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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Amir Williams nearly says ‘dick’ on live TV during interview, hilariously stops himself (Video)

Amir WilliamsAmir Williams went for 12 points and 9 rebounds in 24 minutes during Ohio State’s 86-48 win over Bryant on Wednesday night, and his strong game led him to be interviewed by Big Ten Network afterwards. Commentator Jimmy Jackson asked Williams what has led to his progression over the past few games, and he got a fantastic response.

“Coach Matta. He’s been on my di … on my uhhh back every day at practice …” Williams said.

That was so tremendous. Guess when you’re so used to talking about women being on your dilsnick, it’s too hard to break the habit. Good thing Amir caught himself. Sort of.

Do you think he stopped himself because he thought “dick” was a naughty word to say on air, or because he realized he didn’t mean to say that Matta has been on his dils? Either way, that was one of the better moments of the young college basketball season.

H/T Deadspin

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