Kobe and Vanessa Bryant kiss on Valentine’s Day (Pictures)

A reconciliation between Kobe and Vanessa Bryant may be in store given the way the two smooched on Valentine’s Day.

Yes, Vanessa made an appearance at Staples Center to watch the Lakers beat the Hawks Tuesday night. Even though the two have filed for divorce, nothing is finalized, so there’s a possibility they could still get back together. People who intend to get a divorce don’t kiss on the lips like that.

Tony Parker reportedly has a new girlfriend named Axelle (Picture)

Personally, I would never get over a split with Eva Longoria. That blow would just be too much for me to handle. I guess that’s why I’m not Tony Parker. Well, that and I suck at playing basketball — but this isn’t about that. According to the NY Post, the woman above is Parker’s new girlfriend. She is a French woman named Axelle, and the two were reportedly spotted shopping together on Thursday night with a source saying, “They shopped for about two hours together and looked very romantic.” Another source close to Parker told the Post, “They are an item.”

Parker was also seen attending a tennis tournament with Axelle back in November, so apparently this has been going on for a little while. If you remember, Parker and Longoria split up after Eva suspected Tony was involved with Brent Barry’s ex-wife. Parker suspected Longoria was involved with Lance Armstrong. He has since dated a French beauty queen and now Axelle, who meets the standard he has set as you can see. I wish I was a rich, French basketball player.

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Kevin Youkilis reportedly engaged to Tom Brady’s sister Julie

Kevin Youkilis and Tom Brady’s sister, Julie Brady, reportedly are engaged.

The Boston Herald reports the news four months after they ran (and then deleted) a story about Youkilis dating Tom Brady’s sister. In their October report, they said Youkilis was dating another one of Tom’s sisters — Nancy Brady. Apparently they got that detail wrong last time.

The Herald says Youkilis spent Super Bowl week with the Brady family and watched the game from their box. They say the two met at a postgame party last year after the Patriots lost to the Jets in the playoffs.

Julie was a soccer player at St. Mary’s in California and reportedly is now a schoolteacher. Youkilis is a three-time All-Star for the Red Sox and recovering from a sports hernia surgery.

With spring training looming for the Sox, the Herald believes a marriage in the offseason is likely.

And if you think this Boston sports love circle is odd, remember that Tom Coughlin coaches his son-in-law Chris Snee on the Giants.

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Wes Welker Reportedly Engaged to Anna Burns

Wes Welker and Anna Burns have been together for more than two years, and the two reportedly are engaged. The Boston Herald, which has very few details, says Welker recently popped the question. They say Anna asked Wes for a love bracelet for Christmas, but at the advice of Tom Brady, Weezy got her a ring.

The public has been given a taste of their relationship through tweets shared by Wes recently. He shared a picture of them celebrating Christmas together (pictured), and one of him serving her breakfast in bed (on a paper plate).

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Did too Much Sex with Melissa Satta Lead to Kevin-Prince Boateng’s Injury?

A.C. Milan midfielder Kevin-Prince Boateng is out with a thigh injury sustained last weekend against Inter and is likely to miss four weeks. The Italian press and fans are giggling over a recent interview by his girlfriend and are wondering if too much sex has led to his injuries.

SI model Melissa Satta, who is dating Boateng, told Vanity Fair that she likes to have sex 7-10 times per week. She also told them her preferred sex position is on top.

Naturally it’s led to questions if all the sex has led to leg injuries for Boateng. After all, didn’t Lawrence Taylor used to send hookers to the rooms of opposing running backs before games to tire out their legs? And if sex led to an injury for Boateng, he wouldn’t be the first athlete we’ve covered who got hurt during sex.

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Bernard Tomic’s Girlfriend is Model and Pharmacist Donay Meijer (Pictures)

If you have not the name Bernard Tomic by now, it’s time to educate yourself. Tomic is a tennis player. As those of you who have been following the Australian Open have learned, he’s a very good one. He has advanced to the fourth round of the tournament, where he now awaits a match with Roger Federer. Obviously defeating Federer is a long shot, but if Tomic is bounced from the tournament he still goes home a winner. That’s because the girl he gets to go home to is Donay Meijer.

Meijer is Tomic’s 21-year-old girlfriend, who also happens to be a model. As you can see from the photo to the right, she is extremely easy on the eyes. But that’s not all. According to an Australian newspaper, Meijer has put her modeling career on hold so she can finish up her pharmacy degree. A pharmacist and a model? It’s no wonder she has been stealing the show during the tournament.

Of course, Meijer is not the hottest tennis player girlfriend in the world.  For me, this lovely lady still takes the cake.  That being said, Tomic is doing very well for himself during his young career.

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Caroline Wozniacki: I’m the Real Superstar in Relationship with Rory McIlroy

Caroline Wozniacki is the top-ranked female tennis player in the world and she jokes that she’s the real superstar in her relationship with golfer Rory McIlroy.

“I tease Rory, saying, ‘That’s how it is when you go out with a superstar,'” she told The Mirror.

Woz says she did not expect news of her relationship with Rory to blow up the way it did, but she’s used to the attention.

“In Denmark, I’ve been in the public eye for a long time and you just learn to live your life and not think too much about everything around.”

Both athletes have said that being with one another helps them because they each understand what life is like in the spotlight. We’ve thought that their relationship was kind of lame, especially when they stupid things like this and this. We at LBS still play for Team Holly.