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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Charles Barkley calls fans who don’t understand ‘teamcast’ idiots

Charles Barkley teamcastIf you tuned into the Final Four games on Saturday and ended up watching what you thought was a biased telecast, that’s probably because you were unwittingly on the wrong channel.

See, Turner decided to experiment with a new concept for the Final Four games called the “teamcast.” They had team-oriented/biased telecasts for one team on TNT and the other team on TruTV. To find the unbiased CBS call, you had to watch on TBS.

Many fans didn’t understand what was going on and were tweeting Kenny Smith and Reggie Miller to complain about the biased announcing. And even guys like former NBA player Detlef Schrempf complained that the announcers were slanted towards Kentucky.

Luckily we all had Charles Barkley to set us straight at halftime of the Kentucky-Wisconsin game.

“Some of you people are idiots. Y’all are tweeting Kenny and Reggie complaining about the ‘teamcasts.’ They’re supposed to be homers. Stop complaining!” said Barkley.

“They’re killing Kenny and Reggie on their tweets. Listen you idiots: that’s why we call them homecasts,” said Charles, who got the name of the product wrong.

Right after Charles went through his diatribe, Kenny Smith stepped in to save the viewers by pointing out to Charles that if they were able to hear Charles say that, then they were already in the right place, meaning Charles was preaching to the wrong people. He was right.

I’m sorry, but I thought Turner did a terrible job letting people know what was going on. Had my TV channel guide menu explained what was on each channel, I would have known which one to tune into. And then I would have known to put on TBS to get insulted by Charles Barkley.

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