Mr. T getting inducted into WWE Hall of Fame


The biggest Hall of Fame snub this side of Pete Rose is finally being resolved: Mr. T will be the celebrity inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame in April, the WWE announced Monday.

Mr. T turned down a Hall of Fame spot in 2009 but has since resolved the problems he had with the company.

Mr. T, who became a pop culture icon following appearances in “Rocky III” and “The A-Team,” was instrumental in increasing the popularity of WrestleMania. He appeared in the first WrestleMania as a partner of Hulk Hogan against Rowdy Roddy Piper and Mr. Wonderful. He also beat Piper in a boxing match at WrestleMania 2.

Mr. T also served as a special judge in WWF and WCW events at various points during his career.

The ceremony will be aired on WWE Network on April 5, according to TMZ.

Buff Bagwell now works as a gigolo in Atlanta

Buff-BagwellFormer WCW superstar Buff Bagwell has bounced around organizations like the WWA and TNA since Vince McMahon’s empire purchased WCW in 2001. The six-time World Tag Team Champion has been looking to get away from wrestling since he was injured in a serious car accident in April 2012, and it appears he has finally found a new career — male prostitution.

According to TMZ, Bagwell has joined a premium gigolo service called Cowboys4Angels. The agency has been featured on Showtime’s “Gigolos” series, with Bagwell recently appearing on the show and becoming the first escort to start the company’s Atlanta branch.

The Cowboys4Angels website says the 43-year-old Bagwell’s rates start at $800 for a two-hour appointment. If you want to enjoy the company of “Buff the Stuff” for four hours, you’ll pay just $1,550 and save yourself $50. But the real bargains start when you spend a night with Bagwell. One night costs $3,000, an entire day costs $4,500, and a weekend trip will run you $8,000. Want to spend week with Buff? Just $25,000 and he’s all yours.

Cowboys4Angels owner Garren James told TMZ that Bagwell is already the agency’s second most popular escort. He’s also married, but apparently his wife is cool with the whole gigolo thing.

So there you have it, ladies. Start planning your bachelorette parties accordingly.

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LeBron James gives Heat teammates WWE championship belts


WWE championship belts are all the rage among professional athletes these days. While millions of young kids around the world are idolizing NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB players, it seems like all of the idols are looking up to the stars of wrestling. LeBron James was given an official WWE championship belt by The Rock last month, and he has apparently decided to pay it forward.

“Always wanted to be the WWE Heavyweight World Champion so today I surprised my teammates with their own for their collection,” LeBron wrote on Instagram Wednesday. “And by the way it’s a Great time to be a @WWE fan with the launch of #WWENetwork #LoveMyTeammates #WWEStandOutAsAKid #StriveForGreatness.”

If you’re like me and thought the championship belt thing was getting out of hand when LeSean McCoy draped one over his shoulder and the Phoenix Coyotes began giving one to their player of the game, you’ll probably think this is a little much. This has to be the most rapidly-growing fad I’ve seen since pogs swept the nation in the 1990s.

Photo: Instagram/Chris Bosh

Undertaker chokeslams Brock Lesnar, will face him at WrestleMania (Video)

Brock Lesnar UndertakerIt’s finally on! The Undertaker showed up to “RAW” on Monday night in Green Bay and was challenged by Brock Lesnar to sign a contract to fight him at WrestleMania 30. Lesnar told Taker to sign a contract, but The Undertaker used the pen to stab Lesnar’s hand and then chokeslammed him through a table.

The two have faced each other before at No Mercy in the past, but this WrestleMania match has been in the works for a while.

You may recall that Undertaker showed up to the Honda Center in Anaheim for Lesnar’s UFC 121 fight against Cain Velasquez in 2010 and tried to goad Brock into fighting at WrestleMania. The match didn’t happen then, but it will finally be happening a little more than three years later.

Now the only question is whether Brock will be the person who breaks Taker’s perfect record at WrestleMania.

Nelson Frazier Jr. aka Mabel, Big Daddy V reportedly dead

Mabel Viscera

Nelson Frazier, best known to the wrestling world as Mabel/Big Daddy V/Viscera, died on Tuesday after suffering a heart attack, according to reports.

Wrestling agent Eric Simms shared the news on his Facebook page:

“I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I just got off the phone with Big Daddy V’s wife. He had a massive heart attack and passed away today. He was 43 years old

my thoughts and prayers are with his family right now,” Simms wrote.

Many figures in the wrestling world began to pay their respects, including legendary WWE announcer Jim Ross.

Nelson Jr. just celebrated his birthday on Friday (there is some confusion about his age — Simms says he was 43, but his birthday is listed as 2/14/1972, which would make him 42). Nelson Jr. wrestled in both the WWF and WWE, and he was the 1995 King of the Ring. Many remember him best when he was Mabel wrestling in WWF back in the mid-’90s.

Big Daddy V was an imposing figure best known for his enormous size. He stood 6-foot-9 and weighed around 500 pounds. The video below is his entrance to the ring a day after winning King of the Ring in ’95. His announced weight was 468 pounds!

He was even more intimidating later in his wrestling career:

Mabel Viscera Big Daddy

As King Mabel, he was part of the long feud involving Yokozuna and The Undertaker. Yokozuna was one of the few wrestlers who could match up to Mabel in size:

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Hulk Hogan to appear on Raw night WWE Network launches?

Hulk HoganWWE is breaking out one of its big guns for the launch of its new TV network.

According to PWInsider, Hulk Hogan will be appearing on WWE Raw Feb. 24 in Green Bay, Wisconsin, marking his first appearance with the TV network since 2007.

Hogan’s return to WWE has been anticipated ever since his split with TNA.

PW Insider says Hulk was actually scheduled to appear in Las Vegas for the announcement of the launch of the TV network, but those plans were changed. The Undertaker has also been booked to return on Feb. 24 as well, according to the report.

Thanks to Arsen D., who predicted the move, for the tip

Fans chant for CM Punk during Randy Orton speech (Video)

CM PunkFans attending Raw on Monday night expressed their unhappiness over CM Punk leaving the organization last week. While Randy Orton was speaking prior to his match with Daniel Bryan, the fans began to chant for CM Punk.

CM Punk left WWE last week for a few reasons. One, he probably needed some time away to rest and recover after touring with the organization. Two, he probably felt disrespected, especially with part-timers main-eventing and Batista winning the Royal Rumble. Or three, this could just be a storyline put out by WWE.

Whatever the case, you can tell fans are disappointed that Punk’s not around, because they chanted for him while Orton was talking and also during the main event between Orton and Daniel Bryan. Bryan won the match to spark a bunch of “YES!” chants, like always.

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