Shannon Scott dumb foul on Dyshawn Pierre costs Ohio State (GIF)

Ohio State’s Shannon Scott committed a bad foul with 26.3 seconds left in the Buckeyes’ first-round game against Dayton (yes, it’s a first-round game, I don’t consider the play-ins first-round games) in the NCAA Tournament on Thursday that cost them team dearly.

The Buckeyes were up 57-55 with under 30 seconds left and Dayton had the ball. The Flyers set up for a 3-point shot to take the lead, but luckily Scott fouled Dyshawn Pierre to send him to the line for three attempts. Pierre made all three free throws to give Dayton the lead 58-57. After Ohio State made a bucket on their next possession to regain the lead, Dayton scored again to take a 60-59 lead, which was the final basket.

Scott clearly got all wrist on that foul:

Shannon Scott foul

Fouling a 3-point shooter with a 2-point lead and under 30 seconds left in the game? That’s never a good idea.

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  • daTRUTH

    first of all the foul clearly wasnt on purpose, but also how can you title this article essentially blaming scott for the loss when ohio st took the lead back on the very next play. not playing D on the final bucket was what cost ohio st the game, not this one foul. poor kid probably will see this headline and dumbass reporters like you are putting all the blame on some college kid as if he probably doesnt already feel bad about losing

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Are you really going to dispute how dumb that foul was?

  • Jason Hurley

    That picture proves nothing. His had could easily be between Pierre’s arms. They showed a replay at the arena and Pierre threw his head backwards even though it wasn’t touched. Borderline flop.

  • daTRUTH

    no the foul was dumb, that stretch of an implication in the headline was dumb also