Kashif Watson Crushes Coach on Twitter, Pays the Price

With all the stories coming down about people getting into trouble for what they’re writing on Facebook and Twitter, we might have to come up with a word to describe the situation. For instance, two weeks ago Jamere Holland posted some idiotic, profane comments on his Facebook profile and that got him kicked off Oregon’s football team. Idaho guard Kashif Watson didn’t get officially kicked off his team for his comments but that’s only because there are just two games left. Check out what the frustrated Watson wrote on his twitter that got him in hot water via College Basketball Nation:

“Don’t gett how we pose to win wit this guy coachin us, just don’t want it that bad I guess.”

That is only part of the tweet because some profanity was removed. Watson finally wised up and protected his account from outsiders but that was until after his suspension. Watson made that comment following Idaho’s loss to Louisiana Tech but the coach wasn’t made aware of it until after their game on Thursday night. The result was Watson being suspended for Senior Night on Saturday against Hawaii. So what’s the lesson to be learned? Unless you’re a superstar in the NBA, calling out your coach is a one-way ticket out of the program if you’re in college. Good thing Watson is a senior.

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  • Gene

    With grammar like that, what in the world is Kashif Watson doing in any college or university? He should be suspended for abuse of the English language.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_J32F4BCA4SPZXI4I7EUFYQBBUE Terrence

    u shud be punched in tha mouth…dats wat really needs to happen. its faggets lik u that turn a small thing into a big deal.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_J32F4BCA4SPZXI4I7EUFYQBBUE Terrence

    tryna to be funny….ive seen a lot of funny guys wit black eyes….keep being funny comedian.