This Derrick Coleman Duracell commercial is outstanding (Video)

Derrick Coleman SeahawksA Duracell commercial featuring Seattle Seahawks fullback Derrick Coleman has been making the rounds on the internet the past few days and already has over 2.5 million views for great reason.

The commercial is about Coleman’s perseverance as a football player despite being deaf. He is believed to be the first legally deaf offensive football player in NFL history and, in just 60 seconds, the commercial shows Coleman describing what he overcame to make it in the league.

Coleman went to UCLA and was the power back complement to Johnathan Franklin in college. He scored 19 touchdowns for the Bruins, including 11 in his senior season. He averaged 5.2 yards per carry in college, though he’s only carried the ball twice in his NFL career. He did score his first touchdown on a catch in a Week 13 win over the New Orleans Saints.

Coleman went undrafted out of college, but he continued to pursue his dreams of playing in the NFL and was added by the Seahawks to their roster this season — two years after he last played in a collegiate game.

In an interview with Sporting News’ Vinnie Iyer about the commercial, Coleman said Duracell liked his story and approached him about it.

“They came to me, and said they liked my story, and I said ‘OK’, I want to join up. I just hope to inspire people, especially children, to trust the power within and achieve their dreams.

Coleman also told Iyer (and said in the commercial) that he can hear the noise the famous “12th Man” in Seattle makes during games and that he can definitely feel it. He also said that his parents made sure he never used his hearing aid as an excuse for anything and forced him to work extra hard.

As a Bruin alum, I’m obviously a big Coleman fan, but what’s really cool is how Duracell chose to publicize his great story. They’re rightfully receiving plenty of brand recognition for the commercial.

(Thanks to Andy B. for the tip)

Shane Battier’s promo for his ‘Battioke’ karaoke event is pretty funny (Video)

Shane Battier is holding a karaoke charity even on Jan. 27 to benefit his “Take Charge Foundation,” which aims to help fulfill kids’ dreams of going to college. The event will be held at the Fillmore Miami Beach, and tickets are $150 to attend. In order to promote the event, Battier released the funny promo seen above.

The blessing of the commercial is that we got to see some Heat players in funny costumes, and Battier in his swimsuit magazine pose:

Shane Battier pose

Birdman Andersen

Chris Bosh

We’re looking forward to this year’s event. After all, it’s at Battier’s karaoke event where we got the great videos of the Heat personnel singing. There was this from Pat Riley in 2012; Birdman and Mike Miller doing Vanilla Ice in 2013; and LeBron James doing “Superfreak” last year.

Female Alabama fan attacks Oklahoma student section at Sugar Bowl (Video)

Tensions were running high as Oklahoma defeated Alabama in the Sugar Bowl on Thursday night. No one encapsulated that for us better than the middle-aged woman who tried to take on an entire group of Oklahoma students.

If you bailed on this video after the blond woman was pulled away into the aisle, you need to go back and watch it again. It may have looked like the confrontation had been defused, but then this happened:


You will never see a more ferocious airborne attack than that at a sporting event. This lady played the whole “I’m cool, I’m cool” angle to perfection before she went full swan dive and started wailing on her target. If someone told me the woman in the video is that angry Alabama fan named Phyllis that we introduced you to a few weeks ago, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised.

UPDATE: The crazy Alabama fan has been identified. Here’s her side of the story.

Video via Barstool Sports

Shaun White shows new double-cork 1440 trick for Sochi (Video)

Shaun WhiteShaun White is already the best snowboarder on the planet, and now he is adding a new trick to the repertoire.

In a video posted by his sponsor GoPro on Thursday, White showed off his new front double-cork 1440 trick that he will be using at the Winter Olympics in Sochi in February. White unveiled the Double McTwist 1260 for the Vancouver Olympics, where he won gold in the halfpipe for the second time. White will be looking for his third consecutive Winter Games gold medal in the halfpipe, and with a move like this, it’s highly likely that he captures it.

Roy Hibbert proud he photobombed Stephen A. Smith, Sage Steele

Roy-Hibbert-photobombIndiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert ended his night on Wednesday with a well-executed photobomb of the NBA on ESPN crew. The 7-foot-2 center stood off in the distance behind Sage Steele, Stephen A. Smith and Avery Johnson as they were recapping Indiana’s game against the Miami Heat. When Steele noticed that the crew was being photobombed, she invited Hibbert over.

Hibbert took the invite as an opportunity to harass Stephen A. about his receding hairline, which was pretty entertaining. Smith responded by asking Hibbert if his hairline is better than LeBron James’, but Hibbert did not take the bait. And Hibbert was proud of his photobombing work.

Considering Hibbert was visiting the home arena of the photobomb master himself, that was a pretty bold move.

Old guy kicks Arizona State student in the face (Video)

Old-guy-kicks-ASU-studentAn old guy and an Arizona State student walk into a football game. Anyone heard this joke before? That’s because it’s not a joke.

The old dude kicks the Arizona State student directly in the face, that’s what happens.

We don’t really have much context to provide other than to tell you a Deadspin reader sent this video in this week after capturing it at the Arizona-Arizona State game on Saturday. It’s pretty self explanatory that the senior citizen and young man were angry with each other over something. The next thing you know a boot is flying and fists are raining down.

Don’t let my gray hair fool ya.

Grandma funnels a beer at Penn State tailgate (Video)

Grandma-beer-funnelPenn State put a hurting on Purdue on Saturday to improve to 6-4 on the season. Thanks to the grandma who funneled a beer during the pregame festivities, everyone was a winner before the first whistle even sounded.

According to Deadspin, the little spitfire you see above is someone’s 75-year-old grandmother. She funneled a beer like an absolute champ during a tailgate party before the game. It took grandma a few seconds to get going, but once she got the beer bong valve open she slammed down the suds in about five seconds.

I’m not the best example because I was never a great funneler, but granny would put a hurting on me. I don’t even think I could beat her in my collegiate prime.