TNA wrestler Austin Aries fined for shoving crotch in announcer’s face

Austin Aries Christy HemmeTNA wrestler Austin Aries was reportedly fined by the organization for shoving his crotch in announcer Christy Hemme’s face during a recent event, TMZ reports.

Aries was upset with Hemme for calling him and his tag team partner by the wrong names during introductions. Upon entering the ring, Aries confronted Hemme and ordered her to introduce them again. He then got up on the ropes and shoved his crotch in her face in an unscripted move.

Hemme was pretty upset with the move and called it “unacceptable”:

Two days later, Aries was making light of the incident over Twitter:

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Rulon Gardner shows off his nub foot with amputated toe

Rulon GardnerRulon Gardner is in Washington, DC, in an effort to try saving Olympic wrestling, and he joined our friends The Sports Junkies on 106.7 The Fan in DC to talk about his efforts.

Wrestling is being cut by the Olympics starting in 2020, so Gardner is trying to rally support for the sport. In addition to talking about saving Olympic wrestling, Gardner shared the story about how he lost a toe in 2002.

Gardner, who won gold at the 2000 Olympic Games and bronze at the 2004 Games in Greco-Roman wrestling, was snowmobiling with friends in Wyoming in 2002 and got separated from the group. As he was trying to get his snowmobile together, he fell into the water and ended up stranded. He spent 18 hours at 25 below zero and believed he was dying before being rescued.

“My core temperature was 80 degrees. My feet were frozen solid. I knew I was dying,” Gardner told The Sports Junkies. “I was foolish that day — I didn’t wear my winter jacket. I had T-shirt, sweatshirt and a fleece top.”

Gardner says he spent from 4:30 p.m. to 10:00 a.m. until the next morning frozen at temperatures between 25-30 below zero.

He was finally rescued and survived the life-threatening ordeal, though he did lose a toe and all feeling in his feet as a result.

Gardner was kind enough to show The Junkies what his nub foot looks like now. Keep in mind he doesn’t have feeling in the foot:

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Report: WWE settles lawsuit with Owen Hart’s widow

Owen HartThe widow of Owen Hart said Wednesday she has settled a lawsuit with WWE stemming from the wrestling company’s improper use of the image of her deceased husband, according to multiple reports.

Martha Hart filed her suit against WWE in June 2010 saying that the company violated a contract by using Owen’s image. She also said they were not paying out royalties.

TWNP News said in March the lawsuit was over WWE’s use of “Owen Hart’s name and likeness as well as personal photos of Hart’s family in the ‘Hart & Soul’ WWE DVD.”

The matter was scheduled to go to trial in June before the settlement was reached. Terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

Hart also sued the WWF following her husband’s death and reached a settlement in 2000 for $18 million. She used portions of the money to establish the Owen Hart Foundation. The wrestler died while attempting a failed ring entrance in 1999 at the WWF’s Over the Edge event. He fell approximately 90 feet while being lowered into the ring at Kemper Arena in Kansas City.

Reid Flair investigators looking for possible drug overdose as cause of death

Reid FlairReid Flair was found dead inside a Residence Inn in Charlotte, NC, last Friday, and investigators reportedly are looking to see if a drug overdose was the cause of death.

Flair, the son of legendary wrestler Rick Flair, returned to his hometown last week after wrestling in Japan for All Japan Pro-Wrestling. The 25-year-old was being promoted by Big Time Wrestling for an appearance that weekend at an event headlined by his father.

According to WBTV in Charlotte, Reid’s body was found in bed in the room by a family member.

Hotel employees were asked to call 911 to report an incident in the room, and the emergency call was transferred to the hotel room where Ric picked up.

“He’s out cold. He’s out cold and he’s turning purple! Please!” Flair can be heard saying to a 911 dispatcher.

“Sir, what are you waiting for?” he asked frantically.

WBTV says investigators are looking to see if Reid died from a drug overdose.

Reid Flair, whose real last name is Fliehr, has a history of problems with drugs and alcohol. He was arrested on DWI charges in March 2009, and he faced felony charges for possession of heroin a month later.

Reid sent an optimistic tweet the day before his death:


Photo via Twitter/Reid Flair

Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman tore his anus while attempting his signature move


Wrestling organizations like the WWE may be purely entertainment, but the injuries can be real. Typically when we see a wrestler wincing in pain we assume it’s all part of the act, but that was hardly the case for Sean “X-Pac” Waltman during a match over the weekend.

According to his girlfriend Alicia Nicole Webb, aka Ryan Shamrock, Waltman suffered a torn anus while attempting his signature move the “Bronco Buster.” Wrestling news website WrestleChat.net said that Waltman’s opponent moved out of the way when he was about to attempt the move, causing him to fly into the corner post crotch-first. Webb posted the photo you see above on Twitter with the following message.

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Jenn Sterger went through a WWE Diva training program

Jenn Sterger is a WWE Diva prospect and recently partook in a month-long training program.

Sterger, in case you forgot, gained notoriety as one of the Florida State “Cowgirls” who was mentioned on TV by Brent Musburger during a 2005 Florida State football game. The attractive young lady parlayed the fame into some modeling work and eventually TV hosting gigs, which led to her involvement in the Brett Favre sexting scandal.

Wrestling Inc. noted last week that Sterger is one of a group of prospects who trained in a WWE Diva developmental program. The program appeared to begin mid-February, and it seems to have ended last week, based on a tweet from model Olivia Karpinski, who was cut.

Sterger appears to be a wrestling fan, because she is one of the co-hosts on the new wrestling podcast Steel Chair Slamcast. Last week, Sterger even tweeted a photo of herself with the other Diva prospects after they were visited by Eve Torres:

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Chael Sonnen challenges Vince McMahon, CM Punk to tag team fight

Chael Sonnen must have finally heard that WWE boss Vince McMahon once challenged UFC president Dana White to a fight, because he responded Tuesday with a proposal for McMahon.

In case you missed it, White revealed in a recent interview that McMahon wanted to fight him in the UFC or at a Wrestlemania event. White declined, saying that the 67-year-old McMahon is too old to be fighting.

Sonnen, who is 27-12 as an MMA fighter, seems to be game. He proposed a tag team fight between him and White against McMahon and WWE champ CM Punk.

In typical Sonnen fashion, the tweets came in a series of humorous, crap-talking blasts:

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