Chipper Jones responds to Mike Rice firing: Players need to ‘toughen up’

Mike-Rice-apologyThe general consensus regarding former Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice has been that he deserved to be fired. Many who saw the clips of Rice chucking basketballs at players’ heads and screaming gay slurs at them feel that he should never be allowed to coach college basketball again. Then there are people like Chipper Jones.

The former Atlanta Braves star took to Twitter on Wednesday to basically defend Rice, saying that he dealt with some rough treatment from coaches growing up and that it is not a big deal.

We know at least one ex-Rutgers player has a similar opinion to Chipper’s, although he didn’t express it quite as bluntly.

Aware that his comments were taken negatively by most people, the former NL MVP elaborated Thursday:

There’s a difference between being a hard-nosed coach and crossing the line. What Rice did completely crosses the line, in my opinion. He gave a choked-up apology after his firing, but that is hardly enough. Anger management classes are probably in order.

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  • HotBoxTheGlobe

    I agreeeeeeeeee

  • http://www.facebook.com/ILIKEBIGROCKS80 Michael Williams

    Im with Chipper

  • http://www.facebook.com/chris.racer Chris Racer

    I agree, todays society has gotten so SOFT.

  • Alicia

    Hope he doesn’t have kids! Chipper probably abuses and bullies them! Really bad, unhealthy attitude! I am a mother of an athlete and was a basketball player in school and college….and that video made me sick!!!

  • Alicia

    Coaching is to teach, guide, instruct, lead NOT abuse, berate and bully! I am sorry for your children, if you have any!