Collin Cowgill hit in face while trying to bunt and blood was everywhere

Collin Cowgill face

Angels outfielder Collin Cowgill took a fastball to the face on Saturday while trying to lay down a sacrifice bunt in the 8th inning against the Texas Rangers, and he ended up breaking his nose and fracturing his thumb on the play.

Cowgill squared around on the first pitch from Matt West, but he wasn’t able to pull back and turn away in time to avoid being hit by the 95-mph fastball. He ended up taking one off his thumb and face, and his nose appeared to be busted.

The guy was gushing blood:

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Billy Hamilton uses acrobatics to avoid tag and reach first base (Video)

When he puts the ball in play, there aren’t many players in Major League Baseball as exciting as Cincinnati Reds center fielder Billy Hamilton.

billy-hamiltonHamilton’s biggest asset is his speed, which has helped him steal 37 bases so far this season, good for third in the majors. During Friday’s game against the Pittsburgh Pirates, Hamilton put his also impressive agility on display.

In the bottom of the first inning, Hamilton dropped a bunt towards first base that was fielded by Gaby Sanchez. For all the world, it looked like an easy play as all Sanchez had to do was tag Hamilton for the out. However, it wasn’t that simple. Hamilton put on the brakes and jumped to avoid the tag as Sanchez ran by, allowing the speedster to safely dive into first base.

I have no idea how Billy Hamilton did that, but it was definitely impressive. First base umpire Manny Gonzalez was in good position to make the call and you can clearly see space between Sanchez’s glove and Hamilton during the swipe attempt.

Considering Hamilton is just 23-years-old, there are plenty of years remaining for him to dazzle us, which is good news for baseball fans everywhere.

Dan Gilbert’s son had a great LeBron James question


Was anyone more angry with LeBron James in 2010 than Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert? The childish letter Gilbert wrote basically labeling LeBron the worst person on earth said it all. With that in mind, I’m stunned that Gilbert is claiming he allowed his son to keep his No. 23 Cavs jersey after LeBron left.

Gilbert’s son would have been 4 at the time. Given the way Gilbert reacted when LeBron left, I would have thought he would make his son burn the jersey like a bunch of other fans did.

Although, teaching your son to burn a jersey would probably send the wrong message. Only a Dallas Cowboys fan would do something like that.

Chris Broussard confirmed LeBron James’ decision after LeBron’s announcement (Video)

Chris BroussardWhen Chris Broussard is working on a scoop, nothing will deter him. Nothing. Not even a first-person announcement from the person about whom he’s reporting.

LeBron James had already announced in an essay on SI.com that he was returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers when Broussard was on ESPN and asked to confirm the decision. Yes, Broussard seriously confirmed an announcement LeBron had already made.

Broussard did so by looking at his cell phone and saying “he’s going back to Cleveland.”

Not to be overlooked here is Jay Crawford asking Broussard to confirm the announcement. Thanks Jay. Like we needed this confirmed. Seriously, what a dumb thing to ask of Broussard.

At least the good news is Broussard finally revealed his source:

If you don’t understand that reference, read this.

And if you liked that Chris Broussard story, you’ll love this one too.

Here’s the full video:

Vine video via Matt Clapp; YouTube via The Big Lead

Mark Cuban partied with Chandler Parsons after signing him to offer sheet


There are not many owners in the NBA who can relate to players like Mark Cuban can. Like many professional athletes, Cuban came from nothing and earned himself a fortune. The way Cuban went about signing Chandler Parsons to an offer sheet on Wednesday night is another example of why he’s an awesome boss.

Several people who were at the same club as Cuban and Parsons posted photos on social media. Cuban literally brought the offer sheet with him to the club and then stuck around for a good time. Fansided passed along some of the tweets that show first-hand accounts of how it went down. They contain some NSFW language. The one from Chandler’s mom (@sadie1532) does not:

Parsons also shared his thoughts at the end of the night.

The three-year offer sheet is reportedly worth more than $45 million. The Houston Rockets have 72 hours to match it, but doing so would not leave them with money to make a run at free agents like Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh. After the night he had with Cuban, I’m sure Parsons is crossing his fingers the Rockets don’t match.

H/T Jimmy Traina’s The Big Buzz

Rory McIlroy hits 436-yard drive (Video)

Rory McIlroyRory McIlroy came out on fire at the Scottish Open this week, setting a course record at Royal Aberdeen on Thursday with an opening round 64. The most incredible part of McIlroy’s day was the monstrous drive he hit on the par-4 13th hole.

McIlroy drove the green, which happened to be 436 yards from the tee. For those of you who can’t appreciate how amazing that is, a 436-yard hole would be a par-5 at a lot of amateur golf courses. McIlroy obviously got a perfect bounce, but even the cameras were fooled. A 436-yard drive is a 436-yard drive regardless of the wind or course conditions.

As Shane Bacon of Devil Ball Golf pointed out, 436 yards is 39 yards longer than any drive on the PGA Tour this year. The ball tends to roll more at the Scottish and British links style courses, but that doesn’t take anything away from Rory’s shot. That was an absolute bomb.

Is Colleen Crowley Johnny Manziel’s new girlfriend?

Johnny Manziel Red Sox game

Johnny Manziel showed up at Fenway Park on Wednesday night to take in the Red Sox-White Sox game, and the guy was balling as usual.

Colleen CrowleyJohnny Football was pictured hanging with four women, all of whom were predictably attractive. But these weren’t just any women. One of these girls has become a regular on Johnny’s side and may be his new girlfriend.

The girl in question is a Texas girl named Colleen Crowley. She and her two sisters — Robyn and Taylor — were at the game with Manziel, along with another gal named Jessica Jarvis.

You may be familiar with Robyn Crowley; she’s the girlfriend of Rockets free agent Chandler Parsons.

Chandler Parsons Robyn Crowley

But back to Colleen.

Things are getting pretty serious between her and Johnny. I mean Manziel called her “bae” on Instagram. Calling someone your “bae” on IG is like one step away from a marriage proposal these days.

Johnny Manziel Instagram

Manziel actually spent a few weekends with Colleen last month. She shared this picture on Instagram of them at a club together:

She’s also quite the party girl.

You’ll want to head over to page 2 to see many more pictures of Colleen Crowley.

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