The Tallest Baseball Player Ever

OK, it’s hard to take things the St. Paul Saints do seriously. They’re the team that let Darryl Strawberry snort lines in the dugout return to baseball after he had gone to jail, hosted DL Drew after that punk wouldn’t sign with the Phillies, and they provided a last opportunity to mid-90s catcher Matt Nokes. And thanks to One More Dying Quail who was posting up at Awful Announcing over the weekend, I was directed to 7’3″ Milwaukee native Dave Rasmussen who struck out on 3 pitches in a game while wearing jersey number 73. Since you, just like me, are into pink elephants, two-headed snakes, and chicks who can have sex upside-down, you probably want to see what a 7’3″ baseball player looks like at the plate. Save yourself some time and skip ahead to the 3:20 mark.

It’s hilarious. The guy doesn’t even take any warm-up swings. And the bat looks like a tooth pick in his arms. The dudes freakin’ forearms are longer than the stick. No joke, I think I had a better swing when I was five.

Mascots Dance Off … on Real TV

Not long ago I posted a video of the Devil Rays mascot, Raymond break dancing and serving the Orioles Bird in a dance off contest.  Well, that video used to be available strictly on YouTube.  That is, until Jamie Mottram from Mr. Irrelevant and Dan Steinberg of DC Sports Bog notoriety decided to put Raymond on real TV, giving a nice shout out to LBS in the process.  Check out this week’s episode of the Blog Show (the finest 10 minutes of TV anywhere) on Washington Post Live:

Thanks for the love fellas.  My favorite line of the show comes from Agent Steinz around the 4:30 mark “I haven’t seen a teenager put on those kinds of moves since Marcus Vick left Blacksburg.” Nicely done, Steinz.

Tim Hardaway Is an Image Consultant

Mad love to my man HG over at YOU BEEN BLINDED for this incredible video. None other than Tim Hardaway — the most anti-homosexual man you can find — rips apart Allen Iverson because of the image A.I. portrays. Pot, I would like to introduce you to kettle:

Another great find by YOU BEEN BLINDED.

Did Scott Van Pelt Unload an S-Bomb on SportsCenter?

Without a doubt, Scott Van Pelt is my favorite SportsCenter anchor. He’s witty, energetic, and delivers highlights in an entertaining fashion. That being said, he was left hanging out to dry badly last night. He seemed completely lost doing hockey highlights of the Red Wings/Sharks game, and even admitted on-air that he didn’t have a shot sheet in front of him (a list from which the anchor can read and describe the video highlights the audience is viewing). And then at one point, around the :42 second mark, it sounds like he says “shit, it’s too late for that,” as if a producer was telling him in his ear that they had the shot sheets or highlights ready. Then after he wraps up the hockey highlights and moves onto the Laker game, he jokingly says “I may have lost my job it’s hard to say, but until then someone takes me off the set I’ll do highlights…” Have to wonder why he would throw that line out there. Clearly someone hung Van Peezy out to dry and made him look really bad unfortunately.

Of course whatever Van Pelt did or did not say, it’s nothing compared to Danyelle Sargeant dropping an F-Bomb on ESPNEWS.

Mascots Dance Off

Alright, I’ll admit it — I have quite the elementary sense of humor. I still laugh at loud farts, strong wedgies, and five year olds who drop f-bombs. That’s why it’s no surprise that a break dancing contest between the Orioles Bird and the Devil Rays’ Raymond makes me laugh. Can’t speak for you, but it does the trick for me:

Thanks to DK for the tip.

UPDATE: The mascots dancing off made it onto real TV!

Andre Agassi Pops Steffi Graf in the Face

So most of us have already heard the story of Andre Agassi hitting his wife Steffi in the face with a racket during a charity match. Now thankfully, we have the video of it. Nice job by the fan who captured it. Ugh, everyone was laughing, smiling, have a grand ole time and then…whack!

Chest Bump to SPORTSbyBROOKS for the video

It’s Like Rugby, Only Football

Man, quite bizarre. Check out the video passed along to me by esteemed site contributor GP John. It’s apparently of a Princeton/Yale football game from 1903. You would hardly recognize it these days as college football, looks more like rugby than anything else.

Since I mentioned rugby, I dug up this vid on YouTube. It’s flippin’ sweet.