This Knicks ‘One Shining Moment’ video is too perfect for words

Mike Woodson faceThe New York Knicks were officially eliminated from playoff contention on Saturday when the Atlanta Hawks beat the Miami Heat. It was an unsurprising end to a disappointing season for the Knicks, but not everything about the season was bad. At least all their terrible moments and letdowns yielded this absolutely incredible cinematic treasure.

Some internetter who goes by @world_wide_wob put together a a truly fantastic compilation from the Knicks’ season and set it to the touching music of “One Shining Moment.”

Sit back, relax, watch, and enjoy one seriously hilarious video. They should sent it out as their pitch to potential season ticket holders.

Giancarlo Stanton belts 470-foot home run to concession stand (Video)

Giancarlo Stanton home runThese gigantic home runs by Giancarlo Stanton will never get old. And Stanton was at it again on Saturday night in Philadelphia.

The Miami Marlins outfielder went deep in the game twice, including a 470-foot shot in the fifth inning that cleared the bleachers and bounced in front of a concession stand. It was a bomb.

Stanton has four home runs on the season, including a 484-foot shot against the Padres last week. He also hit this ridiculous blast in spring training that hit the batter’s eye in the opposite field.

The season is only two weeks old, and Stanton already has a couple of home runs that will surely be among the biggest bombs of the season.

Jim Thome throws out horrible first pitch (Video)

Jim-Thome-first-pitchJim Thome is less than two years removed from being on an MLB roster. The legendary slugger spent most of the later years of his career as a designated hitter, but you would think throwing a baseball would be second nature for him. That did not appear to be the case when he threw out the first pitch for the Triple-A Charlotte Knights on Friday.

Thome’s pitch was so bad that the camera set up behind home plate lost sight of it. The ball sailed juuuuuust a bit outside, to say the least. Considering he is seventh on the all-time home run list with 612 long balls, we know Thome’s best work always came from the plate. Perhaps the Knights should have made an exception and had a “first hit” ceremony rather than a first pitch.

Between Thome and Nolan Ryan, we have seen some horrible first pitches already this season from MLB icons. These guys need to take some pointers from Ice Cube.

Video via The Score

Curtis Granderson angry after fan touches him; fan ejected (Video)

One Los Angeles Angels fan crossed the line on Friday night by reaching out to touch Curtis Granderson after the New York Mets outfielder made a play by the right field line, leading to the fan’s ejection.

Granderson was running down a fly ball out by J.B. Shuck in the bottom of the eighth and made the play by the right field foul pole. His momentum took him close to the wall, and as he spun around to throw the ball back to the infield, a fan reached out and touched his shoulder.

Curtis Granderson Angels fan

Granderson, who is typically very fan friendly, wheeled around immediately and let the fan have it. You could tell the fan was somewhat apologetic and backed off quickly, but a security guard came over anyway.

The Angels later confirmed that the fan was ejected.

I have no problem with what Granderson did. He was reacting based on instinct and of course was worried. You don’t want anyone touching your shoulder when you’re trying to throw the ball; one false move and you’re looking at a serious injury.

Jeff Teague drops younger brother Marquis with crossover (Video)

Andre Iguodala might have pulled off the crossover of the NBA season on Thursday, but the one Jeff Teague whipped out the following day was impressive as well.

jeff-teague-crossoverJeff and the Atlanta Hawks were in Brooklyn on Friday to take on the Nets and his younger brother Marquis.

With both playing the same position, the opportunity existed for the brothers to guard each other, which was sure to be fun to watch.

During the fourth quarter, Jeff got the best of Marquis with a crossover that left the younger Teague on the floor in the lane. Yeah, the missed shot takes a little of the shine off, but that’s still something you can hold over your brother’s head.

Imagine if this happened on Thursday, which was National Sibling Day. How great would that have been?

H/T Beyond The Buzzer

Kliff Kingsbury had dance-off with Derreck Edwards at practice (GIF)

Kliff-Kingsbury-danceYou know how we know Kliff Kingsbury is one of the coolest coaches in the country? For starters, he recently admitted he flirts with high school players’ moms during recruiting visits. Then there’s the whole dancing during practice thing.

On Thursday, Kingsbury and junior wide receiver Derreck Edwards decided to have a dance-off during a spring workout. The clip doesn’t show much, but if you ask me it looked obvious that Kingsbury was putting forth more effort. His version of “The Dougie” was spot-on, to say the least.

No wonder the ladies can’t get enough of this guy.

GIF via Twitter/Aaron Dickens

Timofey Mozgov lights it up with 93 points, according to TNT

Timofey Mozgov 93 points

Timofey Mozgov had one heck of a game on Thursday against the Golden State Warriors. He went 10-of-15 and grabbed a career-high 29 rebounds.


But according to a TNT graphic, he also scored an astounding 93 points!

Considering Mozgov’s 93 points rank second in NBA history, it was only natural for his game to get the Wilt Chamberlain 100-point game treatment:

As my friend Colin said, it’s pretty shocking that TNT didn’t even highlight the 93 as a career high for Mozgov! What, did he once go for 120 back in Russia?