Reggie Wayne shows up to camp in an Indy car


Reggie Wayne loves showing up to training camp in style. A few years back, the guy rolled into camp wearing a hard hat and driving a dump truck. On Wednesday, Wayne reported for duty in an Indy race car.

Don’t worry, Reggie wasn’t driving. The car was a two-seater and was driven by IndyCar driver Ed Carpenter. Wayne and Carpenter showed up in an actual race car — not a street version — and Carpenter later spoke to reporters while holding his son.

Wayne, who has been cleared to play, appeared in just seven games for the Indianapolis Colts last season before a torn ACL knocked him out for the year. He is looking to prove that he can still be a top receiving threat at age 35, which is not an easy feat. If his training camp entrance is any indication, the veteran means business.

Photo: Twitter/Mike Wells

Browns fan urinates on Art Modell’s grave (Video)

Browns fan Art ModellOn a scale of 1-10 when it comes to disrespectful acts, this would probably come in at 5,328.

A Cleveland Browns fan posted this video to YouTube of him supposedly urinating on the grave of Art Modell. Modell died in 2012 but remains a despised figure by many in Cleveland for moving the beloved Browns to Baltimore (they later changed identities and became the Ravens).

The fan went to great lengths to produce the video; he put on an Ed Reed jersey as a perfect disguise and supposedly used a catheter to make the urinating process easy and conspicuous.

In explaining why he was urinating on Modell’s grave, the fan says, “I had no choice.”

Those were the exact words used by Modell to explain why he moved the Browns out of Cleveland.

Too bad the fan did this now instead of waiting til the Week 3 matchup between the teams. Then it would have really added to the rivalry. Or maybe he knew better than to hurt his team’s chances of winning by giving the opponent extra motivation.

H/T Deadspin

Marshawn Lynch parks his Lamborghini with velvet ropes around it


Marshawn Lynch is all about that action when he parallel parks his Lamborghini, boss. At least, that’s what one onlooker who tweeted a photo on Monday is claiming.

According to Twitter user @chuckbrezina, Lynch parked his car outside the guy’s friend’s place while he was in Oakland shooting a movie. As the story goes, Beast Mode puts velvet ropes around the front and back of his whip when he gets out of it.

It’s unclear if Lynch does the roping off himself or if someone else does it for him. We don’t really know how he would fit those poles in a Lambo, but maybe they ride shotgun. If you have seen Lynch dancing in the Seahawks locker room after a win, you know he can do anything he puts his mind to.

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Cliff Lee ends interview with a fart (Video)

Cliff Lee was roughed up a bit in his return from the 60-day disabled list on Monday night. He allowed 12 hits and six earned runs in 5-plus innings of work in the Philadelphia Phillies’ loss to the San Francisco Giants. Some would say he crapped his pants, but in reality Lee only laid down a well-tuned fart.

No, seriously. After he was done answering questions from reporters after the game, Lee squeezed out what Andy Martino of the NY Daily News has termed an “emphatic fart.” The 700 Level also wrote a hilarious post about Lee passing gas, which is definitely worth a read.

As soon as reporters were done asking questions, Lee looked around suspiciously before crop-dusting the Phillies locker room.


Some would say it was a perfect summary of how the season has gone in Philadelphia.

H/T Deadspin

Rory McIlroy’s friend fills Claret Jug with Jagermeister


Rory McIlroy said after winning the 2014 Open Championship on Sunday that he was going to follow in the footsteps of Phil Mickelson by filling the Claret Jug with some nice wine. Mickelson revelaed last week that he drank a $40,000 bottle of wine out of the trophy when he won the tournament in 2013, so that kind of set the standard. Phil mentioned nothing about Jagermeister.

We’re not sure if Rory followed through with the wine promise or not, but we do know that one of his buddies poured Jagermeister into the Claret Jug at one point while McIlroy’s mom watched. That was either before or after the whole gang posed for a photo.

As Eye on Golf pointed out, McIlroy also celebrated the big victory with fellow major winner Justin Rose.

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Megan Fox star struck by ‘gorgeous’ Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook Megan FoxRussell Westbrook is not just an NBA All-Star or fashion icon. He’s also a sexy stud, apparently.

Westbrook presented at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Sports Awards on Thursday in Los Angeles, and he was paired with stunning beauty Megan Fox. Even though conventional wisdom would suggest Westbrook had the honor of presenting with Fox, it apparently was the other way around.

Check out what Fox said about the “gorgeous” Westbrook in a Facebook post on Friday:

Is that even real? Or is Fox just messing with us? There’s no way that’s real, right?

Fox has been ranked one of the hottest women of all time by Maxim and FHM. Westbrook has been ranked No. 1 player most likely to piss off Kevin Durant by not passing.

I don’t know what Fox was thinking, but Russ should be beating his chest right about now. Heck, he should even send her a free pair of sunglasses for that ego boost.

Jackie Bradley Jr. throws ball over center field fence from home plate (Video)

Jackie Bradley Jr throwDid you know how strong Jackie Bradley Jr.’s arm was? If you didn’t before, you sure do now.

The Red Sox outfielder has 11 outfield assists this season and has combined for six double plays. He was challenged by NESN reporter Gary Striewski Friday to see if he could throw a ball over the fence at Fenway Park.

Bradley took off from just up the first base line and launched a throw over the center field wall — a throw estimated to have traveled 420 feet. Bradley also told Striewski he’s thrown the ball further than that.