WWE wrestler Darren Young says he is gay

Darren YoungWWE wrestler Darren Young told a TMZ cameraman that he is gay, making him the first active professional wrestler to come out, according to the gossip outlet.

Young happened to be at the airport — where many celebrity/TMZ encounters occur — and was asked whether he felt a gay wrestler could be successful in the WWE. Young contemplated the question, and then he decided to reveal he is gay.

“Absolutely [I think a gay wrestler could be successful)," Young answered. "Look at me. I'm a WWE superstar and to be honest with you, I'll tell you right now, I'm gay. And I'm happy, very happy."

The cameraman was "flabbergasted" by Young's revelation and stunned by the coming out moment. Young didn't think much of it.

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Hulk Hogan movie in the works

Hulk HoganGreat news, Hulkamaniacs: a movie on the legendary wrestler is in the works. At least that’s what the Hulkster is saying.

Hulk Hogan was stalked by those sneaky TMZ airport cameramen, and one happened to ask the wrestler who would play him in a biopic. The random question actually led to a revelation from the Hulkster.

“Being worked on right now, brother,” Hogan told the cameraman.

When asked if his son, Nick, would be a good person to play him in the movie, Hulk answered, “he’d be perfect.”

So a movie on Hulk Hogan’s life with son Nick playing the wrestler is in the works? Count me in.

Hogan also said that he is a Dallas Cowboys fan to support his future son-in-law’s team.

Tito Ortiz revealed as TNA August 1 Warning (Video)

Tito Ortiz was revealed as TNA’s “August 1 Warning” at the end of Thursday’s “Impact Wrestling” show on Spike TV. TNA had been promoting the “August 1 Warning” message through social media and hyping up the mystery. There was speculation throughout the wrestling community that a well known wrestler would be the reveal, but it turned out to be the former MMA legend.

At the end of the “Impact Wrestling” show, Ortiz came out of the tunnel and looked into the ring, where members of Aces & Eights and Main Even Mafia wrestlers were scrapping. Rampage Jackson, who is part of Main Event Mafia and signed by Spike TV/Bellator/TNA, was one of the wrestlers in the ring. The hype behind the “August 1 Warning” campaign promoted Ortiz’s Nov. 2 MMA fight against Rampage, which will be Bellator MMA’s first pay-per-view show.

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Jake the Snake Roberts has lost 70 pounds, wants to do Royal Rumble

Jake the Snake Roberts is trying to get his life back on track after going through a downward spiral the past number of years. The former WWF wrestler moved in with fellow former wrestler Diamond Dallas Page last year, and he has now lost 70 pounds doing Page’s yoga workouts.

Jake the Snake yoga

In addition to the exercising, Page put Roberts in a strict living environment, which included regular drug tests for the former addict. Page says Roberts was drinking, using pain pills and crack, and weighed over 300 pounds when he took him in. Roberts has cleaned up, and Page has been documented the progress on his YouTube page.

In the videos, Roberts called Page his “angel” and described the rehab his last shot in life. Now that Roberts is straightening out his life, he says he has one goal left — to wrestle in the Royal Rumble again.

“I will never give up … I want a life again and I am pursuing that. The Rumble will define it,” Roberts told TMZ.

Roberts has had many memorable moments at the Royal Rumble. He lost to Macho Man Randy Savage at the Rumble in 1992, which was at the height of a conflict between the two. After a stint with WCW, Roberts returned to the WWF and appeared at the Rumble in 1996 as a bible thumper. He hasn’t wrestled since 2011.

Roberts’ recovery, described as a “resurrection,” was covered by Yahoo! Sports’ Jay Busbee in an article published last week.

“I don’t regret my mistakes,” Roberts told Busbee. “Got to accept those. I’m not ashamed of my life any more. Thank God for forgiveness. I’ve got a lot of people I’ve got to come back to, but today, I’m not not hiding from it. I’m not thinking about running.”

Here’s a video of “The Ressurection” of Jake the Snake. It contains some bad language:

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Hulk Hogan’s daughter Brooke engaged to Cowboys C Phil Costa

Hulk Hogan daughter Brooke Phil Costa

Brooke Hogan, the daughter of legendary wrestler Hulk Hogan, got engaged to Dallas Cowboys center Phil Costa this weekend.

Hogan and Costa were in Las Vegas when Costa dropped to one knee and proposed. Hogan posted the pictures to her Instagram account on Saturday.

“Happiest moment of my LIFE. I am marrying my best friend. I woulnt choose anyone else. I am so lucky and so grateful,” Hogan wrote on Instagram.

Captioning the photo where Costa is seen slipping a ring on her finger, Hogan wrote, “I look scary but this is the face of total SHOCK.”

Costa appears to have proposed from a spot on the Bellagio property across from the Paris hotel, because the mock Eiffel Tower makes for a sweet background to the photos.

Hogan is a singer, actress and model, and she currently works for TNA wrestling. Costa went undrafted out of Maryland in 2010, but he was signed by the Cowboys. He has played in 23 games over the past three seasons, but has been limited by knee and ankle injuries.

Here is another look at the couple:

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Reid Flair reportedly died from heroin, prescription drug overdose

Reid FlairReid Flair, the son of wrestler Ric Flair, died in March because a lethal mix of heroin and other prescription drugs, an autopsy released on Friday by the Mecklenburg County Medical Examiner’s office showed.

In addition to heroin, the autopsy says Flair had traces of clonazepam, a muscle relaxant, and alprazolam, an anti-anxiety drug commonly marketed as Xanax, in his system. Flair’s mother suspected her son died of a drug overdose.

WBTV writes:

According to the autopsy report, the medical examiner noted that Fliehr’s lungs were extremely heavy and congested. There was a small amount of bloody fluid noted in his larynx and trachea.

The medical examiner also noted a moderate degree of cerebral edema, an excess accumulation of fluid in the spaces of the brain.

Reid Flair, whose real last name is Fliehr, was found by his father unresponsive inside a Charlotte hotel room on March 29. He was 25 years old and had recently been wrestling for All Japan Pro-Wrestling.

The Bella Twins, Mick Foley hung out with the St. Louis Cardinals

Bella Twins Cardinals

The Bella Twins and Mick Foley hung out at Busch Stadium on Saturday as a cross-promotional weekend between the St. Louis Cardinals and WWE. The wrestling stars hung out on the field before the game and held an autograph session for fans. Foley aka Mankind also took some batting practice, though his swing certainly left a lot to be desired. As for The Bella Twins, well, there’s a lot to be desired between the two of them. Chris Jericho also showed up to the park on Sunday and threw out the first pitch.

Many more photos below.

This is the most alive Bob Uecker’s felt since Rick Vaughn dusted Clu Haywood on three pitches:

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