Matt Hardy and wife Reby Sky were in bloody fight on New Year’s but are staying together

Matt Hardy wife Reby Sky

Former WWE wrestler Matt Hardy and his wife, Reby Sky, were both arrested on New Year’s for assault and battery after getting into a fight with each other at a motel in Virginia, according to a report.

Police went to the Hampton Inn in Emporia, Va., around 5:45 a.m. on Jan. 1 after hearing reports of a man and his girlfriend being in a fight. They found both Hardy and his wife and arrested each of them. Both appeared to be scratched and cut up in their mug shots.

TMZ says the fight started when Reby asked Matt, who has had substance abuse problems in the past, whether he had drank or used any other substances that night. The question must have angered Hardy and led to the fight between the two.

Hardy and Reby were married in October and seem to still be together despite the fight. Matt defended Reby in a tweet sent on Tuesday after receiving some threats:

He also linked to a video Wednesday about their engagement:

They also both posted the selfies seen at the top of the post to their Twitter accounts earlier this week. What are they trying to say? Move along, nothing to see here? Usually when there’s one domestic fight like this, things don’t tend to improve in the future.

Photo: Twitter/Matt Hardy

Fan has epic meltdown after Batista wins Royal Rumble (Video)

Wrestling fanBatista winning the Royal Rumble over the weekend did not go over well with wrestling fans. Check that: anyone other than Daniel Bryan winning the Royal Rumble would probably have gone over poorly with fans.

But was anyone more heated over the outcome of the event than this fine lad?

Just look at this dude. First he rips the thing off the wall. Then comes the heated declaration, “I’m never ordering the f—ing pay-per-view again ever!” that you know he’ll never live up to. Then comes some more angry ranting. And then guy starts looking around for more crap to break.

That was beautiful. Thank goodness some blessed soul had the presence to record the fantastic moment.

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Batista supposedly flipped the bird to disrespectful fan after Royal Rumble

Batista flips fan bird

Batista flipped a disrespectful fan the bird as he was making his way out of the ring following his win at Royal Rumble on Sunday, according to a report.

PW Mania reported the story and says Batista was high-fiving fans after his win when it occurred. Here’s what they wrote:

While “The Animal” was high-fiving fans, making his way to the back, one fan in what was believed to be in a CM Punk t-shirt, flipped up the finger at him. Batista looked at him as he kept high-fiving the fans, and the fan did it again. Batista thought about it, and then gave the finger back to him.

Wrestling Inc says Batista was legitimately upset with the fans because they were booing him after he won the rumble. They say fans booed him and he mockingly did the Daniel Bryan “yes!” chant.

Fans want Bryan to finally win the belt and have been disappointed that he hasn’t yet. When will WWE give it to him? That’s the question many are asking and that’s one reason fans keep tuning in — they want to see when it happens.

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LeBron James gets his WWE championship belt from The Rock

LeBron-James-WWE-beltA few weeks ago, LeBron James celebrated his 29th birthday and decided he needs an official WWE championship belt. He took to Twitter to ask where he can get one, and WWE stars John Cena and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson both offered to take care of the two-time NBA champion. The Rock came through.

After the Miami Heat defeated the Boston Celtics on Tuesday night, LeBron took to Instagram to show off his new hardware.

“Special thanks to @therock for making my childhood dream come true!” he wrote. “U have no idea how many couches and old mattresses I jumped off thinking I was one of y’all! U, Ultimate Warrior, Sting, Legion of Doom, Goldberg and The Undertaker I could watch all day plus many more! I feel like a little kid again. Thanks again Champ! #CanUSmell#StriveForGreatness.”

It must be a pretty humbling feeling for The Rock to know that he can give something to someone like LeBron James that he doesn’t already have.

As a whole, WWE belts have become very popular across sports over the past year or so. LeSean McCoy draped one over his shoulder after winning the rushing title this season. Last season, the Phoenix Coyotes began handing out a championship belt to their player of the game. In December, Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr put on a belt after his team won the Mountain West Conference. I’m surprised it took LeBron this long to get in on it.

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Chael Sonnen paid for a wrestler he didn’t know to train in Russia

Chael SonnenChael Sonnen has created a persona of a loudmouth “bad guy” in the UFC world, but he actually is a pretty good guy away from it. Sonnen comes from a wrestling background and is a huge advocate for the sport. It means so much to him that he even randomly paid for a former US Olympic wrestler to train in Russia a few years ago.

Bloody Elbow’s Mike Riordan shared the story Friday of how Sonnen learned about Beijing Olympian Andy Hrovat’s desire to train in Russia. Hrovat was 28 and did not medal in Beijing, but he wanted to go to North Ossetia — the heart of world-class wrestling — to learn more about the sport from the best in the world. Hrovat went to Russia a few times in 2009, and the coaches told him he should come back and stay longer term so he could really learn more. He did that thanks to some help from Sonnen, whom he actually wrestled in college, though he doubted Sonnen remembered it.

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Hrovat recalled to Bloody Elbow that Sonnen contacted him at random following his first fight with Anderson Silva in 2010 to tell him he was going to send him some money.

So after the [Sonnen-Silva fight], I get an email from him saying ‘Hey, I want to send you some money, it’s going to be in an envelope that looks like junk mail, because it was from his bank, his bank just cut a check and sent it and they send them in unmarked envelopes so people don’t steal the mail.

He sent me three or four thousand dollars, and for me every thousand dollars was a month’s pay. Room and board were a thousand dollars a month.

What would possess Sonnen to send a few thousand dollars to a random wrestler he didn’t know? He apparently saw an interview where Hrovat expressed a desire to go train in Russia. Sonnen liked the idea and wanted to contribute, which is why he reached out. Sonnen continued to send money to Hrovat and the two kept in touch via email.

Hrovat didn’t make the London Olympics team, but he learned a lot about wrestling from his time in Russia, and he’s now sharing that knowledge as a coach of the Cliff Keen wrestling club. Sonnen’s investment did not pay off with a medal at the Olympics, but maybe it will help ensure the future of American wrestlers is better thanks to some of the knowledge Hrovat acquired during his training.

Stone Cold Steve Austin offers DeSean Jackson huge safe after burglary

desean-jacksonPhiladelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson had his South Philadelphia home burglarized last week while he was in Miami. The thieves reportedly made off with more than $250,000 in cash, $125,000 in jewelry and two handguns. Jackson has since offered a $50,000 reward to anyone who has information that might help solve the crime.

While the offer of $50,000 still stands, WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin has presented Jackson with an offer of his own. During the burglarly, one of DeSean’s safes was stolen and two were broken into. Stone Cold is confident that won’t happen with a Fort Knox safe.

Stone Cold endorses Fort Knox, and he apparently believes the thieves would not have been so successful at Jackson’s house if he had one their state-of-the-art safes. If I were Jackson, I’d just ask Austin to guard my door and give any intruders a Stone Cold Stunner. That would probably be more effective.

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Mae Young dies at 90

Mae YoungWrestling pioneer Mae Young died at her South Carolina home on Tuesday at the age of 90.

Young was hospitalized and placed on life support in South Carolina last month after her health started to fail. She was recently placed under hospice care and was breathing with the assistance of a machine, the Post & Courier reported. Young was incorrectly reported to have died last week, but she hung on for five more days before passing away.

“There will never be another Mae Young,” WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon said of Young in a statement. “Her longevity in sports entertainment may never be matched, and I will forever be grateful for all of her contributions to the industry. On behalf of WWE, I extend our sincerest condolences to her family and friends.”

Though Young said she was born in 1923, some friends believe she may have lied about her age and been born four years earlier. Young is the only person to hold the distinction of wrestling in nine different decades. She wrestled in high school in Oklahoma and then made her professional wrestling debut in 1939. She wrestled during and after World War II, and she was a prominent figure in National Wrestling Alliance.

Young, who was known as “The Queen” and “The Great Mae Young,” joined the WWF in 1999. She was named “Miss Royal Rumble 2000″ at age 76 after winning a bikini contest by supposedly taking off her top. She dated Mark Henry as part of a storyline and even got pregnant and delivered a prosthetic hand for a child for the story.

Young was inducted into the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2004 and the WWE Hall of Fame in 2008. Her last match was an “Old School” edition of RAW in 2010. She continued to be a part of WWE storylines all the way up through last year.

The Post & Courier’s incorrect report last week that Young had died led to an outpouring of positive sentiment from many wrestling figures:

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