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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

No more perfect brackets left in billion dollar challenge, but one guy is still perfect

What? Like you actually expected someone to win?

After Memphis beat George Washington in the first round of the NCAA Tournament Friday, Yahoo! announced that there were no perfect brackets remaining in the Quicken Loans Billion Dollar Challenge.

Yahoo sent out an email earlier on Friday afternoon after the Stanford/New Mexico game to say that only 16 perfect brackets were left, but that quickly went out the window.

Seriously, I didn’t realize how much great publicity they would get for this campaign. I mean I should have offered a billion if anyone got a perfect bracket too. You know why? Because IT’S IMPOSSIBLE! There’s a better chance of winning the lottery seven straight times than getting a perfect bracket. I mean if everyone on the planet filled out a different bracket, you still wouldn’t have one that’s perfect. Not even Doc Brown’s Sports Almanac could predict a perfect bracket.

But I guess people love the allure of the billion dollars. As they said in Happy Gilmore, better luck next year!

But … wait! There actually is one person who is perfect through the first two rounds. A guy named Brad Binder went 32 for 32 on his picks and is still perfect, though he did not enter his bracket in the billion dollar challenge. Here is Brad’s bracket:

perfect yahoo bracket

We’re pulling for ya Brad! #bracketofdestiny

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