Jeremy Affeldt suffers a knee injury by lifting his 4-year-old son

Some players just can’t seem to stay healthy, and Jeremy Affeldt admits he is one of those players. What makes his injury history so fascinating is the way in which he hurts himself. Last September, the Giants reliever had to shut it down for the season after he injured his hand trying to separate frozen hamburgers. Affeldt suffered another injury in his home this past weekend, this time to his right knee.

Affeldt told reporters that he returned home Saturday night after a game against the Padres and was greeted by his 4-year-old son, Walker. As he walked through the door, Affeldt says Walker leaped off the couch and into his arms. That’s when he felt a pop in his knee that would later be identified as a sprained MCL.

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Amare Stoudemire cut his hand punching a fire extinguisher in locker room

Knicks forward Amare Stoudemire committed the ultimate brain fart by cutting his hand punching a fire extinguisher in the locker room following his team’s Game 2 loss to the Heat on Monday night.

Stoudemire left the arena with his left hand bandaged and his left arm in a sling. Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports says he did not get an X-ray, and the number of stitches he required to treat the wound is not known.

Above is a look at the type of fire extinguisher inside America Airlines Arena that Amare punched, according to Brian Windhorst.

Below is the trail of blood Amare left on the locker room floor:

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Jeremy Guthrie headed to DL after freak bicycle injury

Rockies starting pitcher Jeremy Guthrie will be forced to miss action after the club placed him on the 15-day disabled list following a bizarre bike accident on Friday.

Guthrie was on his way to the stadium when the chain on his Cannondale Hooligan bicycle became detached. The right-hander was thrown from the bike and jammed his throwing shoulder. An MRI later revealed no structural damage. Guthrie, an avid bike rider who completed a 30-mile ride earlier in the week, blamed the mishap on a “malfunction” with the bike he was riding:

This isn’t the first weird injury to hit the Rockies pitching staff this year. Earlier this month Josh Outman had a stint on the 15-day DL after he strained an oblique while vomiting during a bout of food poisoning. At this rate, the Rockies should probably stay away from mayonnaise jars, too.

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Jaguars DE Terrance Knighton will miss three months because of bar fight

After the NFL season comes to a close, players spend a lot of their time during the offseason nursing the various injuries they suffered during the season. These injuries can range anywhere from bumps and bruises to torn ACLs. Rarely does a player ever spend months recovering from an injury he suffered during a bar fight, however. Unfortunately for Jaguars defensive end Terrance Knighton, that’s exactly what he’ll be doing for the next three months.

A little over a week ago, Knighton found himself in the middle of a bar fight at a Jacksonville nightclub. During the altercation — which he reportedly did not initiate — the third-round pick out of Temple was hit in the face with a bottle of Ciroc vodka. As a result of the injury he suffered, Knighton needed surgery on his eye.

According to Pro Football Talk, Knighton will sit out all of the off-season workouts in Jacksonville so he can rest his surgically repaired eye and make a full recovery. If his recovery remains on schedule, he should be able to return for the start of training camp.

While the fight was said to not be Knighton’s fault, his injury is an unfriendly reminder that bad things oftentimes happen to athletes when they’re out partying. Requiring three months to recover from an injury is one thing, but the Jaguars can’t be thrilled that one of their linemen is missing OTAs because he got bottled during a scuffle at a nightclub.

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Bruins fans push panel of glass onto David Krejci during celebration (Video)

If one of your most important players is going to get injured during a playoff run, you can only hope the injury happens on the ice during competition. When David Krejci was hit in the head during the Bruins overtime win over Washington on Thursday night, his injury happened on the ice. It was not, however, during the heat of battle.

As you can see, fans were celebrating Chris Kelly’s Game 1 overtime winner by banging on and pushing on the glass. We see this form of celebration all the time at hockey games, but this time one of the panes of glass actually popped out and came crashing down on Krejci’s head. From the look of it, it hit him with quite a bit of force.

Bruins radio analyst Bob Beers told 98.5 The Sports Hub that he saw Krejci after the game and “he looked okay,” but we’ll see what happens once the team evaluates him. You would certainly hate to see a player miss any time — especially in the playoffs — because of a fluke thing like that.

Mark Buehrle cut his thumb opening a jar of mayonnaise, blames it for rough inning

Mark Buehrle’s Marlins debut went pretty well overall last Thursday, but Miami gave him no run support. Buehrle managed to go six innings and allowed just two earned runs on seven hits, but he still picked up the loss. Had he been more careful while making a sandwich earlier in the day, the left-hander says he could have given his team an even better chance to win.

According to the Palm Beach Post, Buehrle sliced the thumb on his pitching hand a few hours before game time while he was opening a jar of mayonnaise.

“I came in to make a sandwich and they said ‘You know we have people who can make sandwiches for you,’’’ Buehrle said. “(I said) ‘I’m a grown man, I can make my own sandwich.’ It was just a complete freak thing.”

While the injury did not force him to miss his start, Buehrle said it was on his mind in the first inning when he allowed a hit, walked a batter and hit another.

“The ball sat right there, a couple of times I would move my thumb forward just thinking I don’t want to rip it or hurt it even worse,” he said. “Once I realized I’m all over the place, walking guys and hitting guys I said, ‘screw it. I got to deal with it.’’’

You may remember last season when Brewers hurler Chris Narveson had to miss a start after slicing his hand with scissors while trying to fix his glove. Blue Jays pitcher Brett Cecil also hurt his hand trying to clean out a blender. I admire Buehrle for trying to be a big boy and make his own sandwich, but as we’ve learned MLB players are just too darn fragile. Maybe some professional athletes have a good reason for making other people wipe their butt for them.

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Dustin Johnson withdrew from the Masters after tweaking his back lifting jet ski

If you thought this Masters was going to be the time Dustin Johnson won his first major, think again. Johnson withdrew from the tournament on Tuesday after aggravating his back lifting a jet ski last week, his agent said.

Johnson’s back has been hurt since January, but he played through some minor pain the following six weeks. He’s been going through therapy and taking anti-inflammatory medicine, but the “tweaked back” was bad enough to keep him out of the tournament.

Johnson has finished eighth-or-better in three of the majors, but he’s had the least amount of success at the Masters, where his best finish was 30th. The worst part about his injury and late withdrawal is that the Masters doesn’t have an alternate list, so nobody could take his place.

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