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Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Brock Lesnar reportedly signs with WWE

With his MMA career seemingly over, Brock Lesnar is apparently returning to his wrestling roots. Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer reported that Lesnar is in Miami for WrestleMania 28 and that he has signed a one-year contract with the WWE. “Lesnar has arrived in Miami [site of tomorrow's event] and arrived with security and a…Read More

Shaq confirms he will be wrestling at WrestleMania 28

Shaquille O’Neal has found a way to gain some more attention. This time, it may actually be entertaining. The day we have all been waiting for is finally going to come. On April 1 in Miami, Shaq will be climbing into the ring during the world’s most prestigious wrestling event at WrestleMania 28. On Sunday,…Read More

Scott Hall and Son Cody Reportedly No Longer Speaking

Scott Hall and his son, Cody, reunited towards the end of the Hall’s captivating special on E:60. The special was apparently filmed in May, and Cody’s mother — Scott’s ex-wife — reportedly told TMZ that the reunion only lasted a month. According to TMZ, Cody gave up on his dad due to “constant verbal abuse…Read More

Scott Hall: Drugs and Alcohol Are Fun

The story of Scott Hall’s decline was chronicled in a recent edition of E:60. Hall was once one of the most recognizable figures in pro wrestling, working under the name Razor Ramon. Although his days as a prominent pro wrestler ended long ago, he has remained in the news because of his declining health and…Read More

Brock Lesnar Thinks He’ll Wrestle Again in WWE

Before joining the UFC and becoming heavyweight champion, Brock Lesnar was a superstar wrestler for the WWE. He recently signed an agreement to be included in their WWE 12 video game and says the association is an honor. Lesnar is so fond of the WWE that he envisions wrestling for the company again. “I think…Read More

Delgado Sisters Use Wrestling Moves to Take Down Hit-and-Run Suspect

One man who allegedly tried to flee the scene of an accident picked the wrong car to hit. Sisters Brittany (pictured) and Brienna Delgado, who are members of the Oklahoma City University wrestling team, were driving with their grandmother when they collided with a car last weekend. They noticed the other driver trying to flee…Read More

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