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Monday, June 18, 2018

Long Beach State-Pacific women’s basketball game postponed after nine players hospitalized with an illness

During cold and flu season, we always have to worry about illness affecting a team’s ability to prepare for a game. It seems like we deal with the issue every year during the NFL playoffs. Eli Manning was ill during the week leading up to the NFC Championship and Matt Light was reportedly struggling with some sort of bug the week before the Super Bowl. Fortunately, neither illness was serious enough to affect their availability. The same cannot be said for the Pacific women’s basketball team, as their Saturday game against Long Beach State has been postponed. This from Gazettes.com:

Due to a widespread illness among the Pacific women’s basketball team, (Saturday’s) game at Long Beach State (schedule for 4pm) has been postponed.

The Tigers played with their whole roster sick against Northridge on Thursday, as their head coach said they were “shuffling players in and out based on who couldn’t stand up any longer.” Nine players were hospitalized as of Friday evening, making the Saturday game impossible.

That does not sound fun. It’s pretty uncommon to see a game postponed over something like that, so whatever the players are dealing with must be fairly serious. Hopefully they all have as speedy a recovery as possible and get back onto the court within a few days.

H/T  to Marcus Vanderberg on Twitter for sharing the story with us

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