Marshall Henderson boycotting ESPN because of ‘nasty ass’ Michael Sam coverage

Michael Sam kiss boyfriend

As you have likely heard and/or seen by now, ESPN showed former Missouri linebacker Michael Sam giving his boyfriend a kiss after he was drafted by the St. Louis Rams on Saturday. We knew the decision to air the embrace would offend some, and we shouldn’t be surprised that former Ole Miss guard Marshall Henderson falls under that umbrella.

On Monday morning, Henderson ripped ESPN for showing Sam kissing his boyfriend and expressed concern that his younger brothers had to see it. He called the coverage “sickening.”

Henderson has never been shy about expressing himself on Twitter, so no one should be surprised. Still, his comment is pretty pathetic. You don’t see any outrage when a player is shown kissing his girlfriend or wife after being drafted, so people need to get over it. It’s 2014.

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UPDATE: Marshall Henderson defends himself, says it was an experiment

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  • Tim Connelly

    Sam’s affection with his boyfriend went past what you see out of most hetero couples, so stop drawing the comparison. I think most people were ok with the first kiss. Then the second. With the third, you started thinking “Why don’t you guys just get a room.” And the big sloppy cake kiss was over the top.

  • carviny

    I don’t know of any other game or situation in life where a group that are different and now the rules have to be rewritten to please their selective sexual preference. What’s worse is they supposed to get their freedom and others are supposed to forfeit their freedom to not accept it. The bible was here before us and it will be her after we’re gone, and I believe GOD any day before I’ll trust the word of perverted men at any level who think same sex relationship are normal, dogs and cats know the difference and we’re supposed to have dominion over them..come onnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • Guest

    I’m sure these are images he’d like his 7 and 11 yr old brothers to see. Keep it classy Marshall.