Jeopardy Contestants Don’t Know John Wooden

Category: College Baskeball Coaches. Answer: John Wooden (1949-1975).

Question: Who are a bunch of dummies that haven’t picked up a Los Angeles Times within the last month? The clowns below:

Even if you’re not a sports fan I figure you heard about John Wooden dying earlier this month. These people don’t even belong on Jeopardy. At least Wooden got more respect from the game show than Bill Belichick. Thanks to Jeff Eisenberg at The Dagger for the video.

Jeopardy-fail: John Wooden question stumps contestants [The Dagger]
Video Credit: YouTube user mdwivedi

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  • Kevin/Indidanapolis

    These people shouldn’t be allowed to breed or use power tools, either.

  • Alan


  • JG

    Shocking that Janet, Katie, and Stefanie didn’t know a college basketball coach. Janet might have played some college rugby though.

    They also didn’t do well in the categories Opening Things By Yourself and Power Tools.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YTYTEVIAMKESTBY35EZKR5AIBY J A

    No idea who that chump was, not do I care. Why be a crybaby because people don’t worship sports like you might?