Coach K got a technical foul for throwing his marker (Video)

Coach K technicalDuke coach Mike Krzyzewski is generally pretty well behaved as a coach, but he got a technical foul during the ACC Tournament championship game on Sunday for tossing a marker. Seriously.

The tech was called late in the first half and Coach K couldn’t believe it. Exasperated, he asked the officials what the tech was for and was told it was for throwing his marker at the end of a timeout.

The tech allowed Virginia to go to the free throw line, where they made both shots to go up 25-19.

Virginia won the game 72-63, giving them a split with Duke this season.

Coach K was pretty perplexed about the technical:

He called the technical foul “ridiculous” and “shameful,” according to the AP.

Phil Martelli’s grandson is the cutest little coach in training imaginable (Video)

Saint Joseph’s basketball coach Phil Martelli has the cutest assistant coach in the entire country and it’s not even close.

Martelli’s grandson, Philip Stephen Martelli, was shown by CBS Sunday during the A-10 championship game between VCU and the Hawks, and it was hard not to love the kid.

As CBS showed, the 4-year-old boy dresses in a suit coat and tie, sits a few rows behind his granddad in the stands, and proceeds to mimic everything his grandfather does while coaching his team. When Phil crosses his arms, Philip crosses his arms. When Phil scratches his chin, Philip scratches his chin. The young boy even has his own grease board and marker to draw up plays!

Phil Martelli grandson Philip

Does it get more adorable than that? That might make the famous Mikka Kiprusoff fan jealous.

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Providence reporter does not realize he’s on TV, gives us great blooper (Video)

Frank CarpanoA miscommunication between the studio anchor and field reporter led to a great blooper on WJAR-TV in Providence, Rhode Island, on Saturday night.

Based on the video, it seems like there was an issue that prevented reporter Frank Carpano from going on-air for his initial report following Providence’s win over Creighton at the Big East tournament, so the host tried to kick it back to him again. Even though Carpano was giving a thumbs up, he apparently could not hear his cue, and therefore did not realize he was on air. He kept futzing with his earpiece the entire time.

The pinnacle was when Carpano, not realizing he was on live TV, launched himself at the camera with the thumbs up and said, “I gave you a thumbs up!”

Dude, if you couldn’t hear, then why did you give a thumbs up?

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Liz Dickson golf stunt video shows why she is suing Playboy

On Friday, we told about a former Playboy model named Liz Dickson who is suing Playboy and radio host Kevin Klein for a golf stunt gone wrong. Dickson said she suffered permanent injuries after she was convinced to lie on her stomach, have a golf ball teed up between her butt cheeks and allow Klein to take a swing at it. Now, we have a video of the incident.

TMZ released footage on Saturday that shows Dickson going along with the stunt only to have Klein badly miss and nail her in the right butt cheek. Dickson was laughing at first and Klein insisted he “didn’t swing very hard,” but TMZ also shared a photo of a nasty bruise that proves the mishap was no laughing matter.

Dickson is suing Playboy and Klein for $500,000. The video and bruise should serve as fantastic evidence.


This Syracuse final possession was just so pathetic (Video)

Jim BoeheimSyracuse lost to NC State 66-63 in the quarterfinals of the ACC tournament on Friday. The ‘Cuse is going to be a highly-seeded team in the NCAA Tournament, so losing this game isn’t the worst thing to happen to them. That’s why we feel completely comfortable totally mocking them for this horrific possession to end the game.

The Orange were down by three with 24.6 seconds left when disaster struck. Syracuse first went for a quick two, but they missed the shot and a putback. They then got three more consecutive offensive rebounds to set up 3-point attempts, all of which they missed.

Final stats:

    - 1 possession
    - 6 missed shots
    - 4 missed 3-pointers
    - 1 airball
    - 1 ball off the side of the backboard

Good job, good effort, Syracuse.

Thanks to our buddy World of Isaac for putting that video together

St. Bonaventure stuns No. 18 Saint Louis on buzzer-beater (Video)

St. Bonaventure stunned No. 18 Saint Louis in the A-10 tournament to advance to the semifinals on Friday. A game that was not supposed to be tight saw two teams trade baskets in the second half, with the Bonnies erasing a 10-point halftime deficit to pull off the upset. The win was capped off by a buzzer-beating 3-pointer from Jordan Gathers.

Gathers received the ball with just over two seconds remaining in a 68-68 game. He quickly put up a 3-pointer that allowed St. Bonaventure to avoid overtime and eliminate the top-seeded Billikens.


And with that, March Madness is officially upon us.

Video via GIFD Sports

Creighton’s Devin Brooks had pass of the year off backboard (GIF)

Devin-Brooks-assistCreighton junior guard Devin Brooks brought us one of the highlights of the night from the college basketball world on Thursday, and he couldn’t do it again if he tried. That’s not to take anything away from Brooks’ skill set, but passes off the backboard to teammates standing behind the 3-point line don’t happen all that often.

With Creighton leading 60-50 midway through the second half, Brooks fired the ball toward the basket for what may have been a horrendous attempt at an alley-oop. It somehow deflected off the side of the backboard and directly into teammate Austin Chatman’s hands, who drained a three from the corner.

Brooks threw the ball so hard that it almost looked intentional, but there’s just no possible way. Hey, as long as it worked out.

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