Fart causes MMA fighter to tap out, vomit (Video)

Now here is something we’ve never seen before. An MMA fighter won his match on Saturday thanks to a foul-smelling fart to the face of his opponent. Seriously.

According to Cage Potato, the fight seen above took place in the 2014 NAGA Vegas Grappling Championship on Saturday. The two fighters were battling on the mat and there was no clear advantage, but suddenly the guy on top just stopped fighting, allowed his arm to get locked (or something) and just tapped out. There didn’t seem to be a great submission hold, but some light was shed on the mystery when the guy puked on the mat.

You can see the losing fighter tell the referee and his opponent that the other guy farted in his face.

He then grabs a paper towel and prepares for the cleanup.

Truly one of the funniest, greatest, most bizarre MMA fights we’ve ever seen.

And does the guy who won have a nickname yet? If not, Jack the Ripper would be appropriate, or maybe gas mask, the gas chamber, gas master or windbreaker could work.

I mean the look on this guy’s face just said it all:

MMA fighter fart

H/T Bloody Elbow

Dad goes after baseball, lets kid in stroller roll away (Video)

Mets fan strollerOne father got a little too excited over the prospect of getting a ball while attending a spring training game between the New York Mets and Miami Marlins on Monday.

Mets outfielder Chris Young launched a ground-rule double to center in the first, and one fan who was chilling on the grassy knoll with his family let go of a stroller to chase after the ball.

Do you think his wife let him have it for letting their son roll away?

Hey, when you have a chance to snag a ball at a game, sometimes nothing else matters. You’re climbing over people sitting next to you, spilling $12 beers and even losing track of children. But if you get that ball, it was all worth it.

Reporter Steve Keeley nearly run over by snow plow on live TV (Video)

Steve Keeley snowFOX 29 TV reporter Steve Keeley from Philly nearly was run over by a snow plow during the middle of a live report, but the guy kept rolling on and shook off the snow shower like it wasn’t no thang.

The GIF makes it look much worse and more death-defying than it probably was, but it was still impressive the way Keeley was unfazed by the snow plow coming so close to nearly destroying him.

You can watch the full video of the report below. The snow plow part happens around the 1:55 mark:

Philadelphia News, Weather and Sports from WTXF FOX 29

Us California folks know nothing about this snow plow business.

H/T Crossing Broad

Rich Rodriguez, Arizona make great Keanu Reeves ‘Speed’ video

Rich Rodriguez speedThe Arizona Wildcats video team has done it yet again. Last year Arizona made a Western-themed movie that featured coach Rich Rodriguez as the new sheriff in town. This year they’ve made a video that plays on the classic thriller “Speed” featuring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock.

The video mashes up the scene in “Speed” where Keanu pieces it together that Dennis Hopper has a video camera on the bus by noting that he mentions Bullock’s Arizona Wildcats shirt. What was funny is that the whole purpose of the video was to make fun of the proposed 10-second rule in college football that would prevent fast-paced offenses from snapping the ball for the next play until 10 seconds have passed.

Below is the original video clip from “Speed”:

And now I suddenly want to watch that great movie.

Player swings bat at opponent’s head during Cuban baseball brawl (Video)

A game in Cuba between Villa Clara and Matanzas on Monday night featured a terrifying brawl that could have ended horribly. According to Baseball America, a Matanzas player led off the seventh inning with a home run to give his team a 3-0 lead. Villa Clara pitcher Freddy Alvarez hit the next batter in the head with a fastball and hit another player two batters later.

At that point, the benches cleared. Demis Valdes of Matanzas, who wasn’t even in the game at the time, came charging out of the dugout with a bat in his hands. When Alvarez went after Valdes and threw his glove toward him, Valdes took a full swing at Alvarez’s head with the bat. Fortunately, he did not connect.


The umpires eventually got all of the players off the field and the game was delayed for more than 15 minutes. Valdes could have literally killed Alvarez. Brawls add excitement to the game and most of us enjoy them, but that bordered on attempted murder.

H/T Eye on Baseball

Woman boasts about running in the snow before slipping and falling on her back (Video)

Runner falls“It’s the perfect texture for running”

That is a line that will stick with Chelsea, the woman featured in the video, for the rest of her life.

The above video was posted by Deadspin over the weekend and went viral, but since it happened on a Saturday, some people may have missed it. If you missed it, make sure to watch because it is a treat.

A news crew from KOIN in Portland, Ore., happened to stop a couple who was running on the street. The woman boasted about how great the snowy weather was for running, so of course she ended up falling on her back after the interview concluded. The irony was so strong with it.

Deadspin caught up with the woman in the video — Chelsea — who was a great sport about things and appreciated the ironic nature of the video. She says even her friends and people she hasn’t heard from in forever contacted her after seeing it. Of course they did — that was a great moment in internet history.

Personal injury lawyer Jamie Casino creates most mind-blowing Super Bowl ad of all time (Video)

Jamie CasinoBefore Sunday, most people outside of Savannah, Georgia had probably never heard of Jamie Casino. By Tuesday, after Deadspin shared the video, the dude was more well known than Larry H. Parker.

Casino put together a mind-blowing 2-minute commercial that ran locally in Savannah at halftime of the Super Bowl on Sunday. The guy had more metal and special effects than a Kiss concert. It looked like we were watching a superhero comic on steroids. I’ve seen $20 million Hollywood movies that had less production that that.

Want to know how to get attention for your business? Follow this guy’s lead. Holy crap.

And Casino is not at all new to the TV commercial game. In addition to being a personal injury attorney, this guy doubles in marketing. Take a look at some of his other commercials below:

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