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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Here’s what Frank Martin did to earn a 1-game suspension (GIF)

Frank MartinI’m sure you’re just shocked — shocked I say! — to find out that Frank Martin has been suspended a game for cussing out one of his players.

Martin was caught on camera cussing out freshman guard Duane Notice during South Carolina’s loss to Florida on Tuesday.

“The one-game suspension is a result of inappropriate verbal communication as it relates to the well-being of our student-athletes,” said athletic director Ray Tanner in a statement.

Martin is known for being a hothead and exploding on his players or being ticked off in interviews, so this is nothing new. It doesn’t take much in the way of lip-reading skills to figure out what he yelled at Notice, either.

Associate head coach Matt Figger will act as head coach on Saturday at Mississippi State.

I have to figure that he’s only being punished because he was caught on TV doing it. I mean Bob Knight wouldn’t have been eligible to coach a game if he were suspended for every time he cussed out a player.

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