29th birthday and decided he needs an official WWE championship belt. He took to Twitter to ask where he can get one, and WWE stars John Cena and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson both offered to take care of the two-time NBA champion. The Rock came through.

After the Miami Heat defeated the Boston Celtics on Tuesday night, LeBron took to Instagram to show off his new hardware.

“Special thanks to @therock for making my childhood dream come true!” he wrote. “U have no idea how many couches and old mattresses I jumped off thinking I was one of y’all! U, Ultimate Warrior, Sting, Legion of Doom, Goldberg and The Undertaker I could watch all day plus many more! I feel like a little kid again. Thanks again Champ! #CanUSmell#StriveForGreatness.”

It must be a pretty humbling feeling for The Rock to know that he can give something to someone like LeBron James that he doesn’t already have.

As a whole, WWE belts have become very popular across sports over the past year or so. LeSean McCoy draped one over his shoulder after winning the rushing title this season. Last season, the Phoenix Coyotes began handing out a championship belt to their player of the game. In December, Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr put on a belt after his team won the Mountain West Conference. I’m surprised it took LeBron this long to get in on it.

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LeBron James accidentally shares picture of Chris Bosh’s daughter grabbing his crotch

LeBron James Chris Bosh daughter

LeBron James was just trying to shout out his nice relationship with Chris Bosh’s young daughter over Instagram Tuesday night, but his plan was derailed by an overlooked detail in the form of an interestingly placed hand.

“OMG I need a daughter man! @chrisbosh I’m too jealous of u bro! She’s amazing dude. #DaddysLilGirl” James wrote on Instagram as the caption for his photo of him with Bosh’s daughter.

What James missed — and what was quickly pointed out by many of his Instagram followers — was that Bosh’s daughter happened to be grabbing his crotch when the photo was taken.

Obviously the whole thing was very innocent and it really was a lovely post by LeBron, but he decided it might be a good idea to remove that photo and replace it with a tighter-cropped version of the photo sans hand on junk.

This was the result:

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Northwestern fans paint chest to show support for Purdue

Northwestern students Purdue

Northwestern’s student section displayed a strong sense of compassion on Tuesday during the school’s basketball game against Purdue.

There was a shooting Tuesday on the Purdue University campus that left a 21-year-old senior dead. The shooting occurred inside the school’s electrical engineering building, and it is believed the victim was targeted by the 23-year-old suspect.

Purdue’s men’s basketball team traveled to Evanston for a game against Northwestern, and a group of males in the Northwestern student section aka “Wildside” painted their chests to spell “Stand With Purdue.” It was a great gesture by the Northwestern students during a time of tragedy.

Photo via Twitter/@NU_Sports

Denver billboard rips Richard Sherman for having ‘no class’ unlike Champ Bailey


Richard Sherman has quickly become public enemy number one for Denver Broncos fans. The Seattle Seahawks cornerback rubbed plenty of people the wrong way when he went crazy on Michael Crabtree during his postgame interviews on Sunday. As a result, Broncos fans and countless other fans across the nation are hoping he gets burned by Peyton Manning and company.

At least one appliance store in the Denver area believes Sherman has no class, as evidenced by the billboard you see above that Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports called our attention to on Tuesday. I can’t really figure out what having class or not having class has to do with appliances, but maybe I’m missing some sort of obvious play on words. It wouldn’t be the first time a joke flew over my head.

Nevertheless, it just reaffirms how the people of Denver feel about a player who could have a huge impact in the big game. It also reaffirms how much the people of Denver love their sports-related billboards.

Charles Barkley made a Kellen Winslow ‘stroke it’ joke on live TV (Video)

Kellen WinslowWe can always count on Charles Barkley for two things — keeping up with current affairs and not having a filter. Both of those qualities were on full display on Monday night when he made a totally inappropriate and hilarious joke about Kellen Winslow Jr.

As most of you know, a witness accused Winslow of masturbating in his car prior to his arrest for possession of synthetic marijuana back in November. The incident took place in a Target store parking lot. On Monday, Barkley was praising Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson for having a smooth shooting stroke. Here’s where Sir Charles went from there.

“That boy can really stroke it right there. I’m gonna take him to Target.”

Shaq then got in on the act by adding, “Make sure you roll the windows up.” As usual, it was Ernie Johnson who directed the attention back to the highlights while the rest of the crew laughed hysterically.

Between Boston Market poking fun at Winslow, that hilarious GIF we showed you and now Barkley, the New York Jets tight end is getting it from all angles. Next time he should probably just stay home with his containers that are labeled “Mr. Happy” and “Funky Monkey.”

Video via The Big Lead

Wayne Selden Jr. saves ball inbounds on incredible hustle play for Kansas (Video)

Kansas won its third straight game over a ranked opponent on Monday night, defeating No. 24 Baylor at Allen Fieldhouse. Freshman guard Wayne Selden Jr. scored seven points in the 78-68 victory, but his most impressive play was an assist.

With the Jayhawks leading 51-44 midway through the second half, Selden chased after a loose ball and dove into the stands to save it. Not only did he keep the play alive, he somehow got the ball directly to Joel Embiid, who hit a nice little turnaround jumper.

As The Big Lead noted, a still frame of the play appears to show that Selden’s foot was out of bounds when he saved the ball.

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Genie Bouchard would like to date Justin Bieber (Video)

19-year-old Genie Bouchard has been one of the biggest stories on the women’s side of the Australian Open. The Canadian youngster advanced to the semifinals of the tournament by coming back to beat Ana Ivanovic in three sets in Melbourne on Tuesday.

After the match, Bouchard, who has gained many male fans during her run, was asked in her on-court interview with 7 Sports which celebrity she’d like to date. Bouchard was totally embarrassed by the line of questioning, but she did manage to sheepishly provide an answer.

“Justin Bieber,” she said.

Bouchard’s answer was not taken well by the fans, who mostly groaned or booed.

Bouchard was asked what she’d say to him if he were watching, and she gave a cute, flirty wave and smile:

Genie Bouchard

Look, Genie, you’re 19, emerging, and you look like the next big thing in women’s tennis. I want to like you. I really do. But despite being Canadian and all, you could not have given a worse answer. I mean Justin Bieber? You really like this guy?