Neymar’s girlfriend Gabriella Lenzi ready for another match


After defeating Croatia in its first game of group play, Brazil has put itself in a position to all but clinch a spot in the knockout rounds with a win over Mexico on Tuesday. If you’re a fan of the host team, you should have no fear — Neymar’s good luck charm is once again in attendance.

Neymar’s girlfriend, stunning Brazilian model Gabriella Lenzi, posted the Instagram photo you see above right as the Brazil-Mexico game was about to get underway.

“Ready for the game,” she wrote.

Lenzi also brought some team-colored balloons with her to the stadium, so I hope no one is sitting behind her.


Neymar was the hero for Brazil in its first game, scoring both the tying and eventual game-winning goals. But we all know Gabriella is the good luck charm. If she goes to every game, the rest of the world doesn’t stand a chance.

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Rory McIlroy’s ex-girlfriend Holly Sweeney is pregnant

Jeff Mason hockey Belfast Holly Sweeney

The name Holly Sweeney hasn’t graced the pages of sports blogs for years. If you know anything about LBS, you know that’s been a real disappointment for myself and Steve DelVecchio. After all, Holly was not just golfing great Rory McIlroy’s first love, but ours as well.

When we first heard about Rory breaking up with Caroline Wozniacki, one of our first thoughts (and hopes) was that Holly might be back in the picture. When you’re feeling down, you oftentimes look to someone familiar to help you feel better. Holly could have been that person for Rory.

Unfortunately, that’s not happening. Sweeney has a new boyfriend and is actually pregnant.

The Irish Mirror reports that LBS’ dear Holly has a new boyfriend — hockey player Jeff Mason — and that she is pregnant. Mason is from Easthampton, Mass., and played hockey at Providence College. He’s been with the Belfast Giants for four seasons after several seasons in the ECHL. Sweeney lived in Belfast the last few years.

The two have avoided posting photos of their relationship on Twitter for the most part, but here’s Holly holding a button of Mason:

Holly is now 23 and supposedly has been dating Mason for two years. She’s said to be six months pregnant. Rory broke up with her three years ago and quickly began seeing Wozniacki. Later in the year, Holly took a shot at Rory by throwing a “golf pros and tennis hoes” party, but the beef between them didn’t last very long.

Bottom line in all this: We miss you, Holly!

Photo: Twitter/JeffMase3

Neymar’s girlfriend is Gabriella Lenzi (Pictures)


Neymar played the role of hero for Brazil in its win over Croatia on Thursday, scoring on an incredibly accurate goal to tie the game at 1-1 and later putting his team on top 2-1 with a penalty kick. Some might argue that the real hero was sitting in the stands cheering for Neymar. Her name is Gabriella Lenzi, and she’s the girlfriend of the 22-year-old star.

Lenzi, a Brazilian model who has over 400,000 followers on Instagram, posted a selfie during Thursday’s game. I would have thought she’d be sitting a little closer to the field.


Lenzi has proved on social media that she knows how to have a good time.

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Tim Duncan’s girlfriend Vanessa Macias mocks Heat fans

Vanessa Macias Charles Barkley shirt

Tim Duncan’s girlfriend Vanessa Macias is a loyal Spurs fan and has been one for years. She knows what’s it like to have dedication and passion for a team, so she has very little tolerance for fans are not the same way.

On Tuesday night, many Miami Heat fans began leaving American Airlines Arena with time left in Game 3. ESPN showed several fans leaving the game when the score was 105-90 with three minutes left.

Sure, it was highly improbable that the Heat would come back, but you never know what will happen, which is why you stay to the end … especially at an NBA Finals game!

Anyway, Macias was in attendance for the game and noticed the fan exodus. She decided to mock it with a photo and video posted on her Twitter account:

Chris Bosh’s wife Adrienne has the best Miami Heat shirts

Big Shot Bosh shirt

Chris Bosh’s fashion choices are questionable at times, but we have to give it up to his wife for being on point with her style at all times.

Mrs. Adrienne Bosh just kills it on game day with some unique Miami Heat style. The shirt at the top is a killer. Even though it’s a ripoff of Robert Horry’s “Big Shot Bob” nickname, we still like the “Big Shot Bosh” shirt anyway. Especially after Bosh makes big 3-pointers the way he did in Game 2.

And if that shirt doesn’t do it for you, then maybe you’ll prefer this cool “Heatles” shirt Adrienne wears.

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Calvin Johnson’s girlfriend Brittney McNorton works for the Lions

Calvin Johnson Brittney McNorton girlfriend

Calvin Johnson found himself in the middle of some baby mama drama after his current girlfriend allegedly threatened the mother of his child, Shallyn Blanton.

Blanton said Johnson violated their shared custody agreement by bringing his current girlfriend, Brittney McNorton, around their child (specifically to a meeting to pick up their child). Given that their child is only six months old, the relationship between Calvin and Blanton could not have ended too long ago.

Anyway, you probably wanted some more info on Megatron’s girlfriend, so we have that for you. As Del pointed out in his previous post, McNorton works for the Lions and is the “Manager of Partnership Activation,” whatever that means. She began working as an intern with the Lions in 2008, which is shortly after she graduated from Michigan State. McNorton also is a former Fox Sports Detroit girl.

Below is a photo McNorton took with Johnson when the two were at the Georgia-Georgia Tech football game last fall along with Matt Stafford and the quarterback’s fiancee:

Calvin Johnson Brittney McNorton girlfriend

Here’s her Twitter and Instagram account. Both are protected/private.

Larry English’s girlfriend Nicole Williams folds his underwear


Larry English may be the luckiest man in the NFL. Plenty of professional athletes have gorgeous wives and girlfriends, but finding a girl that likes you so much she will fold your underwear is rare. The San Diego Chargers linebacker has apparently found himself just that in the stunning Nicole Williams.

Williams, a model from Los Angeles, told a TMZ cameraman over the weekend that she folds English’s undies. This came after she was asked if she buys him underwear, since she models lingerie for a living and all.

“I fold his underwear,” Williams proudly said while wearing a Shaun Phillips No. 58 shirt in honor of the Charger’s birthday.

And here I was ready to say that Blake Bortles easily has the hottest girlfriend in the game now that he has been drafted, but now I’m not so sure. Does Lindsey Duke fold underwear? That would just be too good to be true.


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