Dan Mullen Rubs Mississippi State Women’s Win in Face of Ole Miss

Dan Mullen’s only been the football coach at Mississippi State for two years, but he hasn’t had any trouble fitting in with the folks from Starkville. Heck, with his attitude, you’d figure he was born and bred in eastern Mississippi. The former Urban Meyer assistant is 2-0 in Egg Bowls against rival school Ole Miss, including a 31-23 win this past season. The success in the rivalry has spilled over into basketball where the men’s team won in January at Oxford and where the women’s team won on Thursday night. Their victory sparked this reaction from Mullen on his twitter:

Needless to say the Ole Miss fans are pretty chapped about Mullen’s jab at them. And by the way, TSUN means “the school up North” — borrowed from Woody Hayes’ saying about rival Michigan. Luckily for the Rebels they still have another crack at the basketball teams to even the score. As for Mullen, Houston Nutt better set him straight come football season otherwise you can expect plenty more crowing coming from his corner.

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  • Anonymous

    But Larry I thought Mississippi State couldn’t do any better than Croom?


    By the way Larry, what is Croom up to these days? I figured he would be head coaching somewhere these days since he did a masterful job before.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    You got me, I was obviously wrong. Mullen has been a home run hire. I wonder how long he’ll stay at Miss. State

  • Anonymous

    He’ll stay until Joe Pa retires.