Coach K: Duke getting all the calls is ‘old stuff’

Coach K technicalMike Krzyzewski says the notion that Duke gets all the calls is “old stuff” and an old narrative from the fans and media that really isn’t true.

Coach K joined “The John Feinstein Show” for an interview on Monday and was asked about the controversial final plays against Clemson on Friday night in the ACC Tournament. Duke got a 1-point win in the game after receiving a favorable call. Despite the call, Coach K says the Blue Devils don’t get all the calls the way many think.

“It’s like old stuff,” Krzyzewski told Feinstein. “I think when you win a long time – and we’re not a state school, so you don’t have a press corps protecting you a little bit – you’re out there. That goes with the territory. And not only that, but announcers and talk show hosts and whatever – they will not say anything about yesterday’s game.”

Krzyzewski then began to talk about the free throw disparity between them and Virginia in the ACC Tournament championship game.

“And again, Virginia played better than we did. But obviously there were 38 free throws to 11. There were things that if you’re trying to homer for somebody, you could homer. And we don’t get that at all. Ever.

“So that does get old. But you know what? I’m not going to start losing – or try to start losing – to get away from that.”

That’s funny. Coach K suggesting he start losing to martyr himself for the cause.

Duke was called for 28 fouls compared to 15 for Virginia and went to the line 3.5 times less, as he mentioned. But Duke still gets favorable calls. Come on, Coach K, don’t even try to play that game. And I have no idea what he’s talking about when he says they don’t have a press corps protecting them. They have Jay Bilas, Jay Williams and Dookie V among others playing the favorites game with them at all times. I really don’t know what Coach K was trying to do with that example.

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  • 101

    Anyone who says that jay bilas or jay williams is part of the press corp for duke is plain ignorant. Jay bilas is a duke apologist and neither him nor williams have had much good to say about duke. You just say that because they went there. Ignorant

  • Sean Davis

    I agree with Coach K. Duke rarely gets love from the media. Most of ESPN is old Big East guys. You have Scott Van Pelt and Stuart who are obvious homers for the respective schools. Your argument that Dick Vitale, Jay Bilas and Jay Williams are Duke homers is just plain wrong. These three go above and beyond to point out calls Duke gets b/c they don’t want to appear bias. The analyst who has given Duke the most love this year is Digger Phelps, and he hates Duke.