UCLA Rocks, Reaches 100th National Title in School History

That’s right, since I’m a proud UCLA alum, I must boast to the world when my school achieves something quite notable — you know, just like a proud parent showing off pictures of their ugly ass kid that nobody cares to see. On Sunday, the UCLA women’s water polo team defeated Stanford 5-4 to capture their third consecutive national title, ninth overall, and 100th by the university. Stanford is the next closest school with 93 titles. And so all my Trojan friends don’t get bent out of shape, USC is third with 84. Hmm, must be a California thing. And I couldn’t be more proud as this proves once again, that UCLA is the finest all-around school in the country. Yeaah boy.

And I will not subject you to any further women’s water polo coverage — that is, unless my new girl Keeley Hazell takes up the sport.

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  • JS

    Thank God for Title IX

  • Gene

    In the real world, UCLA has 12 national championships: 11 in men’s basketball (or should I just say basketball?) and one (actually split in 1954) in football. The rest of them are worthless. When was the last time you watched or really cared about a women’s team or a lesser men’s sport?

  • TEMP

    Thank god for womens sports,

  • Gene

    Actually, I’m not sure Title IX and women’s sports made that much of a difference. Yes, there were 30 titles form women’s sports, but in exchange, the Bruins lost years of potential titles from the elimination of men’s world class teams in wrestling, swimming, and gymnastics, just to name a few. I am also sure that UCLA (and USC) men’s track suffered because of women’s track.