Jim Boeheim ejected after losing his mind on controversial call (Video)

Jim Boeheim was ejected in the final seconds of the Syracuse-Duke game on Saturday after going nuts following a call that went against his team.

Syracuse was trailing Duke 60-58 when C.J. Fair drove baseline for a layup. He was called for a charge after making contact with Rodney Hood with 10.4 seconds left, and Boeheim went ape.

Jimmy Glasses ran onto the court to contest the call, was hit with a technical and then ejected when he didn’t calm down. I’m no lip reader, but it sure as heck looked like Boeheim was calling it a bulls— call.

As a result of the two technical fouls called on Boeheim, Duke got four consecutive free throws and made three of them to turn a two-point game into a five-point game.

Jim Boeheim ejection

As ESPN commentator Jay Bilas said, Boeheim’s reaction to the call killed Syracuse’s chances of winning the game. We should also note that this was Boeheim’s first career regular-season ejection.

After the game, Boeheim called it the worst call of the year.

“I thought that was the worst call of the year. That’s all,” Boeheim said via the Daily Orange’s Stephen Bailey.

Boeheim cited the changed definition of a charge/block in the new college basketball rules when saying the refs made the wrong call. Here’s what the new rule says.

“Under the revised block/charge call in men’s basketball, a defensive player is not permitted to move into the path of an offensive player once he has started his upward motion with the ball to attempt a field goal or pass,” according to the new rule. “If the defensive player is not in legal guarding position by this time, it is a blocking foul. Previously, a defender had to be in legal guarding position when the offensive player lifted off the floor.”

The call was terrible, but he does need to control himself better than that. He cost the team a shot at the game.

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  • Daniel Angotti

    That was the worst call in the world a.) Syracuse was fouled and b.) That is a let em play call at that point in the game. Boehim reaction was bad but he had all the reason in the world with reffing that terrible.

  • Dion

    The block call Parker got and the last call was 5 possibly 6 point turnaround.
    When Dicky V was screaming he got hit call the fall against his angel Duke devils you know something was not right.

  • Joe

    That was a bad call, and the referee was too quick in assessing a second technical and ejecting Jim Boeheim. Boeheim deserved the first technical and his reaction may have cost his team the game. However, the referee should, at a minimum, be publicly reprimanded for his actions and not permitted to officiate any postseason contests.

  • SpinMax

    does this game mean anything?

  • Rocky Clark

    It was a bang bang play. Could’ve went either way. Stop your complaining because it shouldn’t of came down to that. Maybe if Jim kept his composure they would’ve won the game. I guess we will never know.

  • Tony Lombardo

    why cant Fair just put up a 5ft shot? the 2ft scoop is much more difficult and risks the charge call. what is so hard about making a 5ft shot? these are the finest players in the nation. college hoops is unwatchable. NBA not much better. half the league is set to tank for the draft.

  • kelly

    That’s exactly what I thought. If Boeheim was such a good coach, why doesn’t he teach the short jumper or recruit players that know more than just “taking it to the hole.”