Better Athlete: Adrian Wilson or Joey Gathright?

Arizona Cardinals safety Adrian Wilson showed off his incredible athleticism by jumping over a 66-inch high pole. Wilson made the Pro Bowl for his performance in the 2006 season, and if his stats that year didn’t impress you, that video surely will.

Now, the question is, who’s the better athlete? Wilson, or MLB player Joey Gathright:

Giants Fans Really Hate Jason Schmidt

Well, at least this one in particular sure does. I originally posted this story at MLB FanHouse where I chose to link to the video, so as not to frighten those with virgin ears. Therefore you have been warned. The following video contains explicit lyrics (and somewhat discomforting content). In other words, it’s NSFW:

This Kid’s Really Good at Batting Stances

When you were younger, didn’t you fashion your swing after your favorite player? Moreover, didn’t you used to be able to impersonate the stances of every player on your team, and many of the best players in the league? Shoot, I used to have Will Clark down perfectly, with the stiff leg and the sleeve roll up, I was money. My buddy Rey used to do a mean Darin Erstad. Mickey Tettleton used to be a favorite amongst my crowd, with his stiff-bodied slow bat raise. Oh, the days.

Well, I’m a long ways away from reproducing, but I can guarantee you my kid will be able to do this, via Matt Watson at MLB FanHouse:

Jessica Simpson Is Hot

But of course you already knew that. Anywhoo, I was watching Dukes of Hazzard last night, and man, she’s enough to keep me hooked to the screen for two hours. This is the best video I can find — probably about the best 45 seconds you’ll spend all day (work safe).

I could watch it over…and over…and over…and over…and over…and over…

You get the point.

The Blue Jays Have a Lot of Fun, Canada Does Not

Previously I’ve mentioned the marketing campaigns of the Rockies. The Twins have also put together a pretty solid commercial with Johan Santana and Joe Nathan. But nothing compares to the next few commercials that I will show you. First, via Ball Hype and Matt Watson at MLB FanHouse, don’t let Frank Thomas tuck your kids in at night:

The crappy part is the Canada deemed it unfit for public eyes. Why on Earth would that be?

Now, this Vernon Wells commercial is pretty funny as well:

And lastly, Troy Glaus shows off his power:

Like I said, the Blue Jays are a lot of fun (and a great reason to root against the Yankees).

Top 10 Dunks of All-Time

  1. Vince Carter jumps over an entire person in the game in the olympics 
  2. Dr. J, windmill, on the fastbreak
  3. MJ over Ewing, baseline, classic
  4. John Starks, baseline, over the MJ & the Bulls 
  5. KJ over Hakeem and Ewing 
  6. Scottie Pippen teabags Ewing
  7. Shawn Kemp has a flattop
  8. Tom Chambers plays leap frog / Dominique baseline clutch and reverse jam
  9. Darryl Dawkins shatters the glass / Shaq brings down the entire basket!
  10. Ricky Davis with authority

Why does every great dunk happen over Patrick Ewing?

Fox Sports Regional Sports Report: China

Remember back in the day when FOX decided to scrap its National Sports Report in favor of a regional approach?  Well, they came up with a series of creative commercials to promote their regional target, and their commercials were oustanding.  And now, I am bringing them back to you.  I present the fifth in a series of five: Fox Sports Regional Sports Report China.

Chinese tree catching? Surely you caunt be serious! 


Monday: India

Tuesday: Russia

Wednesday: South Africa

Thursday: Turkey