Woman boasts about running in the snow before slipping and falling on her back (Video)

Runner falls“It’s the perfect texture for running”

That is a line that will stick with Chelsea, the woman featured in the video, for the rest of her life.

The above video was posted by Deadspin over the weekend and went viral, but since it happened on a Saturday, some people may have missed it. If you missed it, make sure to watch because it is a treat.

A news crew from KOIN in Portland, Ore., happened to stop a couple who was running on the street. The woman boasted about how great the snowy weather was for running, so of course she ended up falling on her back after the interview concluded. The irony was so strong with it.

Deadspin caught up with the woman in the video — Chelsea — who was a great sport about things and appreciated the ironic nature of the video. She says even her friends and people she hasn’t heard from in forever contacted her after seeing it. Of course they did — that was a great moment in internet history.

Personal injury lawyer Jamie Casino creates most mind-blowing Super Bowl ad of all time (Video)

Jamie CasinoBefore Sunday, most people outside of Savannah, Georgia had probably never heard of Jamie Casino. By Tuesday, after Deadspin shared the video, the dude was more well known than Larry H. Parker.

Casino put together a mind-blowing 2-minute commercial that ran locally in Savannah at halftime of the Super Bowl on Sunday. The guy had more metal and special effects than a Kiss concert. It looked like we were watching a superhero comic on steroids. I’ve seen $20 million Hollywood movies that had less production that that.

Want to know how to get attention for your business? Follow this guy’s lead. Holy crap.

And Casino is not at all new to the TV commercial game. In addition to being a personal injury attorney, this guy doubles in marketing. Take a look at some of his other commercials below:

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Frank Caliendo crushes this 30 for 30 Richard Sherman mockumentary (Video)

Frank Caliendo was just awesome in this hilarious 30 for 30 mockumentary on Richard Sherman. I mean awesome.

Some people like Caliendo, others don’t, but I’ve always been a fan. I like his content, think he’s funny, and love almost all of his impressions. But this was just next level awesome. From his Andy Reid to his Ron Jaworski and Adam Schefter and Chris Berman, he was great. But the best of all was his Jon Gruden. Man was he awesome at it. He seriously looked and talked just like Gruden. Unbelievable. I think he looks more like Jon Gruden that Jon Gruden looks like Gruden.

Frank Caliendo Jon Gruden

Seahawks fans celebrated Super Bowl win without jaywalking

The 12th Man was more than a little excited with the way the Seattle Seahawks played in the Super Bowl on Sunday. I’m sure a couch was being burned on some college campus in Washington and a car was being flipped elsewhere, but some Seahawks fans were beyond classy while celebrating. We’re talking don’t cross the street without pushing the walk button classy.

That’s right, a large group of Seahawks fans were careful not to jaywalk as they were partying in the streets. They patiently waited for a walk light to turn green and traffic to stop before crossing the street to hoot, holler and high-five.


I’ve seen Red Sox fans cross the street without looking after a midseason game on a Wednesday. Bravo, 12th Man. Except for that one guy who sprinted across early — damn jaywalkers.

Video via Twitter/Kevin Kaduk

Radio Shack wins with 80s Super Bowl commercial (Video)

Everyone I know who was watching the Super Bowl seemed to enjoy the Radio Shack Super Bowl commercial. And what wasn’t there to love about it?

It was Radio Shack recognizing that their image is one of having an old, outdated store, so they mocked themselves for it. Self-deprecating humor is always good, especially when you can mix in Hulk Hogan, the California Raisins, Erik Estrada, Mary Lou Retton, Alf and other pop culture icons from the ’80s. They also targeted a good demographic — those who are in their 30s and 40s who have money to spend on technology and can relate to all the figures in the commercial.

Well done, Radio Shack, well done.

And reminder to everyone: when in doubt, go with the Hulk.

Hulk Hogan Radio Shack

Ian Rapoport high-fives a fan right in the face (GIF)

Ian-Rapoport-high-fiveIan Rapoport is one the best NFL reporters in the business today. I’ve been a huge fan since he covered the New England Patriots for the Boston Herald, and his work with the NFL Network has been equally stellar. Let’s just hope Ian didn’t lose a fan on Friday by accidentally smacking him in the face.

Rapoport was reporting live from Times Square in New York City when his colleague Andrew Siciliano told him to turn around and high-five some of the fans that had gathered behind him. It didn’t go so well, and Rapoport ended up smacking some dude directly in the eye. He apologized on Twitter as soon as he realized.

No harm, no foul. Unless the guy lost a contact — that’s never any fun.

GIF via Deadspin

Dumbest woman ever mouths off to judge, gets 300 days in jail (Video)

Ebony BurksThis video is actually from last summer, but I saw it for the first time this week and thought it was too awesome not to share here.

According to The Chronicle-Telegram’s story from August, the woman in the video is 32-year-old Ebony Burks, and she was being arraigned on domestic violence charges. Burks was appearing via video from Lorain County Jail and actually was pretty composed when she pleaded not guilty. But things took a turn for the worst when she realized that terms of the restraining order imposed by Elyria Municipal Court Judge Gary Bennett included her avoiding all contact with the two alleged victims, meaning she couldn’t go to the home she shared with her grandfather.

As soon as Burks puts it together that she can’t go home, the fireworks begin. I mean she just brings out the A+ attitude. She tells the judge “I bet I do” go home as if she’s the boss, and then she just can’t shut up as the judge continues to hit her with 30-day contempt of court charges. It starts off at 30 and escalates all the way up to 300, which was a record for Bennett, thanks to a couple of hearty F-bombs at the end. She was just like that kid trying to be cool in elementary school while the teacher is threatening with detention. Only this was real life, and jail is much worse than detention.

Well done, Burks, well done. I guess if you’re going to go hard, might as well go all the way.

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