Tim Lincecum and blond girlfriend celebrate Giants win (Pictures)

The San Francisco Giants’ celebration after winning the National League pennant on Monday allowed MLB on FOX viewers the opportunity to receive a glimpse at some of the players’ finer halves. The player who seemed to garner the most attention was Tim Lincecum, who had his arm around a blonde.

Lincecum’s mystery lady was wearing a National League champions hat. Her presence on the field and closeness with the pitcher led many to conclude that she is his girlfriend, leaving many female fans disappointed.

Here’s another look at the young woman, only in this one you can actually see her face:

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Justin Verlander won’t say if Kate Upton is his girlfriend

There has been intense speculation since July that Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander and supermodel Kate Upton are dating, and even family members seemed to have confirmed their relationship. But the reigning AL MVP won’t say whether or not Upton is his girlfriend.

“I’m not confirming or denying anything,” Verlander told USA Today’s Bob Nightengale.

Nightengale says Verlander laughed while giving his response, and acknowledged that even his teammates are curious.

“I’ll leave that to my grandfather. God bless him,” Verlander said.

Verlander was referring to his grandfather, Richard Verlander Sr., who seemingly confirmed in an interview with Celebuzz that his grandson and Upton were dating. Verlander seemed to find it pretty disturbing that media members called his grandfather to get a story.

“I never thought I’d have to prepare my grandfather for the media,” Verlander told USA TODAY Sports. “It’s a whole different world. I can’t believe that people would call my grandparents. It’s tough when people start trying to dig into your personal life.”

Verlander’s father, Richard Jr., expressed a similar sentiment, finding it odd that someone would reach out to his 87-year-old father for the story.

Between sports fans and Kate Upton fans, there is heavy public interest in the subject matter. We understand why Verlander would attempt to keep his relationship status private, but based on all the circumstantial evidence, it’s pretty obvious that they are dating. No need for Verlander to keep matters private — he should be proud!

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Samantha Steele gives Christian Ponder ‘bragging rights’

If life is a competition, then Christian Ponder thinks he is winning.

The second-year quarterback has led the Vikings to a 4-2 record, and he also is doing well in the girlfriend department.

Ponder confirmed over Twitter that he is dating ESPN reporter Samantha Steele, whom he met on the set of ESPN College GameDay. He is pretty proud of himself for the nice pull.

“I’m proud of the relationship,” Ponder said, smiling, per 1500 ESPN Twin Cities. “I can brag. I’ve got bragging rights, I believe.”

The crowd around Ponder’s locker on Friday reportedly was much larger than usual.

Ponder is not only boasting about his relationship with Steele, but he is also defending himself against his teammates. 1500 ESPN’s Tom Pelissero says the Vikings offensive linemen have been calling Ponder “Mr. Steele,” and that tight end Kyle Rudolph joked that Steele wouldn’t be interested if Minnesota weren’t winning.

Maybe the team’s hot start played a role in Ponder appearing more desirable to Steele. We won’t hold it against them. Good luck to the new sports couple. And let’s see how well they start doing when the Vikings finish 7-9.

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Lamar Odom, Khloe Kardashian to divorce?

Are Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian headed for a divorce? That’s what one media outlet is reporting.

Star Magazine has a cover story saying Odom met with a divorce attorney because he wants to end his marriage with Khloe. From the magazine (via Hollywood Life):

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Bryce Harper’s girlfriend appears to be BYU soccer player Kayla Varner

Bryce Harper may only be 19 years old, but it looks like the Nats superstar is already taken.

Busted Coverage did some outstanding sleuthing and discovered that Harper appears to be dating Kayla Varner, a BYU soccer player who is from Nevada.

Varner is a sophomore forward at BYU. She played for Green Valley (Nev.) High School and was a three-time team MVP.

Varner’s tweets are mostly about BYU soccer and the Nats, and she frequently interacts with Bryce and Bryce’s sister on the social networking service. She’s even been retweeted by Bryce on a few occasions.

Plus, there’s this indisputable evidence: Varner talking about a long-distance date with Bryce, and flying to DC “to see my boo”:

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Reggie Bush’s girlfriends all look alike (Picture)

Ever since breaking up with Kim Kardashian, it has been established that Reggie Bush has a type. The Dolphins running back likes brunettes with curvy bodies, just like Kim K.

In the photo above, you’re looking at Bush’s three most recent (publicized) girlfriends. From left-to-right, it’s Kim Kardashian, Melissa Molinaro, and Lilit Avagyan.

Bush and Kardashian had an on-again, off-again relationship from about 2007-2010. Despite seeing or being with other people, there have always been rumors that they were possibly getting back together.

Bush began dating model/actress Melissa Molinaro (middle) in June 2011. Her resemblance to Kardashian was considered so strong that Old Navy was sued by Kim K. for violating her rights and attempting to cause confusion in the marketplace.

Bush’s latest girlfriend is Lilit Avagyan, who began receiving attention this week after it was reported that she was pregnant with Reggie’s baby. Avagyan is Armenian like Kardashian, and looks similar to the reality TV star.

There must be some sort of Kim Kardashian power that sticks with guys after they date her. Even her ex-husband, Kris Humphries, began dating a girl with curvy features similar to Kim after the two divorced.

Jose Lima’s ex-wife Melissa engaged to Roberto Clemente Jr.

In case you don’t remember Melissa Lima, allow us to refresh your memory. Melissa is the young woman seen above with whom the Internet first became acquainted several years ago. At the time, Melissa was big news. I’m sure you can’t figure out why.

Melissa was the second wife of the late Jose Lima, and the two were married from 1996-2005. They have a child together, Jose Jr., who was born in 1999. They were divorced in 2005, and Jose later died in 2010, leaving behind six children by six women.

The photo you see above that went viral on the ‘net back in the early days of blogs was taken in 2004 when Jose, then with the Dodgers, sang the national anthem before a May game. I was working for the Dodgers that season and can tell you from personal experience that both Jose and Melissa were extremely nice and friendly. Very friendly.

The reason we bring up Melissa Lima’s name now is because she reportedly is engaged to be married to Roberto Clemente Jr. Dejan Kovacevic of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported that the two were together at PNC Park on Sunday and that they’re set to be married in Houston soon. Congratulations to the two.

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