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Friday, June 22, 2018

Reporter Ben Higgins Almost Hit by Car Covering San Diego State (Video)

Sometimes it can get dangerous standing courtside at a basketball game.  Players come diving into the stands and take out fans, camera people, and reporters quite regularly.  Just ask Bob from San Antonio.  One would think that as long as you aren’t standing courtside, you probably won’t get run over.  Unless, of course, we take vehicles into consideration.

Ben Maller called our attention to a video clip of ABC 10 in San Deigo’s Ben Higgins, who is lucky he wasn’t seriously injured by an SUV while doing a report on San Diego State’s tournament victory in Tucson.  Check out the video of Ben Higgins almost getting run over:

Was that driver trying to hit him? How do you not see him from 40 feet away?  The person just kept backing up as though they weren’t looking or didn’t care.  My parents always told me to drive defensively.  I guess I’ll have to remember to broadcast defensively, too, if I ever break into that field.

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