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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Marshall Henderson had two run-ins with police over loud music

Marshall HendersonMarshall Henderson was suspended indefinitely last week by Ole Miss for a violation of team rules. No specifics were given about the violation, but a report said Henderson failed a drug test. A subsequent report stated that Henderson was pulled over in a traffic stop for speeding and had cocaine and marijuana in his possession. Now we’re learning that Henderson has had a few more run-ins with the police in recent months, albeit mostly minor ones.

USA Today says police went to an apartment on April 4 because of a noise complaint. Henderson answered the door, identified himself, and cooperated with the request to turn down the music.

Three weeks later, the Ole Miss guard was pulled over in his car because of loud music and failure to wear a seatbelt. Henderson was cited for a noise violation and failure to show proof of insurance. The kicker is that after being cited, Henderson allegedly turned his music back up as he drove away, causing the officer to confront him about the issue once again. Henderson turned his music back down after being threatened with jail.

Seriously, does any of this surprise you? The guy loves taunting opponents and has that “I don’t give a bleep” attitude. No surprise that mentality extends to his interactions with police.

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