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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Minnesota players pretend to shave teammate during coach’s interview (Video)

Minnesota-shaving-videobombUniversity of Minnesota baseball coach John Anderson was kind enough to conduct an in-game interview with the Big Ten Network earlier this week, and his players took full advantage of their opportunity to be seen on camera. While Anderson stood in front of a camera and answered questions about his team, one of the most classic videobombs you will ever see was taking place over his left shoulder.

As you can see, one player sat in a chair with shaving cream on his face while two other players pretended to shave him. When the interview ended and the television broadcasters tried to hint to Anderson that his team was screwing with him, the players quickly scattered and got back to their normalĀ positionsĀ in the dugout. Anderson had no idea, but I’m sure he heard about it in the clubhouse afterword.

NBA videobombs like this one from Spike Lee and this one from LeBron James have become all the rage as of late, but Minnesota just took it to the next level. I give it a perfect 10 out of 10.

Video via Deadspin

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