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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Marshall Henderson says Michael Sam tweet was a psychology experiment for his friend

Marshall HendersonHahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Wait…wait…hahahahahahahahahaha. Marshall Henderson has officially come up with the most hilarious excuse we have ever heard for an idiotic tweet. On Monday morning, Henderson tweeted that he is boycotting SportsCenter because of ESPN’s “nasty ass” coverage of Michael Sam. Henderson┬ácalled it “sickening” that his two younger brothers had to see Sam and his boyfriend kiss.

Less than an hour later, Henderson explained that the tweet was simply part of a psychology experiment he was helping his gay friend with. You can’t make this stuff up.

For further context, here are two more tweets that Henderson sent after his first comment about Sam:

The fact that he expects us to believe any of this is amazing. We love to criticize athletes for tweeting dumb stuff and claiming they were hacked, but that probably would have been a better approach for Henderson here. I literally can’t stop laughing.

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