Incoming USC PG OJ Mayo Busted for Marijuana Charges

I guess when you’re a highly touted athlete from West Virginia, you have no choice but to follow in the footsteps of fellow West Virginia natives Jason Williams and Randy Moss — maybe it’s some sort of initiation process. WANE TV in Huntington West Virginia reports that

O-J Mayo was among four males cited on misdemeanor marijuana possession charges in Huntington, West Virginia, late last night. Cabell County Sheriff’s Deputy Doug Adams says the driver had a small amount of marijuana on him and there was marijuana in a spare set of shoes in the back of the car.

That’s a nice start to Mayo’s career. Between this and the facebook group controversy, I’d say the Trojans are having a heck of a week.

Now who’s going to go ask him about it on his myspace page?

Chest bump for commentor JS on the tip.

UPDATE: The citation has been dismissedtwo dudes from Mayo’s entourage fessed up two of the men he was with took responsibility for the marijuana


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  • JS

    Let’s see, Tim Floyd benches his hottest shooter, Lod Stewart, for the last four minutes of a close loss to UCLA because Stewart lost his cool and slammed the ball for a T. Gabe Pruitt does punishment drills instead of practicing the week of the Washington trip for missing a tutoring session, as did Daniel Hackett earlier in the season. How much sh*t is Floyd going to put up with from El Senor Mayo?

    Don’t be shocked if it is arranged for Mayo to be released from his LOI and ends up in Europe for a year, or he, his entourage, his lawyer and publicist end up at Kansas State where Huggins isn’t exactly the disclipinarian that Floyd is.

    SC may even be better off with Mamadou Diarra, the 6-10 PF from Tarzana Stoneridge Prep. A big body to clear those defensive rebounds when SC holds opponents to 30% shooting, instead of giving up 2nd and 3rd chances because they have athleticism but no height.

    How about one more year of Nick Young instead of one year of Mayo?

    Yes, it’s been a heck of a week for USC. Among the locals- Lakers, Clippers, Kings, UCLA and USC, I’d say the Trojans have had the fifth worst week.

    PS: With his good play last night and HUGE tip in to give SC an eight point lead with a minute left, does Keith Wilkinson get honorary membership in the White Nation?

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  • http://www.canaseed.com Cannabis

    good for that guy…..

  • http://sfstoledo.org King Kong

    Fuck that let the kid smoke god put weed on earth 4 a reason so let him get high so wat he was a good basketball game don’t knock em

  • http://www.dampkring.nl Dampkring

    Let him smoke if he likes!