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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Steve Fisher did not take advantage of chance to scout Arizona in person because it would be in poor taste

Steve Fisher SDSU

Steve Fisher and his San Diego State coaching staff had the rare opportunity to scout one of their upcoming opponents in the NCAA Tournament, but they decided not to take advantage of the chance because they did not feel right doing so.

During Arizona’s blowout win over Gonzaga in the West Region on Sunday, TBS announcer Andrew Catalon explained that Fisher’s squad got back home from their win in Spokane Saturday at around midnight. Since Arizona and Gonzaga were playing at Viejas Arena in San Diego Sunday night, the coaches had an easy opportunity to come scout their next opponent in person. But they decided not to.

According to Catalon, “Fisher is such a class act, he thought it would be in poor taste to come to this game tonight and watch them play. So Fisher and his staff stayed home and are watching this game on TV.”

Though there are no rules against it, and they did have the chance to do so, what would someone have been able to do to stop the Aztecs coaches from coming? Nothing, really. That’s why it was pretty cool of Fisher to avoid any semblance of a controversy by staying home. It’s not like you can’t get a good look at a team by watching them on TV, anyway.

Now we can look forward to the rematch between these SDSU and Zona. Arizona won their first game in November. This one will be played in Anaheim.

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