Payback Is a Bitch

I don’t say this very often, but this is must see video (language NSFW):

The back story is the guy who got slapped in the vid had beat someone else up earlier and was feeling remorseful. In exchange, he asked to get slapped (by an impartial third party) as a form of payback. From the looks of things, that had to have hurt. A lot.

John Henderson Would Do Well at Russian Slap Boxing

Yes, there is more than one way to get up for a game. There’s a good chance you’ve seen this before considering it’s old footage. Yet like many oldies, it’s a goodie, and I have to thank Signal to Noise for the reset. Check out how John Henderson gets prepared for a game (language NSFW):

Hard ****ing core. And John, if football doesn’t work out for you, may I suggest a backup profession?

Wait, Rockie Fans Actually Exist?

Stop yourself before you do a double-take. Believe me. Judging by the empty chairs April-August, I was wondering whether or not there was such a thing. Apparently there is:

As provided by the fine folks at Purple Row who prove the title of this post otherwise, every day of the year.

Jonathan Papelbon Does the Irish Jig

I just don’t even know what to make of this video. Is he drunk? Is he high? Is he just that giddy? Either way, he’s challenging Joakim Noah for the biggest clown yet. Brace yourself:

Napoleon Dynamite would not be proud. Thanks to 100% Injury Rate for the vid.

James Madison and Coastal Carolina Mascots Wants in on the Action

Considering I’ve established this site as an emerging hotbed of mascot melees, I’m quite surprised I missed the brouhaha between the James Madison mascot and the Coastal Carolina mascot. For starters, we had the Orioles bird and the Devil Rays Raymond dancing off, then the Oregon Duck kicked the Houston Cougars’ ass, and I thought things ended with the Chiefs mascot belly-flopped on a streaking fan. I guess I was wrong. Via the DC Sports Bog (& Grill), and I’m not going to even try and explain which mascot belongs to which school; that would only ruin the fun:

My So-Called Fantasy Football Life

SI Extra Mustard’s Hot Clicks knows exactly who I am.  They have gotten to the bottom of my fantasy football soul, and have placed it on tape.  It’s a sad story.

My Kids Can Play for Mike Gundy

Because if he defends his players like this after they get ripped unfairly by the media, then he’s quite the protector.

Congrats Mike Gundy, that’s the way to stand up for a player. And as far as Jennie Carlson goes, don’t pick on a kid just because his mother fed him food after a game. To infer he’s a weak player because of one such incident is absolutely absurd. Way out of line.