March Madness Memory No. 5

In the spirit of March Madness…I will be counting down my Top 5 favorite moments of the tournament…starting on a happy note with #5

Sorry C-Web, just had to do it to ya! What were you thinking?

Apologies for the poor quality, but it’s the best I could find.

More Reasons to Play ESPN Fantasy Baseball

I’ve always been a big fan of Yahoo fantasy sports for a myriad of reasons — it’s user friendly, well-organized, and its game stats and fantasy stats are updated the quickest. That being said, ESPN is now coming on strong in the hunt to attract fantasy players. Witness:

The whole rock concert concept rules — Peter Gammons shredding on the guitar likes he’s Slash or something, John Kruk sporting some serious tats…and the greatest line…

“Look at me now, I just drafted Caaarlos Leeee”

Why Carlos Lee? Perhaps that’s what makes it so funny. Maybe it was intentional. Or maybe they couldn’t come up with anything else to rhyme with fantasy baseball for free.

Still, excellent commercial, had me rollin, and it’s already become a hit amongst the MLB Fanhouse crew…and truthfully, it might actually make me want to play ESPN fantasy baseball. Pat Lackey posted the video over at fanhouse, you should check it out, he’s done the commercial much more justice than I have.

The Newest GPS System

ATTENTION: this is NOT for the PC crowd.

OK, now that the disclaimer’s out of the way (and everyone will still watch), on with the video. This was passed along to me via email, and I find it amusing. For that reason, I will share it with you.

Let it be known that I do not espouse the message displayed in the video, I just happen to find it amusing. Highly amusing.

Chris Simon Trained with Paul Bunyan

As Joe Buck said when Randy Moss mooned the Green Bay fans, “this is a despicable act.” Here it is, the video of the Oilers Chris Simon’s nasty slash on Ranger Ryan Hollweg’s noggin. It’s hard to see, so keep your eyes fixed to the top of the screen.


The sad thing is…

  1. The NHL kind of needed a controversial issue like this to get a lot of play in the mainstream media
  2. Bad fights/brutal hits are the only way they’re getting recognition

I for one think that was disgusting and that Simon should be suspended for the duration of the season.  As Michael David Smith points out at Fanhouse, quite the irony, the slash occured exactly three years to the day after Todd Bertuzzi’s hit on Steve Moore.


That was criminal.

Tony Parker…Raps?

Special thanks to the fine ladies over at Girls Gone Sports for this video.  While Tony Parker might have some serious skills on the floor…and yes, the Spurs are starting to come on strong…he certainly shouldn’t waste any more of his time trying to make it as a rapper.

Stick to basketball homie.

Your Future Albanian National Basketball Team

Let me say this first: I am totally ripping off the exact post that my MLB Fanhouse homie PostmanR makes at We are the Postmen.  Before you get all hissy about it, this is the highest compliment I can pay to someone because I pride myself on trying to generate as much unique content as I can.  Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way…on with the fun

I’m pretty fond of the Nike commercial with all the ballers lined up side-by-side doing the Resevoir Dogs thing. You know, the one below. Maybe it’s because they’re all wearing white. And angels where white. And these players are like angels. Or something. But anyways, here’s the vid:

And here is quite possibly the best mock job of a commercial I’ve ever seen.  The future members of the Albanian National Basketball Team:


That is just too good for words.

Crashed Ice is Crazy

Alright, this is something I saw last night on both my local FOX affiliate and NESN’s Sports Desk. Apparently this event is called “crashed ice downhill skating.” It’s like luge, skeleton, bobsledding, snowboarding, and rollerball, all rolled into one. It’s bad ass. The best part is around the 3 minute mark when the actual race begins, I highly recommend you skip ahead:

Normally I’m a pussy, but I think I would even do that. I want more.