Chris Long does Ric Flair strut after sack (GIF)

Chris Long Ric FlairSt. Louis Rams defensive lineman Chris Long celebrated a sack against the Seattle Seahawks on Monday night by doing the Ric Flair strut. You know The Nature Boy had to love that. Woooo!

I wonder if James Laurinaitis put him up to it.

Here’s Flair doing his thing:

That sack dance was much better than the one Long’s teammate Robert Quinn did against the San Francisco 49ers on a previous Monday night game.

GIF via GIFD Sports

WWE upset with Jim Ross over Ric Flair symposium incident?

Jim RossThe WWE announced on Wednesday that legendary announcer Jim Ross would be retiring to work on personal ventures. While Ross has his own endeavors to pursue, such as promoting his barbecue sauce, it sounds like the WWE pushed him out more than he retired.

Ross debuted with WWE in 1993 to call WrestleMania IX. He served as an announcer through 2011, when he was fired as part of a storyline involving John Laurinatis. He has appeared here and there since then, including last year when he filled in for Jerry Lawler, who had a heart attack last September. But Ross’ inability to control wrestling legend Ric Flair during the 2K Sports symposium last month may have helped to push him out.

According to Wrestling Inc, Flair embarrassed the company so much during the 30 Years of WrestleMania symposium filmed the same weekend as SummerSlam in August, there was talk about letting Ross go for his failure to properly moderate the situation. Ross was the host/moderator for the event that featured WWE superstars and legends Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Rey Mysterio, Steve Austin, Paul Heyman, Mick Foley and Flair as panelists.

Flair, who was obviously drunk, took over the event and completed railroaded the entire thing. Ross was also accused of being drunk because he was slurring his words, but he said that was due to his Bell’s Palsy condition.

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Bully Ray now with Brook Tessmacher, rips Brooke Hogan (Video)

Bully-Ray-Brooke-TessmacherTNA Wrestling has quickly found a way to weave the recent release of Brooke Hogan into their storyline. As we told you last week, TNA decided to part ways with Hogan earlier this month after her salary became a luxury the organization could not afford and her storyline had run its course.

Before Brooke — who is Hulk Hogan’s daughter — left, she was married to Aces & Eights president Bully Ray as part of a storyline. In real life, Hogan recently got engaged to Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman Phil Costa. Now that Hogan is no longer with TNA, her real-life story was worked into the plot when Bully Ray introduced his new girlfriend, Brooke Tessmacher, on Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling.

“You see the other Brooke, the one who was with the champion — who is now with a guy who sticks his hand up Tony Romo’s ass every sunday — she’s old news,” Bully Ray said. “I kicked her to the side. I’m done with her.”

Tessmacher then removed Bully’s wedding ring with her mouth and began making out with him in the ring.

Poor Romo can’t even avoid people taking shots at him in the wrestling world. As far as the storyline is concerned, Bully Ray moving onto a new Brooke seems to work out for everyone.

H/T LBS wrestling insider Arsen D.

John Cena’s elbow looked nasty thanks to torn triceps

John Cena elbow

John Cena will be out 4-6 months with a torn triceps injury. After looking at the baseball he has where his elbow should be, it’s easy to see why.

Cena announced at WWE Raw on Monday that he will have surgery for the injury.

“I cannot put off my surgery any longer. Tonight I leave the WWE,” said Cena.

Cena will have surgery from Dr. James Andrews this week. A four-to-six week recovery program could have him back by the Royal Rumble.

“John has been dealing with a large left elbow bursitis,” WWE’s Dr. Michael Sampson said, via WWE.com. “We did an MRI which showed a partial triceps tear. Being the warrior that he is, he did not want to have surgery [forcing him to cancel his SummerSlam match].”

Cena praised Daniel Bryan for beating him at SummerSlam. Bryan’s win over Cena was a natural transition since the organization knew Cena would be missing time.

Here’s another look at his elbow. It’s like watching “Coneheads”:

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Alberto Del Rio had black eye from fight involving Drew McIntyre

Alberto Del Rio black eye

Alberto Del Rio had a black eye at SummerSlam on Sunday, and reports say that is the result of a real fight he had on Saturday that also involved Drew McIntyre.

PW Insider reports that Del Rio was at an Irish pub nearby the WWE hotel in downtown Los Angeles and got into a fight. Some reports say he was jumped by a few men. McIntyre supposedly stepped in to help Del Rio and ended up with a few knots on the side of his head. Del Rio supposedly was hiding his face upon returning to the hotel.

The SummerSlam announcers mentioned Del Rio’s black eyes as he made his ring entrance on Sunday, but they attributed them to a punch from Christian at Smackdown on Aug. 9.

McIntyre looked fine when he tweeted this picture of himself out to dinner after the event on Sunday:

Del Rio’s black eye looked even worse at RAW the next night. You can see a close-up below:

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Brooke Hogan released by TNA Wrestling

Brooke Hogan Hulk TNA

Brooke Hogan has been released by TNA Wrestling, according to multiple reports.

PW Insider reported on Saturday that Brooke, the daughter of Hulk Hogan, was released for two reasons. One, the company believes Brooke had run her course with her storyline. Secondly, her salary was considered a luxury the company could not afford at the time.

Brooke had been married Aces & Eights president Bully Ray as part of a storyline, but they may have believed there wasn’t much for them to develop with the story. In real life, Hogan recently got engaged to Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman Phil Costa.

LBS wrestling insider Arsen D. believes Brooke’s release could result in Hulk leaving TNA for the WWE, where he would participate in WrestleMania 30 and possibly pass the torch to John Cena.

In addition to her work with TNA, Hogan is a model, actress and musician.

Below is a video of Brooke’s wedding with Bully Ray and a video of Hulk confronting Bully Ray on the show:

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Darren Young reportedly revealed he is gay because he is in love

Darren YoungWrestler Darren Young came out publicly this week and admitted that he is gay, reportedly because he is currently in love.

TMZ says Young has been living with his boyfriend of two years and “deeply in love” with the man. That supposedly is the biggest reason he decided to make the revelation.

Young certainly seemed happy and tranquil when he made the unexpected announcement to a TMZ cameraman earlier this week.

Though he is not the first gay professional wrestler, he is believed to be the first high-profile pro wrestler to come out while being active. He has received support from basketball player Jason Collins, who came out earlier this year. WWE superstar John Cena also gave an incredible show of support to Young when asked about it this week.