Rafael Nadal meets his long lost twin – a bus driver from Madrid

Rafael Nadal twin

Seriously, how freaky is this? When I first looked at that picture, it took me a minute to figure out which one Nadal was. Not even joking.

Rafael Nadal is the guy on the left, while the dude on the right is a Madrid bus driver named José Manuel Ramiro. Tell me they don’t look like twins.

How much accidental tail do you think that dude gets just because he looks like Rafa? The spillover trim must be incredible. He probably never has to buy a drink anywhere he goes. Does it even matter if he probably can’t swing a tennis racket? Heck no. He has everything he needs going for him.

Wondering how this all came about? Nadal, who is from Manacor, was honored as the adoptive son of Madrid in his home country of Spain. Apparently Ramiro has worked as a double for Nadal on a car commercial in the past, so no surprise Rafa remembered him. How could he not?

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Marcos Maidana learns the hard way never to eat during a Jim Gray interview (Video)

Marcos Maidana Jim GrayJim Gray was in full-on mall cop mode Saturday while serving as the ringside correspondent for Showtime’s pay-per-view telecast of the Floyd Mayweather-Marcos Maidana fight.

I mean just check out his reaction when Maidana went to eat a snack after his fight. Did you see Gray snatch the wrapper right out of his hand? Guy was just trying to enjoy a little powdered something-something, and Gray rejects him like Dikembe Mutumbo.

Not in Gray’s house!

Although, now that I think about it, maybe Gray thought Maidana was trying to get an unauthorized plug for a food company during their interview. Gray’s not about to have any of that! You want some advertising during our show? You will pay the big bucks!

Video via @stoolpresidente

Gregg Popovich stonewalls Tony Parker, Tim Duncan with Spurs up nearly 30

Apparently no lead is large or satisfying enough when you’re Gregg Popovich.

The San Antonio Spurs just crushed the Dallas Mavericks in Game 7 of their first-round playoff series on Sunday and were up by nearly 30 points early in the fourth quarter. Tim Duncan exited the game a minute into the fourth with his team up by 28 and got a standing ovation from the fans, but he got no such reaction from Pop, who was still busy coaching as if it were a nail-biter.

A few minutes earlier in the game, the same thing happened with Tony Parker. Parker came out with 1:56 left in the third and the Spurs up 89-65, and Pop just stonewalled him, too:

Gregg Popovich Tony Parker

Gregg Popovich Tim Duncan

Hey Pop, why so serious?

At least Pop loosened up after the game was over. Maybe he was too busy thinking about how tough Portland will be in the next round.

Image via Steve Noah

Doc Rivers pumped after Clippers won, drops a F— yeah! (GIF)

GIF: Clippers coach Doc Rivers celebrates Game 7 win over War... on Twitpic

Doc RiversDoc Rivers is generally a pretty level-headed coach, but even he showed plenty of emotion after his Los Angeles Clippers beat the Golden State Warriors in Game 7 of their playoff series Saturday night.

As time was ticking down on the Clippers’ series-clinching win, Doc dropped a big “f– yeah!” and pumped up the fans.

GIF: Doc Rivers - F*** YEAH!!!! on Twitpic

Rivers’ uncharacteristically emotional reaction makes plenty of sense. The Clippers went through a hellish week, survived it, and won the series. That’s a big testament to his leadership as the coach. And as he said after the game, the adversity was good for the team:

Floyd Mayweather has literal circus ring entrance (Video)

Credit Floyd Mayweather for being a pioneer in his field once again, because the guy broke new ground with his ring entrance before his fight with Marcos Maidana on Saturday night.

Floyd was flanked by Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber for his ring entrance, but before he came out, he literally had a circus act. We’re talking jugglers and jesters and everything walking out before him. There was even a carnival barker. He also had fake money raining down as confetti, keeping with “The Money Team” theme.

And here’s Floyd walking out with his usual mates Weezy and Boy George Bieber:

Floyd Mayweather Lil Wayne

Johnny Weir’s Kentucky Derby outfit is entirely out of hand

Johnny Weir horse hat

The Kentucky Derby is about the fashion almost as much as the races, and nobody knows that better than Johnny Weir.

Weir, a former US Olympic figure skater, now does broadcasting work for NBC and was part of the pre-race coverage at the Derby along with Tara Lipinski. But Weir certainly outdid Tara — and everyone else — with his bold fashion statement.

I mean would you just look at the guy? Gold jewelry, gold ring, gold bracelets, creepy priest-looking collar and a goodness holy hell what the heck kind of monstrosity is that on his head?

Johnny Weird Kentucky Derby outfit

The best part came right before NBC went to commercial and Weir hit us with the “Blue Steel”:

Johnny Weir Kentucky Derby

Hard. Freaking. Core.

LSU OF Jared Foster makes incredible Superman game-saving catch (Video)

Jared Foster catchIn the pantheon of web gems, this has to be as high up as any other play, not just because of how awesome it was, but also because of the situation.

LSU and Texas A&M were tied at two in the bottom of the 9th of their series-opening game on Friday. The Aggies had the bases loaded with two outs and a 1-0 count when Blake Allemand sliced a fly ball towards the left field line.

Foster raced over to the ball — which looked like it would surely fall for a walk-off hit for the Aggies — and he laid out Superman-style for an incredible game-saving catch.

After the momentum thanks to that great grab, LSU scored in the top of the 10th and won 5-4.

What an effing play.