Andrelton Simmons makes incredible throw from his knees (Video)

Andrelton-Simmons-throwAtlanta Braves shortstop Andrelton Simmons showed off some of the most incredible arm strength you will ever see on Wednesday night. During the second inning of Atlanta’s 4-3 win over the New York Mets, Simmons lost his balance while making a backhanded play in the hole between shortstop and third base. He still somehow managed to throw out Travis d’Arnaud at first.

Freddie Freeman made a great stretch on the other end to complete what was a phenomenal play all around. Replays appeared to show that d’Arnaud actually beat the throw, but we almost always see umpires give the fielder the benefit of the doubt when they make a play like that.

But what about instant replay? With the new replay rules that are in place, Mets manager Terry Collins could have challenged the play. Considering there were two outs in the second inning and he had the bottom of the order coming up, Collins didn’t bother. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was also being respectful of a great play.

Guy bets $1,600 on Rory McIlroy to win Masters after seeing McIlroy’s face in his pastry

rory-mcilroyRory McIlroy is a popular pick to win the 2014 Masters, which is not a surprise considering he is one of the best golfers in the world. But at least one guy didn’t need the World Golf Rankings or past tournament results to tell him to bet on McIlroy. He saw it in his breakfast.

According to the Irish Daily Mirror, a college lecturer and golf fanatic named Rob Price wagered $1,600 (€1,200) on McIlroy to win the Masters after a Danish pastry he ordered looked like the 24-year-old golfer. It sounds insane, but I can actually see what Price is talking about.

Price said he was going to put about $150 on McIlroy to win anyway but he had to bet big when Rory’s face was staring back at him.

“It’s got to be a sign – Rory’s face on a piece of food from his girlfriend’s home country,” Price said. “My mates have had a giggle and think I’m mad, but if I pocket €14,400, I’ll be the one laughing.”

For those of you keeping track in US dollars, €14,400 is roughly $20,000. Don’t forget, McIlroy’s fiancee Caroline Wozniacki is from Denmark (that means she’s Danish). That’s another sign Price took into consideration. While Price’s bet certainly qualifies for our growing list of crazy sports bets, we’re rooting for him.

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Jayson Werth burns Marlins for grand slam after intentional walk, does great bat flip (Video)

Jayson Werth home runJayson Werth must have been pretty ticked off after the Miami Marlins intentionally walked young second baseman Anthony Rendon to load up the bases in the 8th and bring him up to the plate, because he burned them for a grand slam and gave a mean bat flip afterwards.

Werth entered the game without a home run or RBI on the season, so maybe Marlins manager Mike Redmond felt he could get away with one, but the move backfired in a big way.

Redmond should have known better; if you have Carlos Marmol pitching, you never want to put on any more runners than is necessary.

Now let’s look at this great bat flip on loop:

Caroline Wozniacki, in pink hair, sinks long putt at Masters (Video)

Caroline Wozniacki caddied for fiancee Rory McIlroy at the Masters par 3 contest Wednesday, and she actually made a nice putt on the ninth hole.

Woz got some help from Rory on lining it up, and she hit the ball softly and it ended up going in. The two celebrated the great shot, and Wozniacki then proudly tweeted about her accomplishment.

Oh, and did we mention that Caro’s hair was dyed a shade of pink or red:

Caroline Wozniacki pink hair

What color is that, Caro? A little Manic Panic Red Passion? Or perhaps the Pretty Flamingo?

Nice shot by her for sure!

Bartolo Colon jiggles his fat, does some sort of truffle shuffle

Bartolo Colon has been looking fatter than ever over the last year or so, but the 40-year-old veteran is somehow still pitching effectively. He’s off to a solid start with the New York Mets this year after posting an 18-6 record and 2.65 ERA with the Oakland A’s last season. On Tuesday night, Colon pitched seven scoreless innings in a win over the Atlanta Braves. He may have credited his rolls.

After exiting the game, Colon grabbed his gut in the dugout and did some sort of truffle shuffle. It looked like he was responding to something a teammate said to him. Whatever the case, we wouldn’t mind if that was the last time he did that this season.


Colon is currently listed at 260 pounds. If you didn’t already know that number was a bit low, you should now be convinced after seeing him juggle his fat. He’s a dozen cheeseburgers away from looking like this infamous NBA fan.

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Ultimate Warrior speech on RAW is chilling in light of death (Video)

Ultimate Warrior RAW speechThe Ultimate Warrior died on Tuesday, the WWE announced.

The announcement came as nothing short of a shock to fans. Warrior was 54 and was inducted into the Hall of Fame over the weekend. He appeared on RAW Monday night. But in the context of his passing Tuesday, the speeches he gave on Monday at RAW and during his Hall of Fame induction are extremely chilling.

In his speech at RAW, Warrior talked about spirits being immortalized by storytellers, memories from fans, and life legacies.

“The spirit of Ultimate Warrior will run forever,” is how he closed his speech.

Here’s the full text of his speech via our friend @Bubbaprog:

Here’s some of Warrior’s speech from his Hall of Fame induction over the weekend:

In that speech, Warrior talked about pushing his body to his limits and how he loved the glory days.

“I remember blowing up in the ring sometimes so bad, all I could hear was the beat of my heart. I couldn’t hear anything else. It was so incredible that I would give a few years of a life I have left to go back and experience that kind of thing again.”

Mason Plumlee denies LeBron James at the rim to preserve victory (Video)

mason-plumlee-lebron-jamesThe Brooklyn Nets left American Airlines Arena Tuesday night with an 88-87 victory over the Miami Heat. What people will be talking about on Wednesday is the way the game ended.

With five seconds remaining in regulation and the Heat down by one, LeBron James had the ball in a position you would expect him to score 99 times out of 100. This happened to be the one time he didn’t.

Mason Plumlee contested James’ dunk attempt and got just enough of the ball to cause the best player in the world not to convert the bucket.

It wasn’t the most emphatic of rejections. Plumlee didn’t get his entire hand on the ball. But, it counts as a block in the box score.

This will be one of those moments Mason Plumlee can tell people about later in life. He’ll probably leave out the part about his hand interlocking with James’ though.


Photo via Twitter/Jose3030