Michigan president Mary Sue Coleman sounded super drunk during halftime speech (Video)

Mary Sue Coleman MichiganUniversity of Michigan school president Mary Sue Coleman sounded super drunk when she gave a speech at halftime of the school’s home loss to Nebraska on Saturday. I mean this is just really bad.

Deadspin cautions that people may have health conditions when they sound this badly while giving a speech — such as a stroke or other issue. I don’t know if it was that, something else, or just a simple matter of her being trashed — which is what it sounded like — but that was awful.

Michigan fans certainly thought she was hammered. Check out this tweet:

It also sounds like Coleman was being honored on Saturday.

She may have enjoyed a few too many toasts if that was the case.

Skydivers survive crazy plane crash (Video)

Skydivers plane crashThis is just absolutely crazy. Nine skydivers survived a jump from 12,000 feet above Wisconsin over the weekend even though the plane from which they were jumping was involved in a fiery crash.

The video, shared by NBC News, shows the entire scene as the skydivers had videocameras on them for the jump.

Because they were experienced skydivers and about to make their jump, all nine divers survived. So did the pilot of the plane that lost a wing, though he was injured. Per NBC, the pilot had on an emergency parachute and escaped through an emergency chute and suffered cuts. That was seriously insane.

Brooke Tessmacher puts out new twerk video

Brooke Tessmacher twerkBrooke Tessmacher put out a new twerk video on Wednesday that she calls “gym twerking.” You can see the TNA wrestling star twerk everyone in the gym – in the sauna, locker room and on weight machines. This isn’t just your average twerking video, either. You see her do some one-armed twerking? That’s some next level ish right there. That takes strength.

Of course this isn’t the first time a ivdeo of Miss Tessmacher twerking hit the ‘net. A few months ago we saw this:

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DIII Muskingum punt returner scores amazing touchdown (Video)

DIII Muskingum punt returnReady for one of the craziest punt returns for a touchdown you’ll ever see?

Freshman defensive back Dominick Williams of little known Muskingum in New Concord, Ohio, returned a punt 75 yards for a touchdown in his school’s 49-21 loss to Heidelberg on Saturday. The guy fielded the punt at his 25 and zigged and zagged his way past all 11 of Heidelberg’s defenders before breaking free for the score. If you watch carefully, you’ll see the dude escape a tackle from the same Heidelberg player twice on the same return! I swear I thought he was tackled for a loss several times.

H/T Deadspin

New Yorker hysterically flips out on street trumpet player (Video)

New-Yorker-trumpetSomewhere on the streets of New York in recent weeks, a very short man dressed in business attire decided he was not going to stand for some guy playing the trumpet outside his office anymore. That resulted in one of the most hilarious exchanges you will ever see in your life.

If you do not watch the video above, you are sorely missing out. Stuff really gets good at around the 1:25 mark, when the Bilbo Baggins-looking guy starts rattling off his resume and bragging about all the famous people he knows and fancy art schools he went to.

“And I’m an NYU Film School graduate, SUCKA!”

If I could, I’d give that trumpet player $20 just for having to listen to that guy spaz on him for five minutes. I don’t care how good or bad he is at playing, he deserves a high-end drink.

Video via Toucher and Rich

Erin Andrews did not have Justin Bieber on her mind (Video)

Erin Andrews MIke NapoliFOX reporter Erin Andrews appeared to nearly call Justin Verlander “Justin Bieber” in an innocent misspeak after Game 3 of the ALCS between the Boston Red Sox and Detroit Tigers, but she denied that was the case.

Andrews was interviewing Mike Napoli, whose solo home run off Verlander in the seventh was the only run of the game, when she nearly slipped. You can hear what she said in the video above.

Andrews heard about her misspeak from people on Twitter and couldn’t believe the feedback she was receiving.

She also said she wasn’t thinking about Bieber when she nearly slipped.

Earlier in the game, Andrews did slip when giving a sideline report during a 17-minute power delay. She mistakenly called Tigers manager Jim Leyland “Joe Leyland” because she also was about to say something about umpire Joe West. She quickly corrected herself and later noted on Twitter that she had a lot of Joes in her head.

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Mike Francesa of course wasn’t thrilled with the 1776 parody video

Mike Francesa 1776Mike Francesa responded to the parody video of him doing a talk radio show in 1776 about the Revolutionary War exactly how you’d expect Mike Francesa to respond to it.

“I never frequented YouTube. Never. I don’t look at YouTube.”

What a grump.

If this dude unbuttoned his top collar even a little bit people wouldn’t get so many kicks out of parody videos of him. But he’s such a stick about it all that it makes f—ing with him that much more fun.

Big thanks to KFC Barstool for snagging this video. Also, if you want to read a great take on the original Francesa 1776 Mike Zaun parody video, read KFC’s. He breaks it down hysterically.

And of course, this was all just an excuse so I could play the video again …

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