Kansas State given technical foul after walk-on dunks during warmups (GIF)

Kansas-State-technical-warmupsKansas State lost a close game to Kentucky in the NCAA Tournament on Friday night but, hey, one group of Wildcats was spotted a 1-0 lead before tipoff. How did that happen? Kansas State was assessed a technical foul during warmups.

Kansas State guard Brian Rohleder, a sophomore walk-on, threw down a dunk during warmups and grabbed the rim. A strange NCAA rule prohibits teams from dunking less than 20 minutes before the start of the game, and Kansas State was slapped with an administrative technical. Kentucky’s Andrew Harrison knocked down one of two free throws before the game even started.

As if the rule isn’t ridiculous enough, Kansas State would have avoided the technical foul if Rohleder dunked three seconds sooner. The first player you see dunk in the GIF above did not break the rules.

Between the call against Kansas State and that technical Cincinnati was given on Thursday, we have seen some incredibly bizarre rules come into play during the tournament. Let’s just hope something like this doesn’t end up affecting the outcome of a game.

GIF via @cjzero

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  • SpinMax

    That’s so nobody damages the rim-backboard-etc and delays a game, otherwise you’d have visiting teams going all out every warmup trying to f it up

  • D0ch0l1d4y

    SpinMax: The rule as written does nothing to prevent the visiting team from “trying to f it up”. If they have that intention, they simply do it prior to the 20:00 mark. As seen in the GIF, there are two dunks pre-game roughly 10 seconds apart. First is legal, second is a technical foul. It’s a ludicrous rule. The fact that it’s at 19:58 makes it suck just a little more.