My Cousin, Indiana Hoosiers’ Crab Man

My uncle sent me this video, just to make sure I saw how well his tuition money was doing. The video below comes from the Indiana/Illinois game on Sunday. Keep your eyes on the guy in the crab suit:

That would be my cousin, Andy, a junior at Indiana, who also happens to be an LBS contributor. Andy wanted me to make sure I let everyone know that even though Indiana is going through some tough times right now (they’re 6-18 and 1-11 in Big 10 play), they still have the best fans in the country. After having seen that video, I would have to agree. I also know that my cousin now has a new nickname he’s never gonna shake: Crab Man! Also thanks to my uncle, Al, for sharing the email of the Detroit Lions’ ’09 schedule that I posted last week.

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  • Gene

    Classic! That is what bad weather and a bad team can do to an otherwise normal young man.

  • SpinMax

    this is the point where ‘I know that guy’ turns into ‘I don’t know that guy’

  • aaron

    Now he must pull off the first ever indiana spedo guy