Guy or Girl? You Make the Call

This is just in a matter of words … gross.  Simply disgusting.  And I’m not sure why I’m so fascinated by it.  But I’ll put it up here so you can be as disgusted and confused as me. 


Video of Fred Taylor’s Africa Plane Flight, ‘Near Death Experience’

Earlier in the week, I told you about NFL player Fred Taylor’s plane flight where the door opened up mid-flight, creating a situation he described as being “near death.” Taylor was not the only NFL player aboard the flight; so were Samari Rolle, Lito Sheppard, and their wives. But another person on the flight was dbinetti, who left a comment to say he had footage of the experience. And without further ado, here it is:

Granted, that doesn’t look as horrible as Taylor made it out to be, but I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near a situation like that. I mean, you can just hear how dangerous the situation was with the door being open. Check out the description of the video, courtesy of dbinetti:

My wife and I were traveling back from a resort in Kruger National Park on this small propeller plane when the door flew open. We were on the flight with some NFL players — Fred Taylor of the Jaguars, Samari Rolle of the Ravens, and Lito Sheppard of the Eagles. We apparently weren’t in any serious danger, but it was frightening experience nonetheless — it’s not every day you have a door fly open in a small plane over Africa…

For the record, nobody “panicked” or was in danger of “falling out the plane”, as I’ve read in plenty of blogs (amazing how much the story got embellished!) We all were happy to land safely and said a prayer or two, for sure…

BTW, I can also say that all three of those guys and their wives were just the nicest bunch of people you could ever hope to meet — both before and after this incident. The NFL should be proud to have them represent their organization, because they handled themselves with class throughout a fairly harrowing experience.

Going by dbinetti’s account of the event, either the press exaggerated Taylor’s story, or Fred did. Regardless, it’s not a situation I would ever like to find myself in.


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Hockey Has Cheap Shots and Suspensions Too

Yeah, Amare and Diaw weren’t the only ones who got suspended for a playoff game. Back in that other sport, you know, hockey, Chris Pronger won’t be on the ice tonight for Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals between the Ducks and Red Wings. The Ducks felt it wasn’t a cheap shot, that it was a legit hit, and they feel it’s a wrongful suspension. Join the club. Their argument is that the hit was at a 45 degree angle by Pronger on Tomas Holstrom. You make the call:

The suspension leaves the Ducks at a disadvantage tonight, and could put them in a 3-1 hole. They seem doomed to me.

Video Shows Michael Vick Loves Dogs

That’s it, everyone was looking for the elusive “video evidence” that Michael Vick has involvement with dogs, well here it is. This is of a Michael Vick shoe commercial, and pay close attention to one of the shout outs he gives:

Thanks to HG at You Been Blinded for being on top of this.

The Tallest Baseball Player Ever

OK, it’s hard to take things the St. Paul Saints do seriously. They’re the team that let Darryl Strawberry snort lines in the dugout return to baseball after he had gone to jail, hosted DL Drew after that punk wouldn’t sign with the Phillies, and they provided a last opportunity to mid-90s catcher Matt Nokes. And thanks to One More Dying Quail who was posting up at Awful Announcing over the weekend, I was directed to 7’3″ Milwaukee native Dave Rasmussen who struck out on 3 pitches in a game while wearing jersey number 73. Since you, just like me, are into pink elephants, two-headed snakes, and chicks who can have sex upside-down, you probably want to see what a 7’3″ baseball player looks like at the plate. Save yourself some time and skip ahead to the 3:20 mark.

It’s hilarious. The guy doesn’t even take any warm-up swings. And the bat looks like a tooth pick in his arms. The dudes freakin’ forearms are longer than the stick. No joke, I think I had a better swing when I was five.

Mascots Dance Off … on Real TV

Not long ago I posted a video of the Devil Rays mascot, Raymond break dancing and serving the Orioles Bird in a dance off contest.  Well, that video used to be available strictly on YouTube.  That is, until Jamie Mottram from Mr. Irrelevant and Dan Steinberg of DC Sports Bog notoriety decided to put Raymond on real TV, giving a nice shout out to LBS in the process.  Check out this week’s episode of the Blog Show (the finest 10 minutes of TV anywhere) on Washington Post Live:

Thanks for the love fellas.  My favorite line of the show comes from Agent Steinz around the 4:30 mark “I haven’t seen a teenager put on those kinds of moves since Marcus Vick left Blacksburg.” Nicely done, Steinz.

Tim Hardaway Is an Image Consultant

Mad love to my man HG over at YOU BEEN BLINDED for this incredible video. None other than Tim Hardaway — the most anti-homosexual man you can find — rips apart Allen Iverson because of the image A.I. portrays. Pot, I would like to introduce you to kettle:

Another great find by YOU BEEN BLINDED.