Daniel Bryan stopped burglar at his home with rear naked choke

Daniel Bryan Brie Bella

Daniel Bryan is the people’s champion for good reason: he is a badass.

Bryan thwarted a robbery attempt at his home by chasing away two burglars on Thursday and catching one of them.

Bryan and wife Brie Bella were coming home after Brie picked her husband up from the airport. Upon arriving at their home, they saw a door open inside and were concerned. Brie went inside to check on their dog, Josie, while Bryan spotted the men trying to flee out the back door and chased them. He successfully caught up to them and subdued one of the burglars — 22-year-old Cesar Sosa — using a rear naked choke hold.

“Fortunately he wasn’t in very good shape, so it didn’t take much. I put him in a rear naked choke. I didn’t want to hurt him, I just wanted to make sure he was subdued until the police could come,” Bryan said. “It took zero effort to take him down. Zero effort to put him in a rear naked choke.”

Sosa also had a felony warrant for burglary and kidnapping.

Bryan also says a neighbor called the police to report suspicious activity around the time of the robbery attempt.

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“I got really angry at first,” Bryan said at a press conference. “You’d rather they steal your car than break into your home where it’s an invasion.”

Did the burglar recognize Bryan?

“I don’t think he’s a wrestling fan, no.

“We consider ourselves, given the circumstances, very fortunate people.”

Photo: Twitter/Daniel Bryan

The Rock won’t be going into MMA because he doesn’t like being punched in the face

The RockDwayne “The Rock” Johnson is doing promotional work for his movie “Hercules,” which debuts on Friday. One such promotional interview he did was with UFC.com, where he also talked about the world of MMA.

Though some famous wrestlers like Brock Lesnar have transitioned to MMA, The Rock says the combat sport is not for him.

“I used to hear that voice a few years back, then I remembered I don’t like getting punched in the face,” The Rock said in an interview with UFC.com. “Kidding aside, I have boundless respect for MMA and the discipline it takes to become a champion. The best way I can honor the warriors is through my support.”

As The Rock said, though he doesn’t see himself ever fighting, he still supports the sport. He had many complimentary things to say about women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey, with whom he filmed “Fast & Furious 7.”

“Ronda is one of a kind. She’s a champion with world-class drive and work ethic. And to be able to do what she’s doing—the drive of being a champion and then balancing that with the drive of being equally as good on the big screen—that type of ambition requires capacity, and it’s so cool to see her achieve and move mountains.”

The Rock also has worked with Gina Carano on “Fast & Furious 6″, so he wasn’t about to make a prediction on their impending fight, saying that was too hard to do.

Everyone else knows that Rousey is the easy pick.

If you have plans to see The Rock’s new movie, make sure you read about the diet he maintained in order to get into shape for the movie. It was insane.

Nikki Bella has nip slip during RAW in Miami

Nikki Bella nip slip censored

Nikki Bella had a wardrobe malfunction and ended up with a nip slip on live TV during RAW on Monday night in Miami.

What’s ironic about the nip slip is that Nikki’s twin sister, Brie, had a nip slip during RAW almost exactly a year earlier. The difference between the two is that Nikki’s occurred while she was wrestling, while Brie’s happened while she was clapping and wearing a dress.

Uncensored photo below.

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Damien Sandow dresses as LeBron James for WWE RAW in Miami (Video)

Damien Sandow was at it again on Monday messing with the hometown fans about one of their basketball players.

Last month Sandow put on a Pacers jersey and blew in Big Show’s ear as a way of mocking what Lance Stephenson did to LeBron James in the playoffs. RAW happened to be in Indy that night, no surprise.

With RAW in Miami Monday, Sandow decided to play the heel role once again prior to his match with Bo Dallas.

Sandow dressed up in a LeBron James Miami Heat jersey, but he crossed the Miami out of the jersey and replaced it with Cleveland.

Damien Sandow LeBron James

Notice the touch with the black headband, too? Sandow goes all out with his skits and of course loves to throw salt in the wounds of fans.

WWE’s Lana makes tasteless reference to Malaysian flight (Video)

WWE-LanaWWE crossed the line with part of its script at Sunday’s “Battleground” event in Tampa, Fla. Before Alexander Rusev’s match against Jack Swagger, his so-called manager Lana took the microphone and began taunting the audience about blaming Russia for the “recent current events.”

Of course, Lana — who is played by American actress Catherine Joy Perry — was referring to Malaysian flight MH17. The commercial airliner was shot down over the Ukraine last week, and there has been speculation that Russia had a hand in bringing down the plane.

“You blame Russia for these recent current events when, in fact, you Americans should be scolded for your war warmongering in Afghanistan and Iraq,” Lana said. “You Americans should be insulted and afraid.”

Lana also said that Rusev was dedicating his match to Russian president Vladimir Putin.

“Tonight we dedicate this match to the most powerful man in the world,” she said. “Tonight we dedicate this match to the man that makes fools out of all of you Americans. He is my role model. He is my idol, the president of Russia.”

Wrestling is entertainment. Nearly 300 passengers and crew were killed when flight MH17 was shot out of the sky by a missile. There is nothing entertaining about that. WWE does a great job of playing up its heels and getting people to genuinely hate the villains, but how did a script like that ever get approved? That was a major mistake.

Video via NY Post

WWE Diva Emma released after arrest for stealing iPad case

WWE Diva Emma mug shot

WWE Diva Emma was released by the wrestling organization Wednesday, less than two days after being arrested for allegedly trying to steal an iPad case at a Walmart.

TMZ reported that Emma was arrested in Hartford where security spotted her shoplifting a red iHome ‘Slim Swivel’ iPad Mini case, which was on sale for $21.14.

Emma, whose real name is Tenille Dashwood, was charged with misdemeanor larceny in the sixth degree, went to court and was sentenced to a day of community service. She supposedly claimed she forgot to pay for the case in the self checkout.

None of that mattered to the WWE, which announced Wednesday that they had released her.

“WWE has come to terms on the release of WWE Diva Emma as of today, July 2, 2014. WWE wishes Emma the best in all her future endeavors,” they said in a statement.

WWE RAW also happened to be in Hartford the night of her arrest.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: I would love to see Jon Jones get his ass kicked

Stone-Cold-Steve-AustinStone Cold Steve Austin is a big fan of the UFC, but he has a serious problem with the current light heavyweight champion. For whatever reason, Stone Cold does not like Jon Jones.

During a lengthy interview with Ariel Helwani on “The MMA Hour,” Stone Cold ripped Jones for being a hypocrite who is “living two lives.”

“I mean, you here a little stuff on the side, about his lifestyle. I mean, his lifestyle is a little bit different than what he preaches,” Austin said, as transcribed by MMA Mania. “But, as a fighter, premiere. And, God, in the light heavyweight division! And (Alexander) Gustafsson really handed him his ass and took him in the deepest water that he’s ever been in. So that’s going to be a hell of a rematch. Anyway, he kind of gets on my nerves because I think he’s living two lives. To a degree, yes (he is a hypocrite).”

Jones was extremely quiet early in his career, but the longer he has retained the championship the more he has been feeling himself. A little over a month ago, Jones hurled some homophobic slurs toward a Gustafsson fan and claimed he was hacked. He also talked trash about Chuck Liddell and Phil Davis on social media a couple of weeks later.

“Yeah, (he annoys me), but in a good way,” Stone Cold continued. “I would love to see him get his ass kicked, because it’s going to take a hell of a man to be able to do that. I come from pro wrestling, I’m not a judge; but I think he (Gustafsson) did enough last time to get that victory.

“But, what that match proved to me about Jon Jones was that when he’s in deep waters, he had the heart of a champion. So, when I say some things about Jon Jones irritate me, I respect who and what he is inside that Octagon, make no mistake about that.”

In wrestling terms, it sounds like Stone Cold thinks of Jones as the perfect heel. Jones has held the light heavyweight title for more than three years and defended it seven times, so he has earned the right to be cocky. We’ll see if he can hang onto that privilege after a rematch against Gustafsson at the end of September.

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