Indiana fan stripped to her underwear during Syracuse loss

Indiana fan underwear

Indiana’s 69-52 loss to Syracuse at the Carrier Dome on Tuesday night left one IU fan nearly naked.

Someone at a SyracuseFan.com message board posted the above photo, along with this note:

About 2 minutes left in the game I look to my right and this IU chick is sitting there in her bra and panties. I think she was sobbing a little. She had stripped down almost buck naked. As soon as the horn sounded she slipped her jeans and red IU t-shirt back on.

The photo has gone viral yet somehow the girl in question has yet to be identified. If you know who she is and the story behind her losing her clothes while watching the game, please let us know.

For now, we’re just going to say she lost her clothes as part of some sort of strip poker type of thing.


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  • Jack Stonger

    Have you ever sat in the top rows at the Dome. Give the girl a break…. she was just too warm

  • GubmintCheese

    She should be pretty easy to ID with all of those tatoo’s. Maybe her Mom can tell us who she is.

  • Scott Morgan

    Yep. She’s corn fed.

  • edorr1atcoxdotnet

    Darn, sure wish I would’ve been there; maybe watching her strip would have been more entertaining.

  • Eric Chappel

    Maybe not. Its hard to find kids WITHOUT tattoos anymore. :-(


    Low Class…or rather NO CLASS!!!

  • gretchen hannity

    Why is he wearing a bra?

  • Leslie Ray

    What’s wrong with tattoos?

  • Tazman

    I like corn fed women! I married 1 from Indiana

  • Jason O

    you wish you looked as hot as she does. Quit hating!

  • Truth

    Home grown, and down-home; yeah, that’s the one…

  • david95

    Why? Are you mising yours?

  • david95

    Agreed. It would be easier to find her if she didn’t have a tatoo. :)

  • david95

    Why did you insinuate someone thought that?

    but to tell you the truth……… No…………I’ll keep that one in my head. :)

    Then I will ask you when you turn 60. :)

  • Leslie Ray

    I will still have badass tattoo’s when I am 60, I will still be badass then too! :) they are who I am. I’m not covered in them. Tattoo’s are just art work that people have on them permanently. I like them, my husband also has them. I think sometimes if not placed well, or poorly done they look very trashy but in a lot of cases they are awesome!!!

  • bibol

    Well I would try her a couple of times. But it is probably be used a lot.

  • bibol

    You still will have faded tattoo’s and saggy skin.

  • Mad Too

    Is that Sue Heck from the Middle?

  • Fabio Fantone


  • Rob

    Just another dumb white girl looking for attention. She has an ugly and pale body.

  • John Matthews

    not bad, not bad at all

  • Frank Smith

    don’t think a break is what she is looking for…. ;)

  • jesusjones

    Looks like Shaun White in drag

  • ggfg

    i was most likely a bet with the dude next to her

  • wendell caston

    That’s not Clay Matthews?

  • Chris Wesley

    there is no reason why this girl needs to be identified.

  • Rob

    Why are tattoo people so sensative about what other people without tattoos think..??? But if you care, I think its stupid to put anything on your body. Its like putting a bumper sticker (like obama/biden 12′) on an brand new Cadilac…I bet tattoo people wouldnt do that!!!