Clock malfunction in Iowa State-North Carolina leads to confusing ending (Video)

A clock malfunction at the end of the Iowa State-North Carolina game led to some confusion for both sides, but the referees made the correct call in ending the game.

DeAndre Kane made a bucket in traffic with about 1.6 seconds remaining to give the Cyclones an 85-83 lead over the Tar Heels. The major problem occurred after UNC inbounded the ball because the clock operator did not start the clock until at least a second after the ball was first touched by a Tar Heels player. UNC tried to call a timeout after dribbling past half court, but the question was whether there was any time left on the clock.

The referees ultimately decided that, despite the clock starting late, time had expired before the timeout was called, so they ended the game with Iowa State winning 85-83.

Our friend Andy Isaac also points out that the clock started to run late on the possession where Kane made his basket:

Yes, that clock operator was definitely drunk. And the refs, despite the confusion, made the right call.

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  • SteveDelVecchio

    Is there any chance this would have been remedied fairly if it were an NBA game?

  • tom from st pete florida

    That game had fix written all over it, if NC pulled it out. Right before that, the NC player came down the lane, the ball was slapped out of his hands, no foul was called.
    The ball was picked up by the Iowa player, both feet in bounds, then the play was stopped.
    How in the world , when their was no foul called, does NC get the ball back, AFTER that play was reviewed?
    I think during that final sequence the ref was talking to “fat tony from Yonkers, and he reminded them the line was 1 and 1/2, so the game is over right NOW, so no more shenanigans.
    College basketball is so fixable, but all these holier than now leagues(NCAA, NBA, MLB) , are worried about NJ getting legalized gambling is going to compromise the integrity?.
    What an effin joke!.