NYC mayor Bill de Blasio booed mercilessly while throwing out first pitch (Video)

Bill-de-Blasio-first-pitchThe mayor of New York City is not a very popular man. I’m not going to sit here and pretend I know a lot about NYC politics because I don’t. What I do know is that you don’t have to follow the current affairs of The Big Apple to know what a stadium full of booing fans means.

Bill de Blasio threw out the first pitch at Citi Field before the New York Mets opened their season against the Washington Nationals on Monday. There were still thousands of empty seats in the ballpark when de Blasio strolled to the mound, but those who were there to to witness the ceremony booed him mercilessly.

De Blasio was sworn into office on Jan 1, 2014. Apparently it has not been a great three months for him, and I gather that many have not agreed with his snow clearing methods during this harsh northeast winter. Having your Opening Day first pitch booed like that is very, very Mets.

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Bryce Harper got kicked in the head while sliding into second (GIF)

Many experts have chosen Bryce Harper as their favorite to win the National League MVP this season, and hardly anybody would be shocked if that happened. He just needs to stay healthy. Getting kicked in the head on Opening Day isn’t the start he was hoping for.

Harper was inadvertently kicked in the head by New York Mets second baseman Eric Young Jr. while he was sliding into second base. He remained down for a few minutes after the collision but was able to walk off the field under his own power. He returned to his position in the outfield the following inning. Breathe, Nationals fans.


Here’s an angle that shows how hard the kick was, courtesy of The Big Lead:

Because of his playing style, Harper had a difficult time remaining healthy last season. He left a game last may after crashing face-first into the outfield wall trying to make a catch. Monday’s scary moment had nothing to do with his style of play, but it certainly isn’t what Nats fans wanted to see right out of the gate. He’s fortunate to be OK.

GIF via @cjzero

Kendrick Perkins got left out again by his teammates


Poor Kendrick Perkins. For whatever reason, the Oklahoma City Thunder just don’t seem to like hanging out with their veteran center. Earlier this year, several members of the Thunder hung out together and posted a photo on Instagram. Perkins commented on the photo about everything doing stuff together and not hitting him up. It happened again over the weekend.

Even more Thunder players got together this time for what appeared to be some sort of charity event. A bunch of people started commenting and asking where Perkins was, and as you can see Hasheem Thabeet even taunted him in the comments section. Perk then created this meme of himself.


If this is a running joke the Thunder have going, it’s a great one. If not, it sucks to be Perkins.

Aaron Harrison hits game-winning 3-pointer (Video)

Kentucky freshman Aaron Harrison did not score a single point in the first half of his team’s Elite 8 matchup against Michigan on Sunday. It didn’t matter, because the freshman got scorching hot in the late part of the game and wound up playing the role of hero for the Wildcats.

Harrison hit a game-winning 3-pointer with just 2.6 seconds remaining to send his team to the Final Four. He single-handedly kept Kentucky in the game by knocking down four-straight 3-pointers in the final minutes of the game. His game-winner came from well beyond the arc with a hand in his face.


Kentucky, a No. 8 seed, will take on No. 2 seed Wisconsin in the Final Four next weekend.

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Katherine Webb, AJ McCarron got an insane engagement cake


AJ McCarron and his girlfriend Katherine Webb finally got engaged on Friday, and the former Alabama quarterback did not disappoint with the ring he gave his soon-to-be wife. But it wasn’t nearly as extravagant as the cake they enjoyed.

The happy couple had an incredible cake featuring an edible Alabama helmet with McCarron’s No. 10 on it, a Miss Alabama USA sash for Webb and a replica of a ring box. Let’s just say it wasn’t exactly a humble brag. These two are awesome and they expect everyone to know that.

Photo: Twitter/Katherine Webb

Bo Ryan ‘bulls—’ drop caught on TBS camera (Video)

TBS cameras may have been in an area where they probably shouldn’t have been as Wisconsin celebrated an Elite Eight victory over Arizona on Saturday in the West Regional final. The cameras caught Badgers head coach Bo Ryan saying “bulls—” at one point. They quickly realized they probably shouldn’t have been showing that part on live TV, so they cut in almost immediately. The abrupt transition from Greg Gumbel was pretty funny.

What was even better was when Ryan gave the camera a “what the f— are you doing here?” look:

Bo Ryan look

Camera guy wipes out on Russ Smith during interview (Video)

Cameraman-falls-on-Russ-SmithRuss Smith had a crowded locker after Louisville’s loss to Kentucky on Friday night. Almost every writer and reporter wanted to talk to Smith, who had just finished playing in his final collegiate game. One cameraman even tried to sit on his lap.

Just kidding, but a guy actually did take a spill and drop his camera on Smith. One of the videographers holding a massive camera near him leaned on a chair and lost his balance, leading to a pretty funny exchange. Maybe I’m immature, but I started dying laughing.

To Smith’s credit, he was very kind to the cameraman. We wouldn’t have expected anything less from the guy who visited the Kentucky locker room to congratulate his rivals.