Frank Caliendo’s Seinfeld Impression

This is something I referenced in the top story as FanHouse’s Top Five on Wednesday, but now that AA was kind enough to pass along the video, I will post it here.  Via SI’s Extra Mustard Hot Clicks, it’s comedian Frank Caliendo playing all four characters in Seinfeld.  I love Caliendo, and this performance is nothing short of brilliant.  Check it out:

Plenty more where that came from for you to check out.  My personal favorite is his Madden.

Lorenzo Alexander Really Wants to Make the Redskins

I remember watching in equal parts disbelief and shock on Saturday night as Lorenzo Alexander, helmet cleanly stripped off, chased down a play. Mind you, Alexander did not just simply chase down the play, nor did he merely clear the pile. Oh no. Alexander went in for the tackle, head first. Yes, he really wants to make the team. Here’s a fan’s view of the play courtesy of The Brothers, Mottram:

Wow, you know, at some point, doesn’t common sense have to just kick in? Maybe reality settled in when his face got bloodied by cuts, and he lay there after the game with a concussion. Anyone who’s willing to give this type of effort definitely deserves a spot on the team. Or maybe not, for being so stupid.

Quite Possibly the Greatest Video Ever

I remember a while back when a friend of mine linked me to this video. He was abroad in Europe at the time, so I just figured it was some crazy Euro crap. Turns out, it was the greatest thing ever. The video was posted a year ago, and over a million people have viewed it. Make sure you’re one of them. Trust me.

Kyle Loza Is a Badass, Nails the Volt at X-Games 2007 (Video)

Excuse the back to back X-Games posts, but the Jake Brown crash certainly was worth a looksie, and this, well this is definitely worth your 25 seconds. Check out Kyle Loza who completed the Volt, which is a Moto-X trick he invented. It’s pretty sweet. Well, basically, anytime you’re on a bike and completely let go of it, but wind up back on it, is pretty sweet. Kids, don’t try this at home.

That would be Kyle Loza. Impressive. But not quite as cool as Jake Brown, for obvious reasons.

What Goes Up Must Come Down: Jake Brown’s X-Games 2007 Crash (Video)

As Chris Farley said in Tommy Boy, “That was … awwwesome.  Sorry about your car.” Or in this case, I guess skateboard would be more appropriate.  Children, don’t try this at home:

Yes, and that man did walk away from the crash.  Imposible! I’m not a huge X-Games guy, but if they keep these types of charades up, count me in.  For the highlights at least.  And by the way, that mega ramp is insane.  That is exactly why they’re so effing dangerous.

Muay Thai Blindfolded Is Not Easy

100% Injury Rate dug up footage of something I had never seen before. It’s blindfolded Muay Thai kickboxing. Not sure why anyone would come up with this idea, but it sure produces some interesting video:

Someone please explain to me why Van Damme was able to kick the crap out of Chong Li when he was blinded by the powder thrown in his eyes if it’s that tough in real life. Actually though, something tells me I have seen some similar footage before.

If you remember, that came from the entire FOX Regional Sports Report video series. I highly recommend it.

Bad Idea to Have OJ Simpson Take Phone Calls on a TV Show

This only reminds me of the scene from Thank You for Smoking, where Nick Naylor and Senator Finistirre are debating on Dennis Miller’s Show. Dennis decides to open up the show to questions from phone callers, at which point, one proclaims he will kill Nick Naylor. Miller promptly goes to commercial break, saying he has to fire a call screener. That may or not have been the case here. Must see TV:

Chest Bump to Pacman Jonesin’ and Nyjer Please

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