Rays pitching coach Jim Hickey has a very important name for his stuff

Jim Hickey shit clipboard

Don’t mess with Jim Hickey’s shi-, OK?

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Canelo Alvarez beats Alfred Angulo with vicious uppercut (GIF)

Canelo Alvarez uppercutHas Canelo Alvarez been studying tape of a young Mike Tyson? Because sheesh, the man just UNLOADED a vicious uppercut straight to the face of Alfred Angulo during the 10th round of their fight on Saturday night.

Canelo was cruising in the fight and inflicting a lot of punishment on his opponent, so it wasn’t too surprising to see the fight called by the referee. But it was somewhat surprising that the fight was stopped at that moment when it looked like Angulo could continue. He was clearly upset that Tony Weeks stopped the fight:

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Curtis Granderson patted down the first baseman like he was doing a full body cavity search (GIF)

Curtis Granderson Scott MooreCurtis Granderson got a little carried away with things when he patted down first baseman Scott Moore during a spring training game Friday between the Mets and Cardinals. He had his hands in, over and around Moore’s behind.

What can we say? Granderson is just a little friendlier than your average player. Too bad Doug Fister couldn’t get in on the action.

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Ty Lawson breaks Jodie Meeks’ ankles with killer crossover (Video)

Ty Lawson Jodie MeeksIf Jodie Meeks ends up missing time with a sprained ankle, you’ll know why. Ty Lawson just ruined the Lakers guard during the second quarter of Denver’s win over LA on Friday night. The fans loved it, obviously, as did everyone watching on video.

On the bright side, at least the Lakers kept this one within 48.

Joakim Noah has his gossip queen impression down perfectly (Video)

Joakim NoahIf Joakim Noah ever gets bored with basketball, he definitely can pursue an acting career. I mean the guy already has the gossip queen impression down perfectly.

In an interview with ESPN recorded for Friday’s Chicago Bulls-Memphis Grizzlies telecast, Noah was asked about the report that he was recruiting Carmelo Anthony to the Bulls during All-Star Weekend. Noah called the report “gossip,” and then he broke out the gossip girl impression for full effect.

It was brilliant. That snorting bull in the background was pretty badass as well.

I wonder if Joakim learned that from his attractive sister.

Video via @cjzero

Dallas Stars ice girls go nuts for Tyler Seguin’s hat trick

Tyler Seguin StarsYou already knew that Tyler Seguin was popular with the ladies. I mean the guy has dated a Playboy Playmate and may have been involved with a famous Olympic gymnast. But did you know that even ice girls love him too?

Check out this great photo of the Dallas Stars’ ice girls going nuts after Seguin recorded his third goal on Thursday night to give him a hat trick in a 6-1 win over the Vancouver Canucks:

Seguin also had two assists in the game. What a dreamboat.

Oh, and think he’s not loving Dallas too? He has 63 points in 61 games this season and is four away from matching his career-high set with the Bruins two seasons ago.

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LOL at this incredible Mitch Kupchak face of despair (Video)

Mitch Kupchak face

Oh. My. God.

Nothing could have possibly captured the emotion of the Los Angeles’ Lakers terrible season than this priceless reaction from GM Mitch Kupchak during the middle of the team’s blowout defeat against the rival Clippers.

Up by nearly 50 points, the Clips went for alley-oops on back-to-back plays in the third quarter. The first one failed, but the next one was executed perfectly by Blake Griffin. After Griffin brought down the house, TNT shifted to a priceless shot of Kupchak giving the look of hopelessness Lakers fans have embraced all season.

That was amazing.

Here it is in GIF form:

Video via @cjzero