Motorcyclist crashes into car and lands safely on roof (Video)

Alright people, we have yet another incredible viral video that is making its way around the internet and we want your opinion. Is there any way a motorcycle traveling at speeds of well over 60 mph can crash into the bumper of a car and land safely on the car’s roof? It looks like that is what happened here.


As you can see, the motorcyclist flipped head over heels and landed on his feet. It appears he remained on the roof of the car as it drove down the freeway and presumably came to a stop.

We know people can do some incredible things with technology (remember the shark encounter we showed you a couple months ago?), so we’re a little skeptical that this is real. If it is, the driver of that motorcycle is truly one of the most fortunate people on earth.

Video via Sploid

Bas Rutten feels no pain, gave himself stitches after being cut by glass (Video)

Who knew Bas Rutten and Anton Chigurh had so much in common?

Rutten posted a video to YouTube on Saturday that documents the time he was cut in the thigh by a large piece of glass. As the video says, a six-pack of non-alcoholic beer broke and one piece of the shattered glass went deep enough into his leg to make it gush with blood. Rather than go to the emergency room where the waiting times can be excessive, Rutten decided to take care of the issue on his own.

The MMA legend proceeded to give himself stitches and didn’t even flinch at any possible pain. At one point, he even complained that the needle wasn’t sharp enough.

The video is graphic, so beware.

Survival tips. I mean, heck, what do you think people did before emergency rooms existed? And you really think a guy who was UFC heavyweight champion is going to be bothered by a few stitches? Look at this smile:

Bas Rutten stitches

Guy was loving it.

Glove touch to Bloody Elbow

Japanese actress Rina Takeda breaks 10 blocks with head before first pitch (Video)

Rina TakedaTwo of the greatest things in this world are baseball and “The Karate Kid.” What could be better than combining the two?

Prior to Sunday’s game between the Chiba Lotte Marines and Seibu Lions in Japan, martial arts actress Rina Takeda broke 10 stone blocks with her head and then threw out the first pitch.

Shockingly, the block breaking went much better than the pitch, but who’s complaining? `

Oh, and I guess that all the research on concussion effects hasn’t made it to Japan yet. People still think breaking things with your head for entertainment purposes is a good idea?

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Jeff Francoeur pranked again, trapped in coaches’ bathroom (Video)

Jeff FrancoeurJeff Francoeur was called up to the big leagues by the San Diego Padres on Wednesday, so his minor league teammates from Triple-A El Paso decided to give him a going away present.

Cody Decker, who has 13 home runs for the Chihuahuas this season, produced yet another video in which the team runs a prank on Francoeur. The last prank was an extremely elaborate one in which the team convinced Frenchy that teammate Jorge Reyes was deaf. This time they trapped Francoeur in the coaches’ bathroom.

The video has a “Snatch” feel to it and while it isn’t quite as good as the original — nothing could be — it’s still pretty enjoyable.

Watch Chris Russo butcher about 20 names in 50 seconds (Video)

Chris Russo MLBTrue story: a close friend of mine who is a big baseball fan and watches a lot of MLB Network asked me one day what the story was with Chris Russo. Russo recently joined the network after a long career as a New York radio personality, where he formed one half of the WFAN institution “Mike and the Mad Dog.” Russo’s new show on MLB Network has exposed him to a national audience, letting many more people find out what a wacky kook he can be.

In the video compilation above, Russo butchers the names of about 20 ballplayers in 50 seconds. Messing up that many names doesn’t exactly help one’s credibility as an expert, so it’s nice that MLB Network doesn’t mind making fun of its employees.

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LeBron James attacks Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh with chair WWE style (Video)

LeBron James’ decision to leave the Miami Heat for the Cleveland Cavaliers would not be complete without a WWE version of the saga.

In the humorous video above, LeBron goes after Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh with a chair WWE-style. Of course, that video is just a sequel to the original. You may recall that when LeBron left Cleveland for Miami four years ago, someone made a video of him turning heel like Hulk Hogan joining NWO:

What might actually top all that is this video of Dan Gilbert running into the WWF ring to rescue LeBron James, who was taking all sorts of abuse from Pat Riley:

Which one did you like the best?

LeBron James WWE chair

H/T Jimmy Traina

Streaker runs onto field during World Cup final, and LeBron got the video

World Cup streakerLeBron James: MVP player on the field, MVP videographer off of it.

A streaker ran onto the pitch during the finals of the World Cup Sunday, and none other than LeBron — who was in Brazil to watch the finals — captured the video and shared it with the world.

That looked like a pretty solid effort by the streaker, too. He even got the security guards to slip on the grass, which is always a win.

Thank you, LeBron. Everyone enjoys a good streaker video. Thank you for bringing it to the people.